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June 2022
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LESSON 4462 Mon 13 Jun 2022 Daily Wisdom DO GOOD PURIFY MIND Theravāda Buddhism: Primary Texts
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LESSON 4462 Mon 13 Jun  2022

Daily Wisdom

Theravāda Buddhism: Primary Texts

The oldest and, for the Theravada
tradition, still the most authoritative texts documenting Buddhist
thought and belief were written in a dialect of Prakrit that came to be known as Pali. This Pali Canon comprises some fifty-five printed volumes in the original language, and falls into three major departments, known as pitaka (”baskets”). The first of these, the Vinaya Pitaka,
contains the code governing monastic life, including rules for
behavior, training, meditation, and devotion. The third “basket,” the Abhidhamma,
contains a systematic exposition of Buddhist doctrine in the form of a
series of treatises, and postdates the Buddha by centuries.


The second department of the Canon and by far the most frequently read, the Sutta Pitaka, contains the suttas
or “discourses,” brief texts that purport to transcribe the
authoritative words of the Buddha himself or his greatest disciples as
they were first heard by the monks of the Sangha, or to reproduce
conversations between the Buddha and the great brahmins and religious
recluses of his day. We have no way of knowing for certain whether any
sutta reproduces the Buddha’s very words, as these texts were
transmitted by oral tradition for several centuries before they were
written down, and bear transparent traces of this process in their
rigorously formulaic language and complex structures of verbal
repetition, both of which serve as aids to memory in recitation. The
exigencies of textual transmission, to which Western scriptures have
equally been subject, have likely also affected the shape and meaning of
these texts through many centuries. Nonetheless, the suttas paint a
vivid and indelible picture - not only of an exceptional human being,
his companions, and a moment in distant history, but above all of a
fully realized path for human existence, one that looks upon life with
eyes undimmed by illusion, responds humbly and candidly to what it sees,
brings an astonishing fund of insight to bear on our most persistent
problems and conflicts, and teaches others to do the same with language
that is lively, concrete, and accessible.


On this page, you can discover the
best available resources in English for studying the early Buddhist
canon and Pali, its language. Each book listed below is linked to WorldCat,
where you can discover library holdings for that item in your region.
Resources within each gallery box are generally arranged from the newest
to the oldest publications, left to right. Areas below select galleries
highlight a few recent or especially notable works from the gallery
immediately above.
Burmese Pali manuscript

Thai Buddhist manuscriptYoung Sri Lankan novices studying

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