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19 07 2012 THURSSDAY LESSON 672 FREE ONLINE eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY up a levelTipitaka network … his life, his acts, his words sabbe satta bhavantu sukhi-tatta TIPITAKA TIPITAKA AND TWELVE DIVISIONS Brief historical background Sutta Pitaka Vinaya Pitaka Abhidhamma Pitaka Twelve Divisions of Buddhist Canons Nine Divisions of Buddhist Canons Sutta Piṭaka — The basket of discourses —Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta (DN 22) {excerpt} - all infobubbles— Attendance on awareness —Kāyānupassanā Dhammapada Verse 258 Chabbaggiya Vatthu-Who Speaks A Lot Is Not Necessarily Wise ALL ABOUT AWAKEN ONES WITH AWARENESS USA Michigan • Lake Superior Zendo • Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple, Detroit
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19 07 2012 THURSSDAY LESSON 672 FREE ONLINE  eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY
up a levelTipitaka network … his life, his acts, his words
sabbe satta bhavantu sukhi-tatta

    Brief historical background
   Sutta Pitaka
   Vinaya Pitaka
   Abhidhamma Pitaka
     Twelve Divisions of Buddhist Canons
Nine Divisions of Buddhist Canons
Sutta Piṭaka

— The basket of discourses —Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta (DN 22) {excerpt} - all infobubbles— Attendance on awareness —Kāyānupassanā

Dhammapada Verse 258 Chabbaggiya Vatthu-Who Speaks A Lot Is Not Necessarily Wise

    •    Lake Superior Zendo
    •    Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple, Detroit

DN 22 - (D ii 290)

Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta

— Attendance on awareness —
[ mahā+satipaṭṭhāna ]

This sutta is widely considered as a the main reference for meditation practice.

Note: infobubbles on all Pali words



I. Kāyānupassanā

   A. Ānāpāna Pabba
   B. Iriyāpatha Pabba
   C. Sampajāna Pabba
   D. Paṭikūlamanasikāra Pabba
   E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba
   F. Navasivathika Pabba

II. Vedanānupassanā



I. Observation of Kāya

   A. Section on ānāpāna
   B. Section on postures
   C. Section on sampajañña
   D. Section on repulsiveness
   E. Section on the Elements
   F. Section on the nine charnel grounds

II. Observation of Vedanā

B. Iriyāpatha Pabba

Puna ca·paraṃ, bhikkhave, bhikkhu gacchanto gacchāmīti pajānāti, ṭhito ṭhitomhīti pajānāti, nisinno nisinnomhīti pajānāti, sayāno sayānomhīti pajānāti. Yathā yathā pan·assa kāyo paṇihito hoti, tathā tathā naṃ pajānāti.

B. Section on postures

Furthermore, bhikkhus, a bhikkhu, while walking, understands: ‘I am
walking’, or while standing he understands: ‘I am standing’, or while
sitting he understands: ‘I am sitting’, or while lying down he
understands: ‘I am lying down’. Or else, in whichever position his kāya is disposed, he understands it accordingly.

Iti ajjhattaṃ kāye kāyānupassī viharati, bahiddhā kāye kāyānupassī viharati, ajjhatta-bahiddhā kāye kāyānupassī viharati; samudaya-dhamm·ānupassī kāyasmiṃ viharati, vaya-dhamm·ānupassī kāyasmiṃ viharati, samudaya-vaya-dhamm·ānupassī kāyasmiṃ viharati; ‘atthi kāyoti pan·assa sati paccupaṭṭhitā hoti, yāvadeva ñāṇa·mattāya paṭissati·mattāya,{1} a·nissito ca viharati, na ca kiñci loke upādiyati. Evam·pi kho, bhikkhave, bhikkhu kāye kāyānupassī viharati.

Thus he dwells observing kāya in kāya internally, or he dwells observing kāya in kāya externally, or he dwells observing kāya in kāya internally and externally; he dwells observing the samudaya of phenomena in kāya, or he dwells observing the passing away of phenomena in kāya, or he dwells observing the samudaya and passing away of phenomena in kāya; or else, [realizing:] “this is kāya!” sati is present in him, just to the extent of mere ñāṇa and mere paṭissati, he dwells detached, and does not cling to anything in the world. Thus, bhikkhus, a bhikkhu dwells observing kāya in kāya.

