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February 2021
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To be Happy, Well and Secure!
With Calm, Quiet, Alert, Attentive and Equanimity Mind with
Clear Understanding that Everything is Changing!
And Attain Eternal Bliss as Final Goal!
Kushinara Nibbana Bhumi Pagoda-
Free Online Analytical Research and Practice University
for “Discovery of the Awakened One with Awareness Universe”
in 116 Classical Languages.
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9:00 am - Puja in the Main Buddha Vihara
9:15 am - Procession of the Holy Relics to the new stupa

9:40 am - Undertaking of Tisarana and Pancasila and offerings
to the Triple Gem

9:50 am - Maha Paritta Puja, Dhatu Puja


10:45 am - Dhamma discourse by Most Venerable Kassapa

11:00 am - Meditation and merit sharing by Venerable Bhikkhu

11:15 am - Sanghadana – lunch offering to the monks
Inaugration of the small temple Stupa

12:00 noon - Lunch for devotees

12:30 pm -
3:00 pm -
6:00 pm -

Chanting of the suttas and Paṭṭhāna by monks
Chanting of the Mahasamaya Sutta and dipa puja

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The Real Deal Affiliate

How To Start A Blog Step By Step For Beginners – A Must Have

The Real Deal Affiliate

When I began my business about three years ago, I decided that the
best way on how to start was by using a blog as my primary marketing

My main reason at the time was that I was very short on money; And,
advertising was definitely out of reach; Plus, I never at the time was a
believer in workshopping and attending webinars, mainly because I
couldn’t see any value in them.

I, therefore, used the blog as the focus of my website with the sole purpose that of making it a success over time.

That started a long journey of which I now enjoy the success that has
followed on from my concentrating on a starting point and sticking with

Even though there were some ups and downs along the way, I kept my
focus on what I was aiming to achieve; And, the good thing is, you can

My step-by-step instructions on how to start with a blog are the same
as I used some three years ago; And, if it helped me, then there is no
reason why it won’t help you too.

Table of Contents

Let’s Then Get Started

It’s most likely, and reasonable to assume you’re no different to
everyone else, you want your blog to earn some money for you; But,
knowing how and where to make that start can be quite a challenge.

You may therefore, ask yourself many questions on what’s best, and hopefully, come up with the right answers.

What Are The Possibilities

1. Of me spending several hours preparing and writing my blog and only to find that nobody has read it?

2. Will I become a victim of being scammed on
training or hosting that doesn’t work; And apart from that, what if
there is no meaningful help or support: will I lose money that I can’t
afford to lose?

3. Because I sincerely want blogging to work for me, what happens if I completely fail?

There is no reason for concern as you are in the best place to make that auspicious start.

Here Is A Step-By-Step Blog Guide Which Will Walk You Through Everything You Need To Know.

Your first look at blogging will appear a little daunting as you’ll
think, gee, there is heaps of stuff that I didn’t know ever existed in

My purpose is to help you overcome that fear, and ultimately guide you toward being a successful blogger.

To become a successful blogger, will, however, take a little time,
but by following these easy steps on how to start, will be the turning
point you need; Not only will you be learning what to do, you will be
preparing a foundation for a successful and profitable future.

The Real Deal Affiliate

How To Start A Blog

Beginning a blog for the first time can feel compelling enough, even
worse with the frustrations of the internet; When you consider how many
get rich quick schemes are operating will undoubtedly take the shine off
the top.

Articles that in reality, are none other than the so-called marketers
trying to convince beginners into purchasing dated website hosting that
is so far behind the present day market isn’t funny.

These so-called providers are quick in showing you where to sign up;
But hide behind a curtain of false hope when it gets down to teaching
the fundamentals of how to get started with a winning blog.

So, try and escape the biggest mistake that almost all new bloggers make and not fall into their trap.

However, there is still enough room for everyone; And, even more so,
for beginners who link up with a respected and genuine host.

Over the time I’ve been associated with blogging, there is somewhat a
lack of understanding for beginners when starting a blog, and by no
fault of their own.

In reality, it all boils down to being told to start straight up with
a traditional web/blog host; Instead, of first being given full
training on how to start a blog, backed up with all the help and support
they require.

I’m not trying to give you the wrong impression, because there are
excellent platforms who do provide full training and offer support above
and beyond what is required.

