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Free Online Benevloent Awakened One JC PURE INSPIRATION to Attain NIBBĀNA the Eternal Bliss and for free birds 🐦 🦢 🦅 to grow fruits 🍍 🍊 🥑 🥭 🍇 🍌 🍎 🍉 🍒 🍑 🥝 vegetables 🥦 🥕 🥗 🥬 🥔 🍆 🥜 🪴 🌱 🎃 🫑 🍅🍜 🧅 🍄 🍝 🥗 🥒 🌽 🍏 🫑 🌳 🍓 🍊 🥥 🌵 🍈 🌰 🇧🇧 🫐 🍅 🍐 🫒 Youniversity
Kushinara NIBBĀNA Bhumi Pagoda White Home, Puniya Bhumi Bengaluru, Prabuddha Bharat International.

September 2013
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1055 Lesson 28-09-2013 SATURDAY FREE ONLINE E-Nālanda Research and Practice UNIVERSITY thanking internet and free flow of thoughts and ideas, where this era provides a similar - or even more -liberal cultural traditions inherent in the Gupta era through http://sarvajan.ambedkar.org Nalanda pays tribute to Achariya Buddharakkhita Pūja in memory of Acharya Buddharakkhita Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJcZjLxv12E Dhamma talk by venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita thera.
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1055 Lesson 28-09-2013 SATURDAY

FREE ONLINE E-Nālanda Research and Practice UNIVERSITY thanking internet and free flow of
thoughts and ideas, where this era provides a similar - or even more -liberal cultural traditions inherent in the Gupta era

through http://sarvajan.ambedkar.org

Nalanda pays tribute to Achariya Buddharakkhita

Pūja in memory of Acharya Buddharakkhita

Please watch:


Dhamma talk by venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita thera.

13:39 Mins

Uploaded on Jul 11, 2011

it is the dhamma talk of venerable
acharya buddharakkhita thera.he inspires people to awaken with awareness, here is
a small clip of his dhamma talk which describes the process of awakenment with awareness.

23-09-2013 – Demise of Most Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita


animated candle photo: white candle animated_candle.gif animated candle photo: white candle animated_candle.gif 

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& all monks of Maha Bodhi Society, Bengaluru

Pūja in memory of Acharya Buddharakkhita

Bro.Tan leading Nalandians in a pūja in memory of Acharya Buddharakkhita on 27 September 2013.

Bro. Tan led a group of Nalandians in a pūja this morning in honour
of the most Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita Maha Thero who passed away
on Monday, 23 September, at the age of 91.  Bhante’s cremation ceremony
is scheduled today in Bangalore at 10am local time.

In his brief sharing, Bro. Tan recalled Acharya Buddharakkhita’s
visit to Nalanda Centre a few years ago, and the emphasis Bhante placed
on quality Buddhist education.  Bro. Tan further shared that all lives
end in death; what is truly important is how we spend the duration
between our birth and death – wholesomely and wisely.

At the conclusion of the session, the congregation shared merits with
Acharya Buddharakkhita, wishing the late venerable blissful peace. 

Nalanda pays tribute to Achariya Buddharakkhita

Achariya Buddharakkhita Maha Thero  (1922 – 2013)

The most Venerable Achariya Buddharakkhita Sangha Nayake, the Founder
of Maha Bodhi Society of Bangalore, an eminent educationist and
humanitarian, passed away peacefully on 23 September 2013, at the age of
91, having spent 64 years as a Buddhist monk.

Nalanda Buddhist Society’s Founder Bro. H S Tan, management and
members, extend our deepest condolences to the Maha Bodhi Society of
Bangalore, all societies and institutions where Bhante was a spiritual
director, Bhante’s monastic and lay disciples, and the Buddhist
communities in India, for having lost a great ‘Sakyaputta’ – son of the Buddha.

Achariya Buddharakkhita had a long and illustrious vocation as a
Dhamma propagator, having been involved with India’s Buddhist revival in
the 1950’s and 60’s, and through his association with distinguished
scholars and teachers.  With Bhante’s passing, an era has come to a
close.  Our only consolation in his passing is the fact that Bhante had
laid a strong foundation in the establishment of viable institutions
helmed by able disciples to carry on with his good work.

We fondly recall Bhante’s visit to Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia a
few years ago with his disciples, and his precious gift of a Buddha-rupam,
made of red Indian sandstone, to Bro Tan.  But more precious than
anything else was Bhante’s gift of Dhamma – his affirmation of the great
value of Buddhist education, and the encouragement and blessings he
bestowed upon us.

