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Little Uday, who was born with multiple birth defects inspire his parents to start Uday Foundation. Learn More

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Different types of contributions and in-kind support you can make. Learn More

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Nothing greater than giving back to the society. Learn More

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On this Pitru Paksha (Shradh) remember your ancestors by doing tarpan
and donating food to needy people. While making a donation for
Pitrupaksha, you can also mention the name of the person on whose Pitru
Paksha / Shradh ceremony you wish to feed the needy people.

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Help us to feed poor patients and their families outside hospitals

Your small contribution will support us to feed family members & caregivers of underprivileged patients in the hospital

Majority of the underprivileged patients admitted in Government
hospitals are those who come from nearby states are often poor, in
several cases family members decide to stay hungry to save money.

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Provide Food to Hungry

With just Rs.550/- you can provide food to 50 person. Donate Now

Donate Hygiene Kit

With just Rs.500/- you can provide a hygiene kit to a woman. Donate Now

Donate Educational Kit

With just Rs.750/- you can provide an educational kit to a child. Donate Now

Donate A Warm Blanket

With just Rs.400/- you can provide a blanket to a homeless. Donate Now

Donate Through Paytm

Make a small contribution directly through your paytm wallet to feed the needy. Donate Now

Remembrance Giving

Honor and remember your loved one on their death anniversary by feeding the needy. Donate Now

Birthday Celebration

Celebrate your birthday by feeding the poor patients and their families outside hospitals. Donate Now

Donate Old Clothes

Donate winter clothes for children and adults at our Adhchini collection centre. Learn More

Stories of Impact | How your help is reaching to the most needy.

Distribution Drive with Indian Army

an attempt to reach out to the local populace in Kashmir and to help
them fight the severe winters, 15 Rashtriya Rifles/7 Sector RR/Kilo
Force, organized a programme to distribute huge quantity of essential
items like blankets, suitcases, leather bags, sports and canvas shoes,
sweat shirts etc at Vilgam Army Camp.

Helping The Homeless

year from the month of October till January we run our share and care
campaign, providing winter cloths, woolens and blankets to
underprivileged patients in Government hospitals, people living in open
on streets and night shelters in Delhi NCR and major part of Northern

Uttarakhand Floods

June 2013, Uttarakhand faced devastating floods, which was India’s
worst natural disaster since a decade. Uday Foundation SOS response
teams reached the remote flood affected areas with essential help. We
still continue to work in Uttarakhand with various charity programs.

CSR Partnership with NGO for CSR Projects ( Financial Year 2020 – 2021)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Partnership, Financial Year 2020 – 2021)

Uday Foundation NGO for CSR Partnership : If you wish to utilise your
CSR fund for CSR project for Financial year 2019 as per activities
specified in clause (1) of Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 as
notified by Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide its notification dated
27th February, 2014 ( In exercise of the power conferred by sub-section
(1) of section 467 of the companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013). Our team
will help you to better utilise your CSR funds for Financial year 2020 –
2021 with hunger and poverty CSR projects with full transparency and
CSR Fund utilisation.

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For any queries and details, please write to Ms. Reena Sen at reena.sen@udayfoundation.org

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Children Ambulance Project in fond memory of Dr. Ved Prakash Duggal

Foundation runs a small initiative of children ambulance, wherein we
support emergency hospital transportation of sick children. Learn More

Memorial Giving

the death anniversary of your near and dear ones come and go and you
wish to do something to remember them? Connecting to others will help
you heal Learn More

Monthly Help

you make a monthly donation pledge, you can take comfort in knowing
that your regular contributions are constantly working, day in and day
out, saving lives. Learn More

Donate Old Clothes

the year, we collect all kinds of summer and winter clothes for
children and adults at our Adhchini collection centre. Donate old
clothes, feel blessed.Learn More

Humanitarian Aid

believe, that mere providing basic health care is not enough, as every
individual also deserves dignity so at Uday Foundation we ensure the
same by providing them respect and human touch.

Medical Centre

always remains as top priority for Uday Foundation. We continue to
address the health needs of underprivileged children and women through
our dedicated health centre.

Stories on Wheels

Stories on Wheels daily visits various hospitals with storybooks, Toys
and Gifts. volunteers can visit hospitals and narrate stories to the
sick children and share gifts with them.

Reading Room

have a dedicated reading room at our centre with hundreds of books. We
also run regular storytelling session for our children.

Medical Camp

We also conduct regular health camps for homeless and underprivileged who find it difficult to reach to the hospital.

Relief Camp

Uday foundation works for disaster relief and humanitarian aid, with
primary response efforts focused on food, shelter, water, sanitation and
emergency supplies to the victims.

COVID-19 update

has presented new set of challenges before everybody. Countries across
the globe have been tested at multiple levels. This has been a crisis
like never before.

You are facing hardships economically, socially, mentally and
psychologically. For your family and friends, staying inside homes
during the lockdown was a safer option and we all did practice social
distancing diligently.

But India’s invisible population – the unsheltered population, the
homeless were at an increased risk as they faced multiple hardships. As
the number of cases surged, Uday Foundation continued providing relief
materials to the homeless during the pandemic.

Uday Foundation worked tirelessly throughout the lockdown period.
Items that were distributed include dry ration, cooked meals, clothes,
life-saving medicines, hygiene kits, masks, sanitizers, gloves, sanitary
napkins for women and girls and essential items to the needy. Our food
donation drive did not stop for a even a single day. We know healthcare
burden is increasing and so is the burden for caregivers.

Uday Foundation supported the most vulnerable population – the
migrant workers who were forced to leave cities for lack of money and
resources. Millions witnessed the great Indian migration through
television and other social media channels.

We tried and eased their pain and struggle by being part of their
journey for few days. The organization distributed food, water,
umbrellas, medicines and other essential items. With the help of your
constant in the time of crisis we have been able to support stand in
solidarity with those in need.

As the humanity continues to fight, you are preparing and adapting to
new ways of living. But let’s not forget the most vulnerable in our
society. We share the same planet, and we share the same crisis. Real
strength lies in supporting each other and lifting those who are weak.

I hope you will continue to help us during our food donation drive,
clothes donation drive, blanket donation drive, dry ration donation
drive and essential items.


Rahul Verma
Uday Foundation