If you can see what I’m saying, starting straight up with a web/blog
host, is like buying the body and parts of a vintage car; For the car to
work it first needs for all those parts to be re-assembled; And, if you
don’t know how; Where do you start?

The more time you waste in trying to get yourself off the ground
going solo, the more likely you are of quitting; And, that would all be,
the result of not having access to any training you needed from the
start; But, instead were told to start straight up with a blog /host.
Any wonder why so many people fail.

As a beginner, web/blog hosting won’t work on its own until you understand the fundamentals of blogging.

However, there isn’t a reason why you need to feel lost or confused, because there is help available, like where I got my start.

The Good News

The best outcome is for you to have a blog that will work for you
from the beginning and without having to involve yourself in
understanding WordPress, themes and plugins.

That’s why a step by step plan, just like this, will show you the
right way from the start; It’s a custom-built plan for beginners and
designed in a way that will optimize your chances of being successful.

Guidance is the sure tried and true way for success as you move
forward; Besides, knowing that support is there is also comforting,
especially if you reach a dead end and not know what to do.

Like I said earlier, it’s a shame seeing people struggle and
eventually wither away; Not only is it sad for the industry, it makes it
even worse when we all know that shouldn’t have been the case.

The Real Deal Affiliate

How To Make The Right Choice

We have talked about the old school web/blog hosts, and how they will
suck your finances dry, so stay clear of them; Rather, you’ll want to
make a wise choice and go with a full-service blog/host as I did.

. If you do decide to go on your own, then try and
avoid the new blogger syndrome by falling for the step by step guide on
how to become a top blogger without any training.

. Also, be completely clear in understanding what
the training and support offer; And be sure in asking for some
supporting proof.

. Many times over I’ve heard where beginners who
have signed up to a so-called new web/blog host, have been taken for all
their money and nothing in return.

. However, visualize for a moment, of all the
support and training, and the benefits of being connected to a popular,
yet a respected platform.

. So, why would you bother going it alone, when you
can remove the stress and frustration you’ll experience, if by choosing a
recognized host that has designed training specifically for the

Anyhow, you are now at the right place, so let’s get down to business.

Creating Your Blog

The time now to look for a top-notch home for your blog; Somewhere
that will breathe life into your blog and maintain a clean bill of
health over its lifetime.

My Blog Account

1. When you have logged into your account, you are
now able to go to your blog by clicking, websites on the left-hand side
of your home page.

2. That will open into a new window where all your
blog details are stored; Click on your blog name, and you will get taken
to your blog site.

Once you have become familiar with the layout, I will show you how to
manage other details that may need attention, But at this stage, you
need not worry about anything other how to get to your blog site.

The Real Deal Affiliate

3. You are now in the back office of WordPress, where you have the full access to your blog post.

4. Being in the back office of WordPress you can
make adjustments to your blog by customizing the theme, colours and set
up other things like widgets plugins, and other minor changes that will
help improve the image of your blog makeup.

5. By clicking on the “Post” icon in the WordPress
toolbar on the left side, you will go into another page where you can
start a new blog or edit or amend if you already have a blog there.

Other steps within the WordPress back office will also add to the
overall makeup of your blog and its design; But, at this stage, they
will only cloud your understanding; So we’ll leave them for the time

Besides, you will be given full training on this topic, with a
support video in what to do; And, By that stage, you’ll be reasonably
familiar in how it all comes together.

I must point out though, my overview is only a broad brush of what to
do, so it all may look confusing; But don’t get too stressed, we
provide a full step by step training, from start to finish in exactly
what you need to do; Therefore there is no reason for any panic.

6. By, now you have an understanding of what is
required; So the next step will be for you to install WordPress and fork
out a $100, or so to buy a premium theme; That allows you the privilege
of having access to 1000’s of ideas where you can pick and choose what
best suits your blog.

OK, MY GOODNESS, did I say it was going to cost you $100; FORGET THAT.

Becoming a premium member, we toss that in as part of the deal; And not only that we set up all the techy stuff you.

The Real Deal Affiliate“YES” that’s right we provide you with heaps of already installed stunning themes within the premium WordPress Backoffice.

Wow-Wee everything you need to start and get you moving in the right
direction; And, can you believe it, it’s all happening faster than at
the rate of a speeding bullet. Well, not quite that fast, but much
faster than doing it all by yourself.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves as there are a few other
little bits and pieces that need attention before we can feel safe in
saying your blog is ready for publication.

