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20 07 2012 FRIDAY LESSON 673 FREE ONLINE eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY up a levelTipitaka network … his life, his acts, his words sabbe satta bhavantu sukhi-tatta TIPITAKA TIPITAKA AND TWELVE DIVISIONS Brief historical background Sutta Pitaka Vinaya Pitaka Abhidhamma Pitaka Twelve Divisions of Buddhist Canons Nine Divisions of Buddhist Canons Sutta Piṭaka — The basket of discourses —Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta (DN 22) {excerpt} - all infobubbles— Attendance on awareness —Kāyānupassanā Dhammapada Verse259 Ekudanakhinasava Vatthu-Those Who Know Speak Little ALL ABOUT AWAKEN ONES WITH AWARENESS USA Minnesota • Dharma Field Zen Center • Minnesota Zen Center
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20 07 2012 FRIDAY LESSON 673 FREE ONLINE  eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY
up a levelTipitaka network … his life, his acts, his words
sabbe satta bhavantu sukhi-tatta
    Brief historical background
   Sutta Pitaka
   Vinaya Pitaka
   Abhidhamma Pitaka
     Twelve Divisions of Buddhist Canons
Nine Divisions of Buddhist Canons
Sutta Piṭaka

— The basket of discourses —Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta (DN 22) {excerpt} - all infobubbles— Attendance on awareness —Kāyānupassanā

Dhammapada Verse259 Ekudanakhinasava Vatthu-Those Who Know Speak Little

    •    Dharma Field Zen Center
    •    Minnesota Zen Center

The Dhammapada:

Verse 259. Those Who Know Speak Little

Just because articulate
one’s not skilled in Dhamma;
but one who’s heard even little
and Dhamma in the body sees,
that one is skilled indeed,
not heedless of the Dhamma.

Explanation: One does not become an upholder of the Law of
Righteousness merely because one talks quite a lot. Even if one, though
he has heard only a little, experiences the Dhamma by his body and
is diligent, he is the true upholder of the Dhamma.

Verses and Stories

Dhammapada Verse 259

Ekudanakhinasava Vatthu

Na tavata dhammadharo

yavata bahu bhasati

yo ca appampi sutvana

dhammam kayena passati

sa ve dhammadharo hoti

yo dhammam nappamajjati.

Verse 259: He is not “one versed in the Dhamma (Dhammadhara)” just
because he talks much. He who hears only a little but comprehends the Dhamma,
and is not unmindful is, indeed, “one versed in the Dhamma”.

The Story of Ekudana the Arahat

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verse (259) of
this book, with reference to a bhikkhu who was an arahat.

This bhikkhu lived in a grove near Savatthi. He was known as Ekudana, because
he knew only one stanza of exultation (Udana) by heart. But the thera fully
understood the meaning of the Dhamma as conveyed by the stanza. On each sabbath
day, he would exhort others to listen to the Dhamma, and he himself would recite
the one stanza he knew. Every time he had finished his recitation, the guardian
spirits (devas) of the forests praised him and applauded him resoundingly. On
one sabbath day, two learned theras, who were well-versed in the Tipitaka,
accompanied by five hundred bhikkhus came to his place. Ekudana asked the two
theras to preach the Dhamma. They enquired if there were many who wished to
listen to the Dhamma in this out of the way place. Ekudana answered in the
affirmative and also told them that even the guardian spirits of the forests
usually came, and that they usually praised and applauded at the end of

So, the two learned theras took turns to preach the Dhamma, but when their
discourses ended, there was no applause from the guardian spirits of the
forests. The two learned theras were puzzled; they even doubted the words of
Ekudana. But Ekudana insisted that the guardian spirits used to come and always
applauded at the end of each discourse. The two theras then pressed Ekudana to
do the preaching himself. Ekudana held the fan in front of him and recited the
usual stanza. At the end of the recitation, the guardian spirits applauded as
usual. The bhikkhus who had accompanied the two learned theras complained that
the devas inhabiting the forests were very partial.

They reported the matter to the Buddha on arrival at the Jetavana monastery.
To them the Buddha said. “Bhikkhus! I do not say that a bhikkhu who has
learnt much and talks much of the Dhamma is one who is versed in the Dhamma,
(Dhammadhara).” One who has learnt very little and knows only one stanza of
the Dhamma, but fully comprehends the Four Noble Truths, and is ever mindful is
the one who is truly versed in the Dhamma.”