மேலும்,பிக்குக்களுக்களே,ஒரு பிக்கு, நடந்து செல்லும் பொழுது, ‘நான் நடந்து செல்கிறேன்’,
என அவர் அறிந்துகொள்கிறார்.அல்லது நின்று கொண்டிருக்கிற பொழுது, ‘நான் நின்று கொண்டிருக்கிகிறேன்’, என அவர் அறிந்துகொள்கிறார்:அல்லது உட்கார்ந்திருக்கிற பொழுது, ‘நான் உட்கார்ந்திருக்கிறேன்’, என அவர் அறிந்துகொள்கிறார்: அல்லது படுத்திருத்திருக்கிற பொழுது, ‘நான் படுத்திருத்திருக்கிறேன்’,என அவர் அறிந்துகொள்கிறார்: தவிர அவர் kāya உடல்அமர்வுநிலை எதுவாக தீர்வு செய்கிறாரோ
அதன்படிபுரிந்து கொள்கிறார்.

இவ்வாறு அவர் kāya in kāya உடல்/காயத்தை காயதுக்குள் கண்காணி வாசம் செய்கிரார், அல்லது காயத்தை காயதுக்கு வெளியே கண்காணி வாசம் செய்கிரார், அல்லது காயத்தை காயதுக்கு உள்ளே மற்றும் வெளியே கண்காணி வாசம் செய்கிரார்;புலன்களால் உணரத்தக்க எழுச்சி கண்காணி வாசம் செய்கிரார், மற்றும் புலன்களால் உணரத்தக்கதை கடந்துசெல்லுவதை கண்காணித்து வாசம் செய்கிரார்; இல்லாவிடில் எச்சரிக்கையாயிருக்கிற உணர் உடனிருக்கிறதை,சும்மா வெறும் ஓர்அளவு ஞானம் மற்றும் ஓர்அளவு paṭissati என எண்ணி பற்றறு வாசம் செய்கிரார்

Verse 258. Who Speaks A Lot Is Not Necessarily Wise

Just because articulate
one’s not thereby wise,
hateless, fearless and secure,
a ‘wise one’ thus is called.

Explanation: A person cannot be described as learned simply
because he speaks quite a lot. He who is liberated and secure, non-hating
and fearless is described as a learned person.

Homage to our original teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha

Dhammapada Verse 258
Chabbaggiya Vatthu

Na tena pandito hoti
yavata bahu bhasati
khemi averi abhayo
“pandito” ti pavuccati.

Verse 258: He is not a wise man just because he talks much; only he who is
peaceful, free from enmity, and does no harm to others, is to be called ‘a wise

The Story of a Group of Six Bhikkhus

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verse (258) of
this book, with reference to a group of six bhikkhus.

Once, there was a group of six bhikkhus who made trouble at the place of
eating either in the monastery or in the village. One day, while some samaneras
were, having their alms-food, the group of six bhikkhus came in and said
boastfully to the samaneras, “Look! We only are the wise.” Then they
started throwing things about, leaving the place of eating in disorder. When the
Buddha was told about this, he said, “Bhikkhus! I do not say that one
who talks much, abuses and bullies others is a wise man. Only he who is free
from hatred, and harms no one is a wise man.”

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 258: He is not a wise man just because he talks
much; only he who is peaceful, free from enmity, and does no harm to
others, is to be called ‘a wise man’.

    •    Lake Superior Zendo
    •    Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple, Detroit

Lake Superior Zendo (LSV) is a Sōtō Zen Buddhist temple located in Marquette, Michigan. The zendo was founded in 1990 by Tesshin Paul Lemberg, who received Dharma transmission from Rev. Shoken Winecoff of Ryumonji Zen Monastery.[1] Lake Superior Zendo is informally affiliated with Northern Michigan University through the Presque Isle Zen Community[2] and participates in local interfaith events.[3]

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Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple is located at 4347 Trumbull in Detroit, Michigan.
The community of Zen Buddhists welcomes people from all walks of life
and faiths to Sunday meetings, retreats and workshops. The temple was
founded by P’arang Geri Larkin. Her ordination on July 2, 1995 followed three years of Buddhist development at Maitreya Buddhist Seminary. She served as dharma teacher at the Zen Buddhist Temple in Ann Arbor, Michigan before founding Still Point Buddhist Temple. She was taught by Venerable Samu Sunim, a Korean Zen Master who has established several Buddhist temples in North America. Still Point Buddhist Temple traces its lineage to Korean Buddhism. The current guiding teacher of Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple is Koho Vince Anila. Koho is the 1st dharma successor of P’arang Geri Larkin, and was ordained in May 2003.

Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek, Michigan

Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek, Michigan

Come have a wild time at the Zoo. External Link
An African adventure awaits you at this Michigan attraction. Discover
spectacular views of wild animals from elevated boardwalks. Photo courtesy of Binder Park Zoo

External Link
Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MichiganThe village External Link transports
visitors back in time. Original historic buildings–Thomas Edison’s lab
and the Wright brothers’ bicycle shop–line the streets where Model T’s
scoot past horse-drawn carriages. Photo courtesy of The Henry Ford

USS Silversides, Muskegon, Michigan

USS Silversides, Muskegon, Michigan

Step back into time and tour a WWII submarine and a Prohibition-Era Coast Guard Cutter. External Link These vessels are currently berthed at the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum near beautiful Lake Michigan.

Arctic Ring of Life - Detroit Zoo, Southeastern MichiganExternal Link
Family Fun and Entertainment in West Michigan
  Michian Kids
& Family Fun
• Fun Places and Events
for the Whole Family
• Family Fun and Entertainment in West Michigan
• Local Children’s Games and Activities
• Plan a Fun Family Day and Save Money!
• The Best Birthday Parties for Kids
• Fun for Babies and Toddlers
• Michigan Family Attractions and Special Events
Plan a Fun Family Day and Save Money!

If you’ve been to any other great places to go with kids in Michigan not listed on, please
get in contact with us so we can add them to the website and share the fun with other children - thanks

Family days out in


Michigans largest
amusement park with many rides. Something for everyone.


A visit to Nelis’ Dutch
Village is like a step back into the Netherlands of over 100 years ago.

Fun activities include Dutch Dance Lessons, a Dutch swing ride, a 1924
carousel, petting zoo with farm animals, games and events. Take a Goat
for a Wa…


Features amusement
park-style rides, full-motion flight simulators, RealD 3D/4D Missions
Theater, as well as more than 50 rare and historic aircraft, plus
exhibits and educational activities.


All sorts of crazy karts,
a thrill ride and 18 hole mountain mini golf. A great afternoon for
kids 40″ and taller!

Battle Creek

Indoor and outdoor fun.
Waterparks and other fun things for the family. One of the many fun
family places to go if you’re looking for things to do with kids in

Boyne Falls

Quench your thirst for
big family fun at Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark! This 88,000 square
foot mega-park features water fun for all ages including five fun filled
waterslides, a shallow children’s pool for the little ones, a wet
climbing wall for …


Year-Round Family Fun!

Get set to swim and splash at the new indoor water park resorts that are
making waves. Splash Universe gives families the chance to enjoy the
great outdoors…indoors.

Mackinaw City

Experience wet & wild adventures at Thunder Falls Water Park!
Mackinaw City’s most exciting attraction provides fun for kids young and old.


Recreation is an integral
part of a Zehnder’s lodging visit, with all the amenities our guests
have come to expect from the name Zehnder’s. The hotel is surrounded by
spacious gardens and manicured lawns.Waterpark Day Passes
Half Day and Full Day Pa…

Traverse City

Exclusive indoor water
parks, interactive games, and cabin-inspired suites only begin to
describe the extraordinary experience ahead. They really do have
children in mind with the whole design, from the big stuff to fireside
story time and Magiquest …


Indoor swimming pool with
exciting aquatic structure and water slide! There are also batting
cages, a historical museum and other features on site.

Sterling Heights

Great indoor water park
featuring three story waterslide, lazy river, vortex, bubble seats and
geysers, two large whirlpools, a new 2,300 sq. ft. Interactive Splash
Play Park, plus game arcade and sporting opportunities.


