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22 07 2012 SUNDAY LESSON 675 FREE ONLINE eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY up a levelTipitaka network … his life, his acts, his words sabbe satta bhavantu sukhi-tatta TIPITAKA TIPITAKA AND TWELVE DIVISIONS Brief historical background Sutta Pitaka Vinaya Pitaka Abhidhamma Pitaka Twelve Divisions of Buddhist Canons Nine Divisions of Buddhist Canons Sutta Piṭaka — The basket of discourses —Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta (DN 22) {excerpt} - all infobubbles— Attendance on awareness —Kāyānupassanā DhammapadaVerses 262 and 263 Sambahulabhikkhu Vatthu-Verse 262. Who Gives Up Jealousy Is Good-Natured-Verse 263. Who Uproots Evil Is The Virtuous One ALL ABOUT AWAKEN ONES WITH AWARENESS USANew_Mexico Soshimsa • So Shim Sa Zen Center
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22 07 2012 SUNDAY LESSON 675 FREE ONLINE  eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY
up a levelTipitaka network … his life, his acts, his words
sabbe satta bhavantu sukhi-tatta
    Brief historical background
   Sutta Pitaka
   Vinaya Pitaka
   Abhidhamma Pitaka
     Twelve Divisions of Buddhist Canons
Nine Divisions of Buddhist Canons
Sutta Piṭaka

— The basket of discourses —Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta (DN 22) {excerpt} - all infobubbles— Attendance on awareness —Kāyānupassanā

DhammapadaVerses 262 and 263

Sambahulabhikkhu Vatthu-Verse 262. Who Gives Up Jealousy Is Good-Natured-Verse 263. Who Uproots Evil Is The Virtuous One

    •    So Shim Sa Zen Center

Verse 262. Who Gives Up Jealousy Is Good-Natured

Not by eloquence alone
or by lovely countenance
is a person beautiful
if jealous, boastful, mean.

Explanation: Merely because of one’s verbal flourishes,
impressive style of speaking, or the charming presence, a person who
is greedy, envious and deceitful, does not become an acceptable individual.

Verse 263. Who Uproots Evil Is The Virtuous One

But ‘beautiful’ is called that one
in whom these are completely shed,
uprooted, utterly destroyed,
a wise one purged of hate.

Explanation: If an individual has uprooted and eradicated
all these evils and has got rid of blemishes, such a person is truly
an acceptable person.

Dhammapada Verses 262 and 263
Sambahulabhikkhu Vatthu

Na vakkaranamattena
vannapokkharataya va
sadhurupo naro hoti
issuki macchari satho.

Yassa cetam samucchinnam
mulaghaccam samuhatam
sa vantadoso medhavi
“sadhurupo” ti vuccati.

Verse 262: Not by fine talk, nor by good looks could one be a good-hearted
man, if he were envious, miserly and crafty.

Verse 263: A wise man who has cut off, uprooted and removed these and has rid
himself of moral defilements is indeed called a good-hearted man.

The Story of Some Bhikkhus

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verses (262) and
(263) of this book, with reference to some bhikkhus who were very envious of
other bhikkhus.

At the monastery, young bhikkhus and samaneras were in the habit of attending
on older bhikkhus who were their teachers. They washed and dyed the robes, or
else performed other small services for their teachers. Some bhikkhus noticing
these services envied those senior bhikkhus, and so they thought out a plan that
would benefit them materially. Their plan was that they would suggest to the
Buddha that young bhikkhus and samaneras should be required to come to them for
further instruction and guidance even though they had been taught by their
respective teachers. When they went to the Buddha with this proposal, the
Buddha, knowing full well their motive, turned it down. To them the Buddha said,
“Bhikkhus I do not say that you are good-hearted just because you can
talk eloquently. Only he who has got rid of covetousness and all that is evil by
means of Arahatta Magga is to be called a good-hearted man.”

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 262: Not by fine talk, nor by good looks
could one be a good-hearted man, if he were envious, miserly and


Verse 263: A wise man who has cut off, uprooted
and removed these and has rid himself of moral defilements is indeed
called a good-hearted man.