They include the likes of setting up your categories, menus and
widgets. These all make your blog more presentable and enhance its
makeup in a way that it is straightforward for visitors to navigate
around your site.

Once again, we have all this covered in our comprehensive training;
And, all in a step by step text and video format that is extensively
detailed of what to do; See, I told you it’s much more comfortable using
a reputable provider.

Customizing Your Page Appearance

Tailoring is the actual framework that allows you to view your page
live and provides you with the ability to amend or alter your blog.

Also, you can change your theme, including layout, menus, widgets and blog through the customizing tool.

It’s too soon to at this early stage to be going further into many
other functionalities that customizing allows; Besides, customizing has
been thoroughly covered in the training modules.

Domain Name

Many ask, why do I need a domain name, well you don’t need one, but
you are leaving your site exposed to the mercy of your blogging
provider; So, my answer is “YES” your best to have a registered domain
name to ensure the security of your future.

Yep, we have also got that covered as well. Because we offer you a completely free domain, as a free member;

Alternatively, if you become a premium member, you can purchase as many as up to 25 .com’s for $13.90 each, paid yearly.

That Allows full control of your blog and the content; A much safer
and more manageable position, and more especially when your site begins
to grow.

A Domain Name Are There Any Benefits?

Having a domain name creates quite a few advantages.

For instance:

1. It gives your blog a distinctive home address and therefore makes it that much easier for people to locate you.

2. Search engines identify you through your domain
name; And, they also recognize that you are serious about blogging as
you have taken the effort to register your blog on the internet.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is rather
complicated to follow but has many factors that are an advantage for
your blog and the search engines; Once again, all covered in training
with a set by step procedure on how to set it up; All my sites are a,
“.com”, SEO optimized, purely for the benefits offered.

4. There is one enormous benefit of owning your
domain; If at any stage, you decide to switch host providers, then you
can take all the content, your domain name and blogs with you.

The Real Deal Affiliate

Also, all the links and rankings that you have generated over time go with you as well.

Whereas only using a blog provider, immediately you decide to move,
goodbye goes all your, blogs, rankings and links; And, that will plummet
you back to starting all over again; And, further to that, you blog
host provider can terminate your blogging agreements without notice.

I see it as a bit like leasing a house; the owner has full control
and at any given point can evict you and leave you out in the cold with
nowhere to go; Blog hosts operate in the same manner.

Where Will I Find A Domain Name

Finding a domain name that will best reflect your niche will be the ideal choice.

However, you will first need to brainstorm a few options, because if
your first choice isn’t available, you will need to come up with some
alternative suggestions.

Realistically, the ideal choice is a “.com”, because they are most popular in the online world.

Should your first choice domain name, be not available there is no
cause for concern, try changing the name slightly; That’s the reason why
I suggested that you have a few alternate names in the ready should
your first choice be unavailable.

Writing Your First Blog

The general rule of thumb suggests that until you have written and published your first post, then you genuinelyThe Real Deal Affiliate haven’t made a start.

For most beginners getting that very first post seems daunting; But in reality, it’s easy.

All you need do is start writing whatever first comes into your head
that’s related to your niche. Of course, there will be plenty of
mistakes, but if you don’t make any mistakes, how will you improve.

Writing a blog is just like having a conversation with someone, so if
you think about it in that way, then words will come to you quite

Posts and Pages

For those who are unfamiliar with the two terms and what is the distinct difference between both of them.


Are where all your blog content is stored and published.
Additionally, the posts can be associated with categories and can be
assigned to tags, whereas that’s not possible with pages.


Have a similar role to posts, but the distinct difference between the
two, page content commonly gets referred to as a static blog; Reason
behind that, the material very rarely changes, whereas the post will
change much more frequently.

About Me

What I do myself, is use the pages for my “About Me”, and nothing else, and is the way I got taught.

By the way, the, “About Me” is an overview of your life story and
what you intend bringing to the table with regards to your niche.

Nothing lengthy, usually somewhere around 400 to 600 words, will cover what you want to say.

Tips On Writing Your First Post

Everybody has a different style in how they prepare when writing a blog post.

However, the more common theory that seems to work rather well; And,
this is only a guide, because after you have written a few posts, you’ll
develop your very own style.