Super family water park
with body, tube and extreme water slides, lagoon, river run and more!
Life guards always on duty.


Deer Forest is an animal
petting zoo and fun park. You can feed the deer and other animals up
close. It also offers kiddie amusement rides, storybook lane, miniature
golf, large playground, inflatable jumper, food, picnic area with
grills, and ple…


GarLyn Zoo is located at
the very top of Lake Michigan in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The zoo
features birds and animals from around the world. Wallaby - Australia,
Sika deer - Asia, Sulcata Tortoise - Africa, Patagonian Cavy - South
America, Cougar,…

Grand Rapids

The John Ball Zoo has
over 1100 animals representing the wilds of Africa, Asia, South America,
Australia and the United States. One of the many fun family places to
go if you’re looking for things to do with kids in Michigan

Battle Creek

Binder Park Zoo offers
quality programming using exotic animals delivered by professional staff
with a dedication to conserving wildlife.

Online registration is currently available for our Camps, Overnight
Safari, and Zoo Snooze Programs!

Royal Oak

Learn about the Detroit
Zoo’s mission, the SSP program and the orgin of the animals at the Zoo.
You’ll see how the Zoo participates in world and state conservation
efforts and the role of the Zoo in reintroduction of species throughtout
the state.

Ann Arbor

Domino’s Petting Farm is
conveniently located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is a perfect setting for
people of all ages to learn about farming and farm animals.

Come join us for a fun-filled day. Pet our animals, including our many
rare breeds, and e…


The Potter Park
Zoological Society, a non-profit private sector organization, is
dedicated to the support of the Potter Park Zoo through preserving,
protecting, and exhibiting selected members of the animal kingdom so
that future generations of manki…


Located inside the
Leelanau StatePark in northern Michigan, the Grand Traverse Lighthouse
has been guiding ships and sailors since it was built in 1858.


From 7,000 years ago to
the 1900s people mined Keweenaw copper. Native peoples made copper into
tools and trade items. Investors and immigrants arrived in the 1800s in a
great mineral rush, developing thriving industries and cosmopolitan

Port Huron

The Great Lakes Maritime
Center (GLMC) offers a variety of opportunities to learn about the
history and current events of the Great Lakes. A variety of video
formats, displays, and speaker programs present a wide variety of

Bay City

Michigan Memories


Kokomo’s is the place to
go in Saginaw and the Tri-Cities area whether you’re celebrating a
birthday party, looking for a fun or want somewhere you can take the
whole family.

We have lots to do outside, including go-karts, miniature golf, bumper


Welcome to the ungle
Family Fun Center!
18 Holes of Adventure Golf await you in this Northern Michigan Jungle!
Make your way past the cascading waterfalls, tropical plants, and an
erupting volcano! Watch out… the alligators may be hungry!

The J…


Deanna’s Playhouse is a
fully accessible 15,000 sq. ft. indoor play environment for family fun!

Ann Arbor

Jungle Java is a fun
indoor playcenter where it’s ‘cool’ to play for kids and relaxing for
the adults! Let the kids run wild while you enjoy some time with friends
or play along with your kids in The Jungle. Toddlers can enjoy a
separate area designe…


Jungle Java is a fun
indoor playcenter where it’s ‘cool’ to play for kids and relaxing for
the adults! Let the kids run wild while you enjoy some time with friends
or play along with your kids in The Jungle. Toddlers can enjoy a
separate area designe…

Farmington Hills

The place where it’s
‘cool’ to play for kids and relaxing for adults! Let the kids run wild
while you enjoy some time with friends or play along with your kids in
the Jungle. Toddlers can enjoy a separate area designed just for them.


We are an indoor play
center for children ages 0-8. We also offer light food items, specialty
coffee, and free Wi-fi. Weekdays are always open play, and we offer
private birthdays on the weekends.


Michigan’s Largest Indoor
Play Structure and more! With four slides, a suspension bridge, bounce
houses and a specially designed toddler area for the little ones three
and under! Mom and Dad can play on the structure.


The Blast Factory is an
indoor, year round, Private inflatable Party and Play center featuring
huge, challenging and interactive inflatables where kids enjoy thousands
of square feet of pure energetic fun!