New Jersey
    •    So Shim Sa Zen Center,_New_Mexico

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Jemez Springs, New Mexico
—  Village  —

Location of Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Coordinates: 35°46′15″N 106°41′33″WCoordinates: 35°46′15″N 106°41′33″W
Country United States
State New Mexico
County Sandoval
 • Total 4.8 sq mi (12.4 km2)
 • Land 4.8 sq mi (12.4 km2)
 • Water 0.0 sq mi (0.0 km2)
Elevation 6,198 ft (1,889 m)
Population (2000)
 • Total 375
 • Density 78.1/sq mi (30.2/km2)
Time zone Mountain (MST) (UTC-7)
 • Summer (DST) MDT (UTC-6)
ZIP code 87025
Area code(s) 575
FIPS code 35-35320
GNIS feature ID 0918208

House in Jemez Springs

Soda Dam on Jemez Creek, north of Jemez Springs

Jemez Springs is a village in Sandoval County, New Mexico, United States. The population was 375 at the 2000 census.[1] Named for the nearby Pueblo of Jemez[2]:76, the village is the site of Jemez State Monument and the headquarters of the Jemez Ranger District. The village and nearby locations in the Jemez Valley are the site of hot springs and several religious retreats.

Family days out in
New Mexico


Hungry for some good food
and family fun? Head over to iTz where you can enjoy a delicious
all-you-can-eat buffet and enjoy the latest arcade games and exciting
amusement park rides!


26 water play features
including a Tipping Bucket, Three Basketball Hoops, Waterfalls, Spray
Features, miles of slides, pools, rivers, and a dual FlowRider surf
machine and comfortable snack-bar & lounge area.


The Los Padillas Aquatics
Center consists of a zero depth pool with a variety of water play
features including a large water slide, giant mushroom fountain and
other spray features. It is handicap accessible and excellent for pool
parties. This fac…


A fully automated water
park where all ages can get wet during the hot summer months.


Wildlife West Nature
Park, a wildlife preserve and “enhanced zoo,” is located just 20 minutes
from Albuquerque, New Mexico in nearby Edgewood. Conveniently located
near Interstate 40, Wildlife West Nature Park provides a very special
look into the an…


The Albuquerque Aquarium
takes visitors on a journey down the Rio Grande from Albuquerque to its
mouth in the Gulf of Mexico. Fresh water riverine, estuarine, surf zone,
shallow waters, coral reefs, open ocean and deep ocean species are
represented a…


The Rattlesnake Museum is
an exciting and educational experience for the entire family. This
animal conservation museum reveals the hundreds of ways that
rattlesnakes and other “less desirable” animals have influenced our
lives. Examples are given th…


Founded in 1927, the
64-acre Rio Grande Zoo offers visitors close encounters with more than
250 species of exotic and native animals. Popular species include seals
and sea lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, elephants, polar
bears, giraffes, hi…


- is the only Free Zoo In
New Mexico and has a youth fishing lake, an antique carousel and
miniature train that the kids can ride. One of the many fun family
places to go if you’re looking for things to do with kids in New Mexico


The Alameda Park Zoo
provides an aesthetically pleasing naturalistic environment, which
promotes education in the environmental fields of study, conservation of
local and global environments, recreation, and biological research.
The intended concept…


When you stroll up the
tunnel from the Mine Shaft Tavern to the Old Coal Mine Museum you will
step back into time… A time when the last train carrying Madrid coal
left town and everything ground to a hasty halt. The few houses still
occupied were e…


The Cumbres & Toltec
Scenic Railroad is a living museum and National Historic Landmark–known
as America’s Highest and Longest Scenic Railroad is no wonder this
national treasure was listed in the book ‘1000 Things To Do Before You

Santa Fe

Welcome! We invite you to
take a journey to the past at “The Ranch of the Swallows”. This
historic rancho,now a living history museum, dates from the early 1700s
and was an important paraje or stopping point along the famous Camino
Real, the Royal Ro…


ort Union was established
in 1851 as the guardian of the Santa Fe Trail. During its forty-year
history, three different forts were constructed close together. The
third Fort Union was the largest in the American Southwest, and
functioned as a militar…


Taos Pueblo is the only
living Native American community designated both a World Heritage Site
by UNESCO and a National Historic Landmark. The multi-storied adobe
buildings have been continuously inhabited for over 1000 years. We
welcome you to visit…


Whether you are just
passing through or have a couple hours to spend here, Aztec Ruins can
provide visitors with a meaningful experience of an ancestral Pueblo
site. Goods, services, and accommodations are located near Aztec Ruins
in the cities of Az…


Every weekend,
year-round, American Indian dance performances are scheduled at the
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Many of the dance groups are
world-traveled and nationally recognized performers. Pueblo dance groups
from the 19 New Mexico Pueblos are…


Take a guided tour of the
ancient pueblo village atop a 367-foot sandstone bluff, Discover the
traditional Native American culture and living history of Acoma Pueblo
in New Mexico.