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 259: He is not “one versed in the Dhamma
(Dhammadhara)” just because he talks much. He who hears only a
little but comprehends the Dhamma, and is not unmindful is, indeed,
“one versed in the Dhamma”.

    •    Dharma Field Zen Center

Dharma Field
Dharma Field-exterior-winter.jpg
Native plants are used for water management
Denomination Sōtō Zen Buddhism
Founded 1997
Founder(s) Steve Hagen
Teacher(s) Bev Forsman, Steve Hagen, Norm Randolph, Lee Register
Address 3118 West 49th Street Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410
(West 49th St & York Ave S)
Country United States

Dharma Wheel.svg Portal:Buddhism

Dharma Field Zen Center (Dharma Field Meditation and Learning Center) is a Zen Buddhist community that offers daily meditation, sesshins, Sunday morning Dharma talks, and a large web archive.[1]

A multi-year curriculum explores the foundation studies of Buddha, Nagarjuna, Dōgen, and the wisdom teachings of the Mahayana.[citation needed]

Senior Dharma teachers Steve Hagen and Norm Randolph are Dharma heirs of Dainin Katagiri. Head teacher Bev Forsman and Dharma teacher Lee Register are Dharma heirs of Steve Hagen.[citation needed]

Dharma Field is located in the former St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[2]

    •    Minnesota Zen Center

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center


Buddhist Temples


3343 E Calhoun Pkwy
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Neighborhood: Uptown

(612) 822-5313

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Minnesota Zen Meditation Center


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Minnesota Zen Meditation Center
Denomination Sōtō Zen Buddhism
Founded 1972
Founder(s) Dainin Katagiri
Teacher(s) Tim Burkett
Address 3343 East Calhoun Parkway, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
Country United States

Dharma Wheel.svg Portal:Buddhism

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center was formed when the founding head teacher, Dainin Katagiri, (1928-1990) was invited to come from California in 1972 to teach a small but growing group of Minneapolis students interested in the dharma. After his death, Shohaku Okumura served as interim head teacher until the installation of Karen Sunna, who had studied with Katagiri Roshi until his death. Succeeding Karen as head priest is Tim Burkett, a long time student of both Katagiri and Suzuki Roshi. Tim became the head teacher on November 1, 2002.

Robert M. Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, attended the Center for a period of time.

Natalie Goldberg studied at the Center for over a dozen years and writes extensively about it in her books Long Quiet Highway and The Great Failure.


Family days out in


The park boasts more than
75 rides and attractions on 90 acres and is the largest amusement park
in the upper Midwest.


Tons of water fun await
you in our huge 38,000 square foot Minnesota indoor waterpark featuring
three exhilarating 4-story slides that twist and turn and take you on a
journey inside and outside the waterpark, “Lazy River” floating inner
tube ride, t…

Taylors Falls

Voted Best Family fun in
the Metro Area! Several Water Rides, Alpine Slides, including a
chairlift ride to the top of the mountain & Go-Karts. Green grass,
picnic areas & Free Parking make this a great facitlity for
everyone! No need to purchase a ti…


Cascade Bay,the largest
outdoor Municipal waterpark in the Midwest offers 5 waterslides,
zero-depth entry pool, lazy river, full concession stand and a 9-hole
miniature golf course! One of the many fun family places to go if you’re
looking for things…


Located inside the
Radisson Hotel Bloomington, near Mall of America and soaring 90 feet
above the Twin Cities’ skyline, Water Park of America entertains both
the young and young at heart. Surf on Minnesota’s only Flow Rider Surf


Take a walk on the wild
side when you tour our interpretive facility and learn how wolves use
those big ears, big eyes and those infamous big teeth. You’ll meet our
resident ambassador wolves and learn how they communicate, play, hunt
and eat. See wh…


Visit fascinating animals
from around the world at the Lake Superior Zoo. Situated in Fairmont
Park in West Duluth, the zoo sits on over 16 acres at the base of Spirit
Mountain. The rocky hillside, majestic pines and the picturesque
Kingsbury Creek,…


Great Lakes Aquarium is a
non-profit freshwater aquarium located in Duluth, MN.