Achariya Buddharakkhita’s remains will be cremated on Friday, 27
September 2013, at 10.00am local time at Mahabodhi Dhammaduta Vihara,
Bangalore, India.  Nalanda Buddhist Society will be offering pūja and
transference of merits at 10.00am Malaysian time, at Nalanda Centre, Sri
Serdang.  The pūja will be led by our Founder Bro H S Tan.  May the
most Venerable Achariya Buddharakkhita Sangha Nayake be remembered by
Buddhists far and wide, throughout India and abroad, and honoured for
his inspiring leadership and contributions to Buddhist education and
humanitarian work.  SANTI, PEACE.

Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia
September 23 at 5:10am

~ Aniccā Vata Saṅkhāra ~

An era ends with the passing of Acharya Buddharakkhita MahaThero on at
3:48 am 23rd Sept 2013. He was brought from the hospital yesterday to
Mahabodhi Vihara and throughout the night monks were chanting and doing meditation around him.

The cremation ceremony will be held on Friday 27th Sept 2013 at 10 AM
at Mahabodhi Dhammaduta Vihara, Alur near Bangalore. Malaysians may be
more familiar with Bhante as the teacher of Ven Sanghasena of Ladakh.*

About Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita :

Born in Manipur, Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita completed his
engineering course from Institute of Technology in Kolkata and served as
engineer. He participated in the freedom movement and he was deeply
moved by the violence that took place during the partition. He renounced
household life and went to the Himalayas and took up ascetic practice
of wandering monk. He walked from Himalaya to Kanyakumari visiting
ashrams, gurus and yoga masters of that time. His experience and study
of the Dhammapada led him to Buddhism and in 1949 on the Buddha Purnima
day he became Buddhist monk under the Most Ven.Candamani Mahathera at
Kushinagar. He studied the Dhamma in Sri Lanka under most eminent
teachers like Ven. Nyanatiloka Mahathera, Ven.Candawimala Maha Nayaka
Thera, Ven. Widurapola Piyatissa Maha Nayaka Thera. He then went to
Burma and continued his pursuit of Dhamma studies and meditation under
the Most Venerable monks like Ven.Mahasi Sayadaw Venerable U Sobhana,
Aggamaha Pandita, the Mulapatthana Sayadaw Venerable Narada,
Aggamahapandita and the Yamaka Abhidhamma Acharya Sobhita Maha Thera.

He worked in the editorial board of the Chattha Sangayana in Burma
which brought out the entire Pali Canon in over 140 volumes. He then
taught Abhidhamma at Pali Post Graduate Institute Nalanda for short time
before he moved down to Bangalore in 1956. He established the Maha
Bodhi Society and started weekly Dhamma discourses. He also established
the Sangharama, Sima, meditation center and started training monks. He
undertook intensive humanitarian service programs by establishing
Mahabodhi Burns and Casualty center and Rural health center. He started
hospital dana services where he distributed fruits to patients and
wished them speedy recovery. He also worked hard for leprosy prevention
program, eye donation, artificial limbs donations and for introducing
moral and spiritual education in schools. From the very beginning he
helped Tibetan refugees, Bangladeshi refugees and then he took and
educated children from Ladakh and other parts of India which is
continuing even today. Hundreds of children have found new life through
his compassionate help.

His contribution in literary field is
very valuable. He has contributed immensely through his authentic books
on Theravada Buddhism and Pali. More than a hundred titles stand
testimony to his compassion for people and commitment to bringing back
original Buddhism in its birth place India. His dedication to training
of monks has led to starting of Mahabodhi Monastic Institute where a
hundred monks are getting monastic education. His vision of
establishment of a Buddhist University made him to start the Mahabodhi
Academy of Pali and Buddhist Studies. Now it is upgraded to Bhagavan
Buddha University of Pali and Theravada Buddhism.

*news courtesy of Bro. Lee Yu Ban

Source about Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita: www.mahabodhi.info/News.html

More About Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita here .. www.mahabodhi.info/mahabodhi_bangalore_founder.html

- Posted by CFFong

Ananda Bhante

Ananda Bhante : Bhante
Panyaloka’s Photos     Most Ven. Acharya Buddharakkhita Phd. D.Lit.
Monks doing Puja.     Please attend the funeral of Bada bhante on 27th

Prabhakar Kashyap

Prabhakar Kashyap : Ananda Bhante’s Photos         Daddy circumambulating the Mahabodhi Stupa

Ven Issariyadhamma

Ven Issariyadhamma :         Mahabodhi temple in Bangalore India

Murali Boosarpoo

Murali Boosarpoo :         Honarable karnataka governor Hansraj Bharadwaj Homage to ven buddharakkita at Mahabodhi

 Prabhakar Kashyap · Manager at State Bank of India

is such a poignant and defining moment. All Swamiji’s Sunday discourses
covering the Dhammapada and Jataka stories invariably ended with, ‘ In
the final analysis…’, linking the entire talk to spiritual growth.
Blessed are we to have heard the Dhamma from such a Master. P.S: I am
Dadu’s 2nd son.