Acoma, NM

The physical and
spiritual homeland for the Acoma people looms nearly 370 feet above the
desert floor. The history of the Acoma people and the Pueblo dates back
to as early as 1100 A.D. With its unique historical distinction as the
oldest continuousl…


Uncle Cliff’s Kiddieland
may have grown-up, but Cliff’s Amusement Park is still the #1 place for
family fun. Moms, Dads, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, even
Grandmas and Grandpas, can enjoy twists, turns, bumps, spins, and smiles
all day long. Q…


A magical palce for
chiuldren up to twelve to gather, learn, create and play and for the
parents and teachers to meet and share knowledge. One of the many fun
family places to go if you’re looking for things to do with kids in New


You can walk-in for open
play, dress up in the costume room, sing karaoke songs in the
one-of-a-kind Hollywood room, create arts and crafts, watch a movie in
the Jungle tree media center, have fun in the jumping area. For the
toddlers there is a spec…


ABQ Jump is a place where
kids of all ages can run, jump, climb and play! ABQ Jump is
Albuquerque’s premier, affordable, indoor, climate- controlled
amusement facility which features six, giant inflatable slides, bounce
houses and obstacle courses! …


Red Light Green Light is
an interactive, educational play area that offers unique experiences for
children and their parents. The exceptional quality, varying themes,
unique programs and fun activities are designed to entertain for hours!

New Mexico

Dinosaurs, Sound, Light,
Magnetism, Shadows Art… For the younger children there is Tots Turf, a
room filled with activities that will delight and teach youngsters
under 6. One of the many fun family places to go if you’re looking for
things to do …

Los Alamos

The Museum serves as a
bridge between the Laboratory and the community, helping to improve
science education and science literacy. The Museum also serves as a
window to the Laboratory, interpreting the Laboratory’s history and
current research.

Santa Fe

The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture is located on beautiful Museum
HillTM at 710 Camino Lejo off Old Santa Fe Trail in Santa Fe, New
Mexico. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00

A visit to the Museum of Indian…

Santa Fe

- a place for families to
learn and play together. The interactive exhibits, beauty of the
outdoor garden, diversity of programs, and professional staff make for a
special museum visit. One of the many fun family places to go if you’re
looking for t…

Santa Fe

The Museum of
International Folk Art houses the largest collection of international
folk art in the world.


The Museum of Natural
History & Science takes you on a journey through the natural history
of New Mexico, from the formation of the universe to the present. One
of the many fun family places to visit if you’re looking for things to
do in Albuquerque …

Rio Rancho

Gab bought his first
antique car in 1959, a 1926 Model T Ford coupe, which he later traded
for a ‘28 Chevrolet. He also bought a 1918 Model T Ford that had been
made into a pickup from a touring car the same year in Raton. Gab’s
love for old cars …


The National Atomic
Museum is the nation’s only Congressionally chartered museum of nuclear
science and history. The museum was established in 1969 as an intriguing
place to learn the story of the Atomic Age, from early research of
nuclear developmen…


One of the nation’s
finest anthropology museums, the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology offers
exhibits and programs relating to cultures around the world, with a
special emphasis on the cultural heritage of the Southwest.


The mission of the Union
County Historical Society, a non-profit organization, is to preserve the
cultural heritage of Union County. It shall maintain the Herzstein
Memorial Museum, an institution devoted to the acquisition, care,
interpretation and …


The Blackwater Draw
Museum displays artifacts and exhibits associated with the Locality No. 1
site. Over 13,000 years of site usage are described, from mammoth
hunting to modern culture.


The Natural History
Museum consists of an Exhibit and a Research Collection. The Exhibit
features live plants and animals native to the Llano Estacado and other
regions of eastern New Mexico.
The museum’s Research Collection includes 10,500 specimen…

Santa Teresa

The War Eagles Air Museum
is dedicated to collecting, restoring and displaying historic aircraft
of the World War II and the Korean Conflict eras. This unique Museum
pays special tribute to military aviation and reminds us all of the
significant role…

Las Cruces

Housed in a historic
Santa Fe Depot, the Las Cruces Railroad Museum interprets the
railroading history of Las Cruces and the Mesilla Valley.


