E-book- DO GOOD PURIFY MIND ATTAIN ETERNAL BLISS KUSHINARA NIBBANA BHUMI PAGODA - Plant raw Vegan Broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, beans vegetables,Dwarf fruit 🍎 🍉 trees
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1474 LESSON 13415 MONDAY FREE ONLINE eNālandā Research and Practice UNIVERSITYhttp://sarvajan.ambedkar.orghttp://www.orgsites.com/oh/awakenedone/ IMPACT OF DR BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR’S THOUGHT ON ECONOMY International Buddhist Film Festival, April 10-16 Please watch: Special programme on Dr B R Ambedkar by DD News Please watch: http://drambedkarbooks.com/2015/04/09/special-programme-on-dr-b-r-ambedkar-by-dd-news/#comments The-Architect-Of-Modern-India Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar birthday celebration will be held at BSP Head Office, Bangalore at 10 am on 14-04-2015 by BBMPUnit Office Bearers of BSP. All 198 ward office bearers must attend this important meeting. -RM All are Welcome to Ambedkar Habba 2015 14th April (Tuesday) 2015 At Spoorthidhamma, Anjannagar, Magadi Main Road, Bangalore with metta, Bhanteji 124th JAYANTHI of VISHWA RATHNA BABASAHEB DR. B.R. AMBEDKAR, The Father of the MODERN CONSTITUTION, will be observed till all the fraud EVMs are totally replaced with fool proof voting system as followed by 80 democracies of the world to SAVE DEMOCRACY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY, DIGNITY, SELF-RESPECT and LIBERTY for 99% of ALL SOCIETIES including SC/STs/OBCs/Minorities/ poor upper castes for SARVAJAN HITHAYE SARVAJAN SUKHAYE i.e., for PEACE, WELFARE and HAPPINESS of ALL SOCIETIES by freeing them from intolerant, militant, violent, full of hatred, anger, jealousy with greed. ONLINE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2016 ON POLITICAL SCIENCE OF AWAKENED ONES WITH AWARENESS WITHTHE IMPACT OF DR BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR’S THOUGHT ON ECONOMY FOR SARVAJAN HITHAYE SARVAJAN SUKHAYE i.e., FOR PEACE, WELFARE AND HAPPINESS OF ALL SOCIETIES INCLUDING SC/STs/OBCs/Minorities/Poor upper castes AS ENSHRINED IN THE CONSTITUTION by DISTRIBUTING THE WEALTH OF THE NATION EQUALLY AMONG ALL SECTIONS OF THE SOCIETY TO SAVE DEMOCRACY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY, DIGNITY, SELF-RESPECT, CIVILITY AND LIBERTY Jambudipa i.e., PRABUDDHA BHARAT was the LARGEST is the LARGEST and will continue to be the LARGEST Buddhist Country in the world. I.REBIRTH Course Programs / SYLLABUS in Classical Sinhala
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