They have awesome slides,
a smaller enclosed area for babies and toddlers, swinging bridges, and a
simply gigantic tree house to climb and explore! Grown ups welcome to
join in!


Indoor play for under 12s
with loads of age zoned features from bounce houses and the trolley run
to the Foam Forest and beyond!


The Great Lakes Shipwreck
Museum is the only one of its kind dedicated to the perils of maritime
transport on the Great Lakes. It is fittingly located at Whitefish
Point, Michigan, site of the oldest active lighthouse on Lake Superior.


Upper Michigan’s largest
outdoor museum

Twenty-three buildings including:Cultural Center, Research Center,The
Lee LeBlanc Wildlife Art Gallery Giovanelli Italianati Art Galleryand
theBernhardt Contemporary Art Gallery. Visit Michigan’s Colorful P…


Where in Northeast
Michigan Can You Find…
A Picasso,A Planetarium,Two Renoirs,Ancient Indian Artifacts,A water
pumper that fought the great fires of Chicago and Alpena An 1890s Avenue
of ShopsAnd A Remarkable collection of mounted Michigan mammals…


Regional history,
historic automobiles and hands-on science are major features of the
Sloan Museum, located at 1221 E. Kearsley Street in Flint, Michigan. The
Science Discovery Center allows children and adults to explore
principles of chemistry and…

Grand Rapids

Plan a visit today and
enjoy a world class facility full of exciting, entertaining and
educational exhibits!


The Kalamazoo Nature
Center features dozens of public programs each month for all ages, in
addition to our 11 miles of hiking trails and indoor and outdoor
exhibits. The whole family will enjoy our regular family program every
Sunday at 2:00pm. There…

Grand Haven

The Tri-Cities Historical
Museum provides visitors an opportunity to look through the windows of
time into the history of Northwest Ottawa County, including the
communities of Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg.


The Minibeast Zooseum and
Education Center of the Young Entomologists’ Society is a unique
learning center devoted to the study of minibeasts (macroinvertebrate
animals) which incorporates all the best attributes of a zoo, museum,
interpretive center…


he Automotive Hall of
Fame is both a visitor attraction and an educational resource for
inspiring others to higher levels of achievement in their own work and
lives. Visitors will experience automotive history through visual and
interactive exhibits,…


The Detroit Historical
Museum, established in 1928, is one of America


Motown Historical Museum
is one of Detroits most popular tourist destinations. Each year, the
museum attracts thousands of visitors from across the nation and around
the globe. One of the many fun family places to go if you’re looking for
things to d…


Plan a visit to the
Walter P. Chrysler Museum where automotive history is learned and
explored. Take an hour, or spend the day to experience the history of
Chrysler vehicles, learn from interactive kiosk stations, or enjoy
educational films in our mo…


The museum is an
innovative addition to Detroit’s Cultural Center,Our ambitious series of
public programs includes lectures, musical performances, films,
literary readings and educational activities for children.

Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor Hands-On
Museum is a Science and Technology Center with 4 floors filled with over
250 interactive hands-on exhibits. Our mission is to inspire people to
discover the wonder of science, math and technology. We cater to the
younger child …

Ann Arbor

Exhibits include displays
on prehistoric life with the most extensive dinosaur exhibits in the
state of Michigan, Michigan wildlife, anthropology, geology, and a
Planetarium. A new gallery for temporary exhibits was created in 2005.

Saint Joseph

Come to where Learning is
Fun! Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone has permanent & traveling
hands-on exhibits for toddlers- teens. This beach side setting is the
perfect place to explore six water exhibits, a climbing wall, virtual
reality, a pin wall, and…


The Transpired Solar
Collector System and Exhibit was designed to: Educate children about
clean energy alternatives and the environmental impact of using
resources.Generate interest in renewable energy resources.


This friendly, child
oriented museum is packed full with fascinating exhibits and thrilling
hands-on learning experiences for children from ages 2 to 10. Learn
through play!