The Roswell Museum and
Art Center inspires discovery, creativity, and cultural understanding of
the art and history of the American Southwest and beyond.


The Museum of Space
History. Contains exhibitions ranging from Robert Goddard’s early rocket
experiments near Roswell to a mock-up of the International Space


The Harwood Museum of Art
of the University of New Mexico preserves, collects and exhibits
historic and contemporary art and culture of the Taos region. The Museum
stimulates learning, creativity and research for the Taos community and
all who share …


Bringing to the Taos
Community World Class Cultural Events,Concerts, Shows, Youth Programs in
Drama and Art. One of the many places to visit if you’re looking for
things to do with kids in New Mexico


A museum on the history
of Gallup displaying verious artifacts and information.


Kids have so many
questions about the world down to even the smallest parts. The museums
offers the chance to answer them with fun, creative activities that will
also nourish their imaginations and - who knows – maybe even foster a
career in scienc…

Fort Sumner

The Billy the Kid Museum
in Fort Sumner, New Mexico is much more than a living tribute to the man
who would become legend, Billy the Kid. When you visit, you will enjoy a
variety of displays, all designed to entertain and educate you and your

Santa Fe

The new museum includes
permanent and temporary exhibitions that span the early history of
indigenous people, Spanish colonization, the Mexican Period, and travel
and commerce on the legendary Santa Fe Trail. One of the many fun family
places to visi…


Raft the white-knuckle
whitewater of the world-famous Taos Box. Float through the spectacular
Chama river canyon and sleep under the stars. Enjoy a traditional Pueblo
Indian feast after floating a calm stretch of the Rio Grande with a
native guide. O…


Native Sons Adventure
Company is a Taos, New Mexico based outdoor tour company specializing in
guided wilderness tours of the Rio Grande, Sangre de Cristo mountains,
and other wild and scenic areas of northern New Mexico. Native Sons
holds full tour …


Come to the CooLLest
place to have fun in New Mexico! This ice rink has been operating for 24
years. Their new and unique CooLLoop is NOW OPEN and is has the worlds
only twin rinks linked by two skate-able smaller ice rinks: How CooLL is
a 1/5th mile…


Mom and Baby Yoga,
Toddler Yoga, Kids Yoga ages 6-11, Teen and Tween yoga, and a Yoga for
the entire family class. High Desert Yoga provides family price
packages, drop in rates as well as online purchase. Some of the family
and kids yoga classes ar…


Cottam’s Ski &
Outdoor offers extreme fun for adventurous families with lots of
adrenaline in the magnificent landscapes of Rio Grande: river trips,
mountain bike, fishing, paintball and skateboard. One of the many fun
family places to visit if you’r…


New Mexico River
Adventures is a family owned company focused on providing the highest
quality, fun and exciting rafting and multi-adventure trips in New

Santa Fe

Enjoy a Santa Fe Southern
Railway day trip, night train, holiday or special events train,
rambling along in vintage coaches with family and friends through High
Desert scenery. Tours run on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


All aboard! Experience
the Best of Albuquerque from a completely-custom, uniquely-Albuquerque,
open-air trolley. One of the many fun family places to visit if you’re
looking for things to do in Nassau County for kids


The National Solar
Observatory at Sacramento Peak welcomes visitors during the daytime. The
Observatory is open to the public between dawn and dusk. To find out
how to get here, read the road directions. Visitors are free to wander
around most areas …


Ideas you can touch!
Creating opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of
lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology
and art. One of the many fun family places to visit if you’re looking
for things to do wit…


The Balloon Museums
collection includes more than fifty historic and contemporary gondolas,
many accompanied by complete balloon systems. Of special note are
gondolas related to scientific and record-setting flights.


Come See Santa at Colorful Gatherings on December 3rd, from 12;00pm to 2:00pm

There also will be snacks, face painter, clowns, balloon artists and lots of activities for the Kids.



Wind your way carefree
through the scenic streets of Taos, NM starting with a tour of the
historic Taos Plaza. Check out the picturesque shops, museums and other
places of interest along the way. Hear fascinating stories about the
history, people and…


Specializing in hot air
balloon rides all year round, Rainbow Ryders is the authorized hot air
balloon company for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.


Tours of Old Town
specializes in informative, interesting and entertaining outdoor walking
tours which share a wide variety of interesting trivia and historical
facts in the heart of the Duke City.