GLA is home to a variety of species found primarily in the Great Lakes
Basin. Additional exhibits showcase animals from both freshwater and
marine habitats around the …

Apple Valley

Our mission is to connect
people, animals and the natural world., which means we’re dedicated to
inspiring people to act on behalf of the environment. To accomplish
this, we provide award-winning recreational, educational and
conservation programs, l…


Come nose to nose with
5,000 sea creatures including stingrays, jellyfish, octopus, seahorses
and more! New for 2009: Seahorse Kingdom featuring seahorses from around
the world, and a Hands-On Rock Pool.

Saint Paul

The attractions located
here include the zoo, the conservatory, an amusement park, a carousel,
Lake Como, a golf course, a pool and more. The park receives more than
2.5 million visitors annually. Como Park is a free park and while no
admission fee i…

West Saint Paul

With farm animals, birds
of prey and a mass of natural local wildlife, this environmental
education centre and habit restoration has been teaching and enthralling
kids for over forty years, particularly with their special event days.


You haven\’t seen Duluth
until you\’ve explored the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center\’s
Historic Union Depot, better know as simply the Depot. This former
Union Railroad Depot was built in 1892 by the Boston firm of Peabody,
Stearns and F…

Grand Rapids

turn-of-the-century logging camp
After the exhibits, visit the logging camp where you’ll find the camp
blacksmith, saw filer, clerk, cook and lumberjacks. Then, board the
moored river “wanigan,” a floating cook shack used when the logs and…

Pine City

Step out of the modern
visitor center into the recreated world of 1804, where you can stop at
the Ojibwe encampment and learn how the seasonal living of the Ojibwe
changed when Europeans arrived.


The Heritage Hjemkomst
Interpretive Center provides interpretation of the Hjemkomst Viking
Ship, Hopperstad Stave Church Replica, Red River Valley Exhibition and
hosts traveling exhibits in 7,000 sq. feet of temporary exhibition
space. The interpreti…

Elk River

Step onto a working 1860s
farm. Pick heirloom vegetables from the garden, visit the farmhands and
animals at the barn, or churn butter and see what’s cooking in the


Step into the heart of
Swedish America. The American Swedish Institute is a historic house,
museum, and cultural center located near downtown Minneapolis. Swedish
immigrant newspaperman Swan J. Turnblad founded the Institute in 1929.

The Turnblad …


A mission and fur post
overlooked the Minnesota River 150 years ago and today the mission still
stands. Joseph Renville, an explorer and fur trader whose mother was
Dakota and father was French, established a fur post on the river in
1826 near a wide…


he Minnesota Agricultural
Interpretive Center (Farmamerica) was commissioned in 1978 by the
legislature to preserve and promote the strong heritage of Minnesota
agriculture. This is done through experiential learning at a 120-acre
site which encourag…

Grand Portage

or over 400 years Ojibwe
families of Grand Portage have tapped maples every spring on a ridge
located just off Lake Superior. During the summer, Ojibwe fishermen
harvest in the same areas their forefathers have. Before the United
States and Canada ex…


Pipsqueaks, Rochester’s
INDOOR play zone, is designed for children kindergarten-age and younger
to play under parental/guardian supervision. One of the many fun family
places to go if you’re looking for things to do with kids in Minnesota


Nickelodeon Universe, the
nations largest indoor family theme park, invites guests to take a
whirlwind ride on the latest roller coaster, the speeding and spiraling
SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge.
The theme park is home to seven acres of f…


Jumps & Downs is an
indoor inflatable play and party center for kids. We have walk-in hours
and are available for semi-private and private parties. We have 5 huge
bouncers and a ball pit with 5,000 balls that every kid will enjoy! Book
your next part…

Waite Park

Minnesota’s premier indoor family entertainment, play and party center.

New Brighton

Imaginations will run
wild as children leap into the ball pit, scale the 8 ft. climbing wall,
zoom down the triple slide, and find their way through the wiggle
waggles and the foam forest!


