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May 2017
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2217 Thu 04 May 2017 LESSON Documents in support of Paper Ballots instead of EVMs http://indiatoday.intoday.in/…/election-resul…/1/902494.html EVMs: Mayawati has a point, many countries have banned them since they can rig elections- Points Nos.) 14 to 59 Electronic voting machines ​ 14)
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2217 Thu 04 May 2017 LESSON

Documents in support of Paper Ballots instead of EVMs

Nos.) 14 to 59

Electronic voting machines












 Appendix 1A.pdf








ElectionWatch 3 Low.pdf
















p-4812–Cell phone Based Voting Machine.pdf












EVMs: Mayawati has a point, many countries have banned them since they can rig elections

They have been a part of India’s election process for the last 15 years.

Mayawati alleged that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were
managed in favour of the BJP and called for a paper ballot election, a
demand also backed by Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav.

reports I got have raised the suspicion that the voting machines have
been managed… It appears that voting machines have not registered
votes cast in favour of other parties, or all the votes have been polled
for the BJP. Even Muslim votes have gone to the BJP,” she said.

Asked about Mayawati’s allegation, Akhilesh Yadav said, “If a question
has been raised on the EVMs, the government should probe. I will also
look at it on my level.”

The social media, on the other hand, is
always full of jokes and rumours whenever an election is held in India
that any button pressed on the EVMs ensures the vote goes to the BJP (or
whoever is in power).

But the fact that EVMs can be easily tampered with is no rocket science.

They have been a part of India’s election process for the last 15
years. There is enough evidence to suggest EVMs are also unsafe and


1. EVMs can easily be hacked.

2. The complete profile of a voter can be accessed through EVMs.

3. EVMs can be used to manage the results of an election.

4. The EVMs can easily be tampered by an election official.

5. Even the election software of an EVM can be changed.

That EVMs can be hacked is a threat that has been given not only in
India, but in many other countries, which is why a number of them have
banned the voting machines.

1. Netherlands banned it for lack of transparency.

2. Ireland, after three years of research worth 51 million pounds, decided to junk EVMs.

3. Germany declared EVMs unconstitutional and banned it.

4. Italy also dropped e-voting since its results could be easily managed.

5. In the United States, California and many other states banned EVMs if they did not have a paper trail.

6. According to a CIA security expert, Venezuela, Macedonia and Ukraine stopped using EVMs after massive rigging was found.

7. England and France have never used EVMs.

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, along with a professor from
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had also once said that the EVMs
could be easily tampered with and their results manipulated. Which is
why Mayawati has questioned their use in Uttar Pradesh and other states
this year.

the BJP won a landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh, former Chief Minister
Mayawati blamed it on largescale rigging and threatened to complain to
the Election…

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Navaneetham Chandrasekharan

Dr Subramanian Swamy exposes fault in Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) (हिंदी)

UP Election Results 2017: Mayawati No 3, Alleges Rigging.

As the BJP headed for a landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh, former
Chief Minister Mayawati blamed it on large scale rigging and threatened
to complain to the Election Commission and go to court and hold an
agitation till the matter was remedied.

“Modi and Amit Shah, if
they are really honest, they should get this election countermanded and
revert to the system of ballot papers,”Ms Mayawati said. “This issue is
so major now that to be silent about it is to strangle democracy.”

People don’t believe in EVMs, said Ms Mayawati, who has a huge voter
base among the state’s SC/STs. “Muslims want to know… they say ‘We
haven’t voted for the BJP, so where is the question of non-BJP voters
being transferred to them,” said Mayawati, who had fielded a large
number of Muslim candidates.

“The BJP has murdered democracy,”
she added. In Punjab — where the