Colebrooke and others, all faithfully recorded in the early volumes of
ASIATICK RESEARCHES- and since forgotten. However, during his time in
Benares he had visited the fort at Allahabad and had been dismayed to
see how the sun and rain were eroding the lettering on the broken pillar
lying just inside the fort gates. ” I could not see the highly curious
column lying at Allahabad, falling into decay, without wishing to
preserve a complete copy of its several inscriptions,” he wrote. “The
Moghul emperor Jehangir was content to engrave his name and proud
descent in a belt through the middle of the most ancient inscription-
the English would rightly deprecate such profanation, but their own
passive neglect has proved in a few short years even more destructive
than the Barbarous act of the Mohammadan despot”. James
Prinsep.” Note on inscription No. 1 on the Allahabad Column “, JASB,
vol. 111 (3) 1834
ISBN 9781468300710