1. Select the keyword phrase to target

2. Write a captivating headline (include the keyword phrase)

3. Create an engaging introductory paragraph and include your keyword phrase

4. Outline at least seven subheadings

5. Write 2-3 articles under each subheading

6. Finish with a summary of your post and a call to action

These guidelines work for me and have done so for some considerable
time; However, you will, over time, cast a style that suits you.

Choosing A Blog Topic

Your blog will be centred mainly around your niche, or perhaps you
might call it your hub; Either way, it will be what your blogging will
be based around.

We always encourage all beginners to start writing their blog focused
around something they are either passionate about or have a piece of
intimate knowledge in, i.e., hobby or a sound interest on a particular
subject or topic.

There is a very robust methodology behind this; The better your
understanding, the more inclined you will be in wanting to share your
knowledge with others.

Blog Hosting

I ask you this one question? If you’re not a “techie” and don’t want
to be worried about all of them, “behind the scenes”, likes,
construction, maintenance, and upkeep on your blog; Then the answer to
your question is a no brainer.

A fully hosted internet platform that will take care of that junky
techy stuff and leave you to running and controlling your website hassle
free: Surely, must be the way to go; Do you agree?

Look at it this way; what are the benefits of using a blog host?

Do you get home ownership of your domain? “NO”

Who’s there to help out when you hit a brick wall, or when your site goes down? “Don’t Know”.

Who’s there to support you and quickly get your site back up and running? “Tech Support Maybe or Not At All”

Who’s there when you have a problem and need help with understanding what you need to do? “No-one”

I’ll tell you this for sure, for a piece of mind monitoring and
support of your website will be necessary. So, you’ll need to opt for
monthly monitoring; And, the fees aren’t cheap.

Not only that you are in the hands of the technical support staff;
And, because they will have lots of other faults to take care of, you
will sit in a queue and wait for your turn.

Sometimes the turn around will be quick and swift, but there will be
many other times where it may take hours or even a day or so; And, in
the meantime, your site remains down, and you could be losing out on

Nah, none of that stuff to worry about with us; Because that’s all included in your membership.The Real Deal Affiliate

Do you know what I almost forgot? I haven’t even mentioned anything
about all the free training, plus the 24/7 tech support, backed up with a
24/7 community support should you get stuck an issue that you don’t
quite understand.

Moreover, this is all available here, and it’s where I call home for all my online business.

The choice is yours; But, just before you sign off, let’s take a recap of what comes with your membership.

• Complete Blog Hosting, running on the WordPress
platform – we install all of the updates, security patches, manage the
databases, handle all of the caching and performance enhancements, and

• We have already provided 1000’s premium themes so you will not need to purchase a theme idea.

• We’ve already installed the best plugins that you
need to run your blog (email subscribe, social media, forms, custom text
widgets, Google Analytics, and more.

• We also provide, free training modules from the
starting line through to the finishing line, and they are very
comprehensive walkthroughs;

Plus, thousands of training videos that are available to use at your
leisure; When it comes to gathering information, these videos leave no
stone unturned, as they cover every imaginable detail on marketing.

Moreover, why wouldn’t they be first class, as they are prepared and run by marketing experts who know their stuff?

• Our support team, or should I be more precise in
saying, we the community members, are the support team; So as a
community, we share our knowledge base with all our members; And, if you
get stuck we are there to help you through and get you moving again.

Therefore, any queries or questions are answered courteously and in a
prompt manner, because we are all like-minded and share the same
philosophy in wanting to be successful.

Our community operates on a 24/7 basis, and because we are a worldwide platform, help is always available.

. Our technical support also operates on a 24/7
cycle; Therefore, your site will always be maintained with no queueing
or waiting your turn to get that much-needed help in having the problem
rectified within a few minutes.

. We have extensive SEO training that walks you through the setting it up and getting it operational.

. There is a section of training that helps you with setting and running social media.

Oops, do you know what I almost forgot? I haven’t even mentioned
anything about all the free training, plus the 24/7 tech support, backed
up with a 24/7 community support should you get stuck on an issue that
you don’t quite understand.

Moreover, this is all available here, and it’s where I call home for all my online business.

Finally, we understand that online marketing isn’t for everyone;
However, we are so confident in what we provide, we offer you a full
seven (7) day trial totally for FREE.

No questions asked, and if you like what you see, then you have the
no obligation opportunity of becoming a premium member. Click here and
take a look for yourself.

