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1% of the total population chitpawan brahmins of RSS’s BJP’s Modi
(Murderes of democratic institutions) have eroded all the democratic

1) Fradulent EVMs are tamperable. Hence the Supreme
Court wanted them to be replaced by fool proof voting system just as
all the 80 democracies of the world. But the Ex CJI Sadasivam committed
a grave error of judgement by ordering for replacing them in phases as
suggested by CEC Sampath because of the cost of Rs 1600 crore. Thus the
Institutions of democratic voting system, CJI, CEC are eroded to benefit
the chitpawan brahmin RSS’s BJP’s Murderer of democratic institutions
(Modi) to snatch the MASTER KEY.

2) 99% of the total Sarvajan
Samaj belonging to all societies including SC/STs/OBCs/Minorities/poor
brahmins and baniyas by distributing the wealth of the nation’s wealth
equally among them is now getting eroded violating all pancasilas. They
killed their own brothers, stole votes that are not given by the voters
but with the fradulent EVMs with the supporters of black money of their
brothers capitalists, industrialists, paid media. Modi and Sadhvi Jyoti
suppressed the fact that they were married and became ministers and
which caste they really belonged to. Modi belonged to Ganchi caste of
M.K.Gandhi and Jyoti belonged to BC which ar sexual misconduct. All for
the intoxication of greed of power.