Sandia Peak

A trip on the world’s
longest aerial tramway transports you above deep canyons and
breathtaking terrain a distance of 2.7 miles. See some of nature’s more
dramatic beauty unfold before you. At sunset the desert skies produce a
spectacular array of …


Chaco Canyon was a major
center of Puebloan culture between AD 850 and 1250. The Chacoan sites
are part of the homeland of Pueblo Indian peoples of New Mexico, the
Hopi Indians of Arizona, and the Navajo Indians of the Southwest.


As you pass through the
Chihuahuan Desert and Guadalupe Mountains of southeastern New Mexico and
west Texasfilled with prickly pear, chollas, sotols and agavesyou might
never guess there are more than 300 known caves beneath the surface.
The park con…

NW Albuquerque

Petroglyph National
Monument protects a variety of cultural and natural resources including
volcanos, archeological sites and an estimated 20,000 carved images.
Many of the images are recognizable as animals, people, brands and
crosses; others are mo…


The Carson National
Forest is one of five National Forests in New Mexico. The National
Forests are Americas Great outdoors, here to serve the American people
at work and play!

Some of the finest mountain scenery in the Southwest is found in the


Rolling hills studded
with pinon and juniper trees
encircle the lake, which is stocked with trout and catfish.Bluewater
Lake State Park is popular for boating and year-round fishing.


Albuquerques lush and
peaceful Botanic Garden is an oasis in the desert. A fourteen-foot high
dragon guards the entrance of the Fantasy Garden that gives children a
mites eye perspective on the garden. Giant rakes, hoes and watering cans
are tools us…


The International UFO
Museum & Research Center endeavors to be the leading information
source in history, science and research about UFO events worldwide.


FUN! You can party, you can ride,Or play Lazer Tag inside!We’ve got
“Jungle Play”and Bumper Cars. Play under the sun or the stars!We’ve got
Mini Golf by streams and lakes
Come and see us … that’s all it takes!

Sandia Park

It took Ross Ward over 40
years to carve, collect, and lovingly construct what is now Tinkertown
Museum. His miniature wood-carved figures were first part of a traveling
exhibit, driven to county fairs and carnivals in the 1960s and ’70s.
Today over …


El Santuario has been
called the “Lourdes of America”. No one seems to know exactly how this
came about. However, there are testimonies that the extraordinary has
occurred. Fr. Sebastian Alvarez in his letter to the Episcopal See of
Durango, dated No…


Tingley Beach features
three fishing lakes, a model boating pond and a train station with gift
shop and food service. During the summer only, Tingley visitors can rent
pedal boats and bicycles. Tingley Beach is open from sunrise to sunset
every day o…


Red Rock Park, situated
in Indian Country, is the gateway to Zuni, one of the Seven Cites of
Cibola sought by Coronado and the Conquistadors; Acoma, the sky city,
one of the oldest inhabited cities in the United States; Old Laguna
Pueblo and its Span…

Rio Rancho

The Stagecoach Stop RV
Park welcomes you to the land of Enchantment! Rio Rancho, is a
progressive, growing city with a diverse culture, and activities for

There are so many fun places to go with kids in New Mexico - great zoos and aquariums, museums, theme parks,
water parks and swimming pools, places to visit outdoors (many of which are cheap or free), historical places of
interest, activities and indoor play centres for toddlers as well as the usual family tourist attractions - take a look
below, lots of the best things to do with children in NM

Jataka Stories - Elephant Tales - The Winner Jumbo -…

Jataka Stories - Elephant Tales - The Royal Elephant -…

Jataka Tales Animals of Merit

The Buddha – The Story of Siddhartha


refreshing, and children would find it a nice way to learn. Please take
do enjoy the learning.

have provided on my blog a wide variety of subjects to explore, read,
learn, and think about. You literally have to just carry your laptop and
I have so much to share with everyone. You don’t have to keep so many
files in your computer that takes up space, just access this blog. I
will add more to it in time for your benefit. It’s like entering another
world. My world which I open to you.

Science, Religion With Buddhist Monk Dr. Matthieu Ricard (VIDEO)

As an atheist, I do not believe in god. Neither does Dr. Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk who earned his PhD in cellular genetics and currently lives in the Himalayan region, where he leads humanitarian efforts in India, Nepal, and Tibet.

I sat down with Dr. Ricard at the 2012 World Science Festival
in New York City to talk about science and religion. His comments
surprised my skeptical ears. I’m interested to see if they do the same
for you.