Over 50 hands-on exhibits
and a collection of over 40 live animal species are available for
touching and holding make this a perfect destination for kids of all
ages and adults. Located in downtown Bemidji, the Center is dedicated to
science educatio…


Film shows, model ships
and exhibits featuring the commercial shipping of Lake Superior and the
Duluth-Superior Harbor. At Canal Park you are within yards of giant lake
carriers and foreign ships as they pass under the world-famous Aerial


Ironworld’s museum
features permanent and traveling exhibits about Iron Range history,
including interactive displays that help explain and explore taconite
mining and the people who worked in the region’s mines. An exhibit about
the geology of the r…

St Cloud

Two floors of exhibits, a
family research center, children’s playroom, and museum store provide
visitors with an entertaining learning experience. Set in a 100-acre
nature park, the Stearns History Museum’s events, activities and
exhibits tell the st…

Little Falls

The MINNESOTA FISHING MUSEUM is a non-profit (501c3)
organization dedicated to preserving the heritage and history of freshwater fishing in Minnesota.


We are an Indian Museum
which educates the public about the history and current times of the
Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe through exhibits, a life sized diorama and a
gift shop.


Welcome to the Runestone
Museum, located in downtown Alexandria, Minnesota. We invite you to stop
by and tour historic Fort Alexandria, take your picture with the
country\’s biggest viking, and see the world famous Kensington

For awhile…


The Minnesota
Transportation Museum invites travelers of all ages to experience the
changing world of transportation.The Minnesota Transportation Museum is
constantly evolving. Come experience any one of our interactive
exhibits, take a train, caboos…

Saint Paul

The Science Museum of
Minnesota, founded in 1907, is a large regional science museum located
on the banks of the Mississippi River in downtown St. Paul. One of the
many fun family places to go if you’re looking for things to do with
kids in Minnesota

St Paul

Minnesota Children’s
Museum is at the heart of where fun meets learning. It’s where kids can
touch, climb, splash, crawl, push, pull, and press it all. Children ages
6 months through 10 years and their adult guests can explore seven
galleries packed …


The Bakken is a center
for education and learning that furthers the understanding of the
history, cultural context, and applications of electricity and
magnetism. One of the many fun family places to visit if you’re looking
for things to do in Minnea…

St Paul

The MMAA was founded as
an art school in 1927, when it formally incorporated as The Saint Paul
School of Art. Collecting works of art, for instructional purposes,
began in the late 1930’s. Over time, the acquisition of additional
paintings, works on …


The Bell Museum of
Natural History is a portal to experiences that bring people closer to
the natural world. It is a small, personable place with big ideas, an
historic state treasure, and a landmark destination. It is a familiar
point-of-entry to th…

Walnut Grove

Enjoy learning the
history of the Ingalls family in Walnut Grove at the Laura Ingalls
Wilder Museum and Gift Store. The museum’s collections are housed in a
series of interesting buildings, including an 1898 depot, a chapel, an
onion-domed house, du…

St Paul

Vertical Endeavors is one
of the largest indoor rock climbing facilities in the world. With over
18,200 square feet of climbing surface, Vertical Endeavors is the place
to climb! Over 60 separate ropes provide hundreds of climbing routes.


Families looking for an
afternoon of fun or serious climbers seeking a challenge can find them
both at Vertical Endeavors Duluth. Located in Adventure Zone of Canal
Park in historic Canal Park, VE is the North Shore’s largest climbing

Park Rapids

The Character Challenge
Course is an adventure park with a family-friendly environment where
people can overcome fears and make a memory sure to last a lifetime. We
feature a 370′ zipline and countless high obstacles.


Vertical Endeavors is one
of the largest indoor rock climbing facilities in the world. With over
28,000 square feet of climbing surface, up to 60 foot tall climbing
walls, Vertical Endeavors-Minneapolis is the place to climb!


You haven’t seen Duluth
until you’ve explored the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center’s
Historic Union Depot, better know as simply the Depot. Admission
includes exhibits of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, the St. Louis
County Historical S…


The preservation of
something which is changing and often, in these areas, disappearing is
the purpose of the End-O-Line Railroad Park and Museum.