An environment that
encourages and inspires children to explore their world offering
exciting hands-on discovery. Lots of great roleplay equipment from
sailboats to tree houses to ice cream shops, plus bouldering wall, fish
tank, construction zone an…


An exciting and highly
interactive museum that provides a wide variety of hands-on programs for
children ages 0 to 10. Activities include roleplay, construction, water
raceway and crafts.

Kalamazoo Township

The varying collection of
fascinating museum exhibits is just the beginning, followed by the
Planetarium, space themed learning centre, special events and Hands On

Indian River

Big Bear Adventures is a
fun, family owned business specializing in outdoor recreation. We are
located in the beautiful resort area of Indian River, Michigan, between
Mullett and Burt Lakes. The area abounds with wildlife, with pristine
rivers and fo…


Laser Quest is a fast
paced game for ages 5 to 85 - a high tech combination of tag and hide
and seek. With the worlds most advanced laser tag equipment available,
Laser Quest is played in a large, multi-level arena with specialty
lighting, fog and he…


Come into The Lost City
for amazing indoor fun! Laser tag, mini-bowling, mini-golf, video games
and ticket games with deluxe prize center! Great for group events -
birthdays, youth groups, sports teams, family parties, you name it!


Double JJ offers three
unique activities all at one resort. Come explore miles of scenic
horseback trails, perfect for riders of any skill level and age.
Experience the thrill of our indoor waterpark, Michigans tallest indoor
water- slide, a lazy/cra…


Welcome to Sonic Skate, a
family owned and operated roller skating entertainment center serving
the Bay County area. Sonic Skate offers a clean, safe, wholesome family
environment. We provide a truly contemporary, well-supervised,
state-of-the-art fa…


Skateland West is one of
Michigan’s finest roller skating family fun centers and music venue.


We are a wholesome family
entertainment center dedicated to providing skaters of all ages a clean
friendly environment to enjoy skating with their families and friends!


Allskate Fun Center is
where virtual fun is reality!


Edru Skate A Rama
Roller/Inline Skating Rink was founded in Holt, MI, Edru Skate A Rama is
an indoor rink and open year round. One of the many fun family places
to go if you’re looking for things to do with kids in Michigan

Saginaw Twp

Gillis Family Fun Center
Roller/Inline Skating Rink was founded in Saginaw, MI, Gillis Family Fun
Center is an indoor rink and open year round.

Saint Johns

Michigan’s Source for
Outdoor laser tag.


AirTime Trampoline &
Game Park is Michigan’s trampoline and music experience unlike any other
coming to the Detroit area in July.

Grass Lake

Horseback Trail Riding at
Waterloo Rec.


Experience the �modern�
way travelers moved across the county and the country in the early 1900s
when you climb aboard the narrow gauge Huckleberry Railroad. The 40
minute ride takes you through scenic woods and meadows and alongside
beautiful M…


The Soo Locks have been
referred to as one of the great wonders of the world and it is still the
largest waterway traffic system on earth. Your boat will travel along
the international shoreline of the lower harbor letting you experience
all the sigh…

Mackinaw City

Ride through history on
the Mackinaw Trolley as we narrate happenings and events along the way.
Fort Michilimackinac area, Old Mackinaw Point Lighthouse, Train and Car
Ferry Docks, The Mackinac Bridge, Father Marquette\’s Mission and Grave
Site at St…


Return to the world of
automotive pioneer Henry Ford at the Henry Ford Estate ~ Fair Lane in
Dearborn, Michigan. The Henry Ford Estate - Fair Lane includes the
residence of Henry and Clara Ford and his powerhouse consisting of not
only his generators…


Enjoy two hour cruise on
the sparkling waters of the Detroit River, the world’s busiest
international waterway. Passengers of all ages discover countless sights
rich in history and anecdote during our expertly narrated river tours.


Located on the historic
AuSable River floodwaters above the Alcona Dam, this 1100 acre park has
three miles of shoreline on each side of this trophy fish producing
river. Surrounded by the Huron National Forest and is a favorite home
away from home f…

There are so many fun places to go with kids in Michigan - great zoos and aquariums, museums, theme parks,
water parks and swimming pools, places to visit outdoors (many of which are cheap or free), historical places of
interest, activities and indoor play centres for toddlers as well as the usual family tourist attractions - take a look
below, lots of the best things to do with children in MI

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