  • timmoore73932646
    timmoore73932646 We are watching from Calif. We remember his non-stop energy to turn every event into a teaching 7 hours ago
  • Mayankbangalore
    Mayankbangalore We owe a lot to Bada Bhanteji. He is the guiding force behind spiritual Upliftment of many beings. 8 hours ago
  • Ramesh Krishnamurthy
    Ramesh Krishnamurthy a Great Scholar of Pali language & Abhidhamma. Great monk guided thousands of monks & lay people 21 hours ago
  • rajanna
    rajanna a Great Pali schollar, Abhidhamma teacher, great monk, Guided thousonds of monks & lay people -Ramesh 21 hours ago
  • prabhakarkash123
    prabhakarkash123 Here was a Bodhisattva. When comes such another . . . 21 hours ago
  • chikkannakempaiah
    chikkannakempaiah A great loss to humanity Yesterday
  • gayatrimuthuswamy
    gayatrimuthuswamy Thank you for making this available online. I am watching from Chicago Yesterday
  • gayatrimuthuswamy
    gayatrimuthuswamy We will miss you so much. Yesterday
  • jigmet
    jigmet we will miss you Dadaji… may u attain nibbana soon….. 2 days ago
  • Buddhapala
    Buddhapala A great loss for the true master seeker. thousand salutations to his holy feets. 2 days ago
  • chennaihero
    chennaihero we pray infront of THE LORD BUDDHA for him to get Parinirvana - -Mohanraj, Kanchipuram 2 days ago
  • amith235
    amith235 Sad news. I know Bhanteji for more than 20+ years. Really a very sad moment. RIP 2 days ago
  • sanghabodhi7
    sanghabodhi7 i m coming tomorrow, will arrive there at 8:30 p.m. 2 days ago
  • anandabhante
    anandabhante Please attend the funeral on 27th morning. Bus arrangement is made from Mahabdohi 2 days ago
  • Buddhapala
    Buddhapala Share this url with as much people as possible 2 days ago
  • Chando Phunchok
    Chando Phunchok Please don’t miss to pay your final respect, do present at Mahabodhi Dhammaduta Vihara,Alur.


Mayawati meets Mukherjee, demands President’s rule in UP

Asserting that and order has deteriorated in , () supremo on Friday requested President to dismiss the -led (SP) Government.

Mayawati, who President Mukherjee at the here, submitted a letter to him in which she elaborated on the deteriorating law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh.

have requested the President today that Uttar Pradesh Government must
be dismissed and President’s rule must be imposed in the state,” she
told media after meeting President Mukherjee.

Mayawati said the
law and order situation has worsened in Uttar Pradesh, and added that
the state machinery has completely failed.

“The Samajwadi Party and are trying to politicise the (Muzaffarnagar communal clashes) issue and deriving political gain from it,” she added.

Expressing concern over the recent incidents of communal violence in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Dr.
had earlier on Monday said the onus for preventing violence and
maintaining law and order is the prime responsibility of state
governments, and added that the Centre will ensure that the guilty are
punished, irrespective of a person’s stature or political affiliation.

the National Integration Council (NIC) here, Dr. Singh said the meeting
has special significance in light of the communal violence in Uttar
Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar District.

“Anyone, from any party, found
involved in such incidents, will be punished. The government should do
everything to act against those spreading communal violence, no matter
how powerful they are. Local administrations must respond promptly. It
must take strong action against those who are behind communal violence,”
Dr. Singh said.

“The Muzaffarnagar violence led to a huge loss of
lives and property. We have seen communal violence in Kashmir and Assam
in the past few months. And the government needs to take every step
possible to deal with this violence,” he added.

Putting the onus
on the state government to restore law and order in their respective
states, Dr. Singh said, “Onus is on state governments to control

“Governments should do everything to act against those
who are responsible for inciting communal violence, no matter how
powerful they are,” he added.

The Uttar Pradesh Government has
constituted a one-member judicial commission to probe the Muzaffarnagar
violence, which has claimed over 40 lives.

The commission, which
would mainly look into administrative lapses, if any, in controlling the
violence, would submit its report to the government within two months.

broke out in the Kawal area of Muzaffarnagar on August 27, when members
of a community returning from a panchayat meeting in Naglabadhod, three
kilometres from Kawal, clashed with members of another community.




Dr. P.T. Nandakumar.

     MA; LLB; DJ; CNT; MBA; PhD

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