Hear the old steam locomotive puff and chug throughout the countryside.
Hear the puffing and chuggin…

Taylors Falls

Conveniently located
approximately one hour from the Twin Cities, Taylors Falls Canoe and
Kayak Rental is prepared to outfit you and your family/group with the
equipment you will need to enjoy a wonderful day in the Minnesota great

Taylors Falls

Wild Mountain Winter
Recreation Area


Niagara Cave is one of
the most fascinating and unique geological attractions in the Midwest.
During the one-hour guided tour, visitors will witness a waterfall,
nearly 60 feet high, stalactites both delicate and massive, calcite
flowstone, fossils t…

Taylors Falls

Daily Scenic Boat Tours
available 7 days a week from May - to Mid October. Dinner Cruises
available on Fri & Sat evenings. Picnic Cruises available on Wed
evenings. A great family owned and run business on the beautiful and
scenic St Croix River i…


The Paul Bunyan Trail,
over 100 miles in length, covers a large area. The trail now includes 80
paved miles. With 7 segment maps and over 14 individual city maps and


At Carpenter St. Croix
Valley Nature Center, we believe in fostering appreciation and inspiring
stewardship of the natural world through quality environmental
education, conservation practices, and outdoor experiences for all
visitors. The beautiful…


Amid the prairie grasses
are islands of uncovered rock, where American Indians left carvings
petroglyphs humans, deer, elk, buffalo, turtles, thunderbirds, atlatls
and arrows. They tell a story that spans 5,000 years. The glyphs served
many functions…

Saint Paul

Established in 1988, the
Mississippi National River and Recreation Area includes 72 miles of the
Mississippi River stretching from the cities of Dayton and Ramsey to
just south of Hastings. One of the many fun places to go if you’re
looking for thing…

St Paul

Devious Displays of
Quackery, Fraud, Deceit and
Deception — the largest collection of medical chicanery and mayhem ever
assembled under one roof. Step right up !!


The SPAM Museum. See it
for yourself in all its 16500 square feet of majestic glory. The SPAM
learning inside is immense. Prepare your mind and your station wagon!
One of the many fun family places to go if you’re looking for things to
do with kids i…


Visit United States
Hockey Hall of Fame Museum in person and experience the thrilling game
action and inspiring achievements via physical displays, exhibits,
video, theater and memorabilia.


The Mille Lacs Lake area
is Cool in Summer! Hot in Winter! But to really appreciate our area,
stay awhile, because most of our secrets are shared only with those who
take the time to get to know us.


Discover the lakes area’s
newest 18 hole mini-golf. Located in a scenic wooded setting, with
waterfalls, meandering stream, and pond. Play the World Famous
“Northern Pike Hole.” Hit your final shot into the outhouse and win a
free game.

Eden Valley

At the A maze’n Farmyard
our goal is that every child has a positive experience with the animals.
Our facility is set up so that every child has the opportunity to not
only pet, feed, and see the animals but also the ability to go in among
the baby a…


Wildwood Campground
offers a variety of campsites, with enough activities within minutes to
provide days of fun!
Enjoy our self guided nature trail, cool off in our swimming pool, enjoy
mini golf, basketball, volleyball or horseshoes. Wildwood Campg…

St Paul

Operated by volunteers in St. Paul’s Como Park,
this 68-horse carousel was built in 1914
and rescued from auction in 1988.


The play structure
includes platforms, hexagonal climbers and slides up to 50 feet long.
There is also a section designed just for children under five or those
with disabilities.


Come to Pete’s Retreat to
start making memories with your family and see why we were voted in the
Top 100 Campgrounds in North America!


Trails is a full service
RV park located in north central Minnesota.Large shaded and sunny grass
sites. Each site borders undisturbed woods, giving ultimate privacy


Shades of Sherwood Family
Camping Park is conveniently located on the Zumbro River on 77 acres of
woods, rivers and creeks.

Deer River

Give your family a new
vacation experience this year at one of the top fishing and family
vacation resorts in Minnesota.


Lazy D’s the place to be
mid April to November 30th! Located eight miles north of St. Charles in
the scenic Whitewater Valley on Minnesota’s premier trout stream.

There are so many fun places to go with kids in Minnesota - great zoos and aquariums, museums, theme parks,
water parks and swimming pools, places to visit outdoors (many of which are cheap or free), historical places of
interest, activities and indoor play centres for toddlers as well as the usual family tourist attractions - take a look
below, lots of the best things to do with children in MN
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