Click the link below and watch the video above to learn more. And
don’t forget to sound off by leaving a comment at the bottom of the
page. Talk nerdy to me!

CARA SANTA MARIA: Hi everyone. Cara Santa Maria here. When Dr. Matthieu Ricard was 26 years old, he earned his doctorate degree in cellular genetics from the Pasteur Institute
in Paris. Instead of pursuing a traditional post-doc, he left his
worldly possessions behind and moved to the Himalayas to become a
Buddhist monk. Today, he’s the founding director of Karuna-Shechen, a humanitarian charity, and he works as the French translator for the Dalai Lama. I sat down with him to discuss Buddhism from a scientific perspective.

DR. MATTHIEU RICARD: It’s not about a religious
practice, and as the Dalai Lama often says religion can be a choice and
we may not make that choice, but we need, from the moment we are born,
we need affection, we need love, we need interconnection, we need
emotional balance. From the moment we are born to the moment we die, we
need to receive and give those affections, love and kindness, and other
qualities. So that’s not an issue of religion, or religion can help each
person in their own part if they choose to do so, it can help
techniques to enhance that, but the main thing is for all human beings
and their techniques to become a better human being.

CSM: I told Dr. Ricard that as a scientist, skeptic,
and atheist, I was wary of the language often used in the context of
Buddhism. Like the word “spirituality,” it just doesn’t compute. So when
I asked him what that term meant to him, well, he surprised me.

MR: When we say
“spirituality,” again we must be careful. I actually don’t use that word
usually. I prefer to speak, let’s say, if I speak of a spiritual path,
for me in Buddhism, it is a path of transformation. Each and every one
of us has the potential for transformation, that’s the fundamental
aspect of Buddhism. We don’t speak of original sin, but original
goodness, and again original goodness is not some kind of weird, sort of
dogmatic thing, it’s just a fact that there’s the potential for change
in every human being. If you look deep within the mind, of course
there’s a lot of emotion, some positive emotion, negative emotion,
sometime anger, sometime love and kindness, but basically the
fundamental nature of mind, you know it’s like light. Cognitive faculty,
the basic cognitive faculty of mind is like a beam of light. It’s not
modified by what it lights up. Like, if light shines on a heap of
garbage it doesn’t become dirty. If light shines on a piece of gold it
doesn’t become expensive. We don’t want to fall prey to the chain
reaction that goes from, you know, feeling a bit upset to animosity to
anger and to full-fledged hate. You don’t want to cause that, the spark
gives birth to that forest fire. You want to just let it vanish before,
that’s all the science of mind that applies to every human being. So a
part of transformation to inner means, that’s what I would call
spirituality. But I would happily dispense of the word spirituality to
say that it is a science of mind. A contemplative science.

CSM: This got me thinking about the eternal debate between science and religion.
I know where I stand, and you may know where you stand. But what does
this man, who is so enlightened in the ways of the scientific method and
Buddhism, have to say?

MR: I think what the Dalai Lama often says about
that, the relation between religion and one’s life, not only with
science, is that it is a fact that possibly more than half of humanity,
even the minimally religious, they don’t really live every moment
according to their religion. And of course there are many completely
nonbelievers, whether they are agnostic or atheist or whatever, those
are human beings, and of course I’m not saying that like a sort of, “OK,
you are also human beings.” No, they are full human beings with a full
potential for being extraordinarily good human beings. So you can’t
associate the potential that we have to express those human qualities
with religion. So that’s why the Dalai Lama says, you know, let’s keep
religion aside. But not being against religion, but it is not
intrinsically linked with religion. So when you speak of secular ethics
and secular spirituality or meditation, he does that. He says, always as
it happens in India, India is a secular state but the notion is
secularism means, respecting all religion including nonbelievers in a
very open society without choosing a particular one and even less
without wanting to impose it on others saying “no, no, because it is
best for me it is best for you,” that doesn’t make sense. As he says
often, “if there was only one dish served in all the worlds’ restaurants
nobody would go to the restaurant, it’s boring.” And also we all have
different mental dispositions. So some people would feel comfortable
with the notion of God, some people it just doesn’t make sense and they
prefer the idea of interdependence and law and cause and effect. And
Buddhism, some people don’t care about Buddhism either, but they still
can and want to be a good human being. So it’s just an option, but it’s
definitely not a necessity.

CSM: Hear hear, Dr. Ricard. What role do you think
religion should play in our modern, scientific society? Let me know your
thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or by leaving a comment right here on
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