It Is Now All Over To You

I would welcome any stories you have, or if you have any questions
about affiliate marketing in general, I would also welcome your comments
as they will help me improve my site for other visitors.

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That number is
constantly in flux, because we’re learning more about the world’s
languages every day. And beyond that, the languages themselves are in
flux. They’re living and dynamic, spoken by communities whose lives are
shaped by our rapidly changing world. This is a fragile time: Roughly
40% of languages are now endangered, often with less than 1,000 speakers
remaining. Meanwhile, just 23 languages account for more than half the
world’s population.

When a just
born baby is kept isolated without anyone communicating with the baby,
after a few days it will speak and human natural (Prakrit) language
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18) Classical Bulgaria- Класически българск,
19) Classical  Catalan-Català clàssic
20) Classical Cebuano-Klase sa Sugbo,

21) Classical Chichewa-Chikale cha Chichewa,

22) Classical Chinese (Simplified)-古典中文(简体),

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41) Classical Haitian Creole-Klasik kreyòl,

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60) Classical Kyrgyz-Классикалык Кыргыз,
61) Classical Lao-ຄລາສສິກລາວ,
62) Classical Latin-LXII) Classical Latin,

63) Classical Latvian-Klasiskā latviešu valoda,

64) Classical Lithuanian-Klasikinė lietuvių kalba,
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67) Classical Malagasy,класичен малгашки,
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88) Classical Serbian-Класични српски,
89) Classical Sesotho-Seserbia ea boholo-holo,
90) Classical Shona-Shona Shona,
91) Classical Sindhi,
92) Classical Sinhala-සම්භාව්ය සිංහල,
93) Classical Slovak-Klasický slovenský,

94) Classical Slovenian-Klasična slovenska,

95) Classical Somali-Soomaali qowmiyadeed,
96) Classical Spanish-Español clásico,
97) Classical Sundanese-Sunda Klasik,
98) Classical Swahili,Kiswahili cha Classical,

99) Classical Swedish-Klassisk svensk,
100) Classical Tajik-тоҷикӣ классикӣ,
102) Classical Tatar
103) Classical Telugu- క్లాసికల్ తెలుగు,
104) Classical Thai-ภาษาไทยคลาสสิก,
105) Classical Turkish-Klasik Türk,
106) Classical Turkmen
107) Classical Ukrainian-Класичний український,
108) Classical Urdu- کلاسیکی اردو

109) Classical Uyghur,

110) Classical Uzbek-Klassik o’z,

111) Classical Vietnamese-Tiếng Việ,

112) Classical Welsh-Cymraeg Clasurol,

113) Classical Xhosa-IsiXhosa zesiXhosa,

114) Classical Yiddish- קלאסישע ייִדיש

115) Classical Yoruba-Yoruba Yoruba,

116) Classical Zulu-I-Classical Zulu

Even manusmriti will be
rewritten for Discovery of Aboriginal Awakened One Societies Universe
for the welfare, happiness, peace for all societies and for them to
attain Eternal Bliss as their Final Goal as enshrined in the marvelous,
modern Constitution with full freedom, equality, liberty, and fraternity
exposing the foreigners
kicked out from Bene Israel, Tibet, Africa Eastern Europe, Western Germany, Northern Europe,
South Russia, Holand Etc.,Traitor, Anti-National chitpavan brahmins of
Rowdy Swayam Sevaks (RSS) who are attempting to nullify the Constitution with their
chitpavan brahminised parliamentarians, executives,judges, cheating
election commissioners and the PRESSTITUTE media.

All Aboriginal Awakened Societies are aware of the fact that Mad
Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi) of Bevakoof Jhoothe
Psychopaths (BJP) Private Limited remotely controlled by just 0.1%
intolerant, violent, militant, ever shooting, mob lunching, number one
terrorists of the world, lunatic, mentally retarded, foreigners RSS)
only will win all elections as long as the Fraud EVMs (Evil Voting Machines)
are used. Like USA of Ballot Papers are used chitpavan brahmins will get
only 0.1% votes. If the foreigners chitpavan brahmins are forced to
quit Prabuddha Bharat democracy, liberty, equality and fraternity as
enshrined in our marvelous modern Constitution will be saved.
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is the most Positive Energy of informative and research oriented site propagating the teachings of the Awakened One with Awareness the Buddha and on Techno-Politico-Socio
Transformation and Economic Emancipation Movement followed by millions
of people all over the world in 116 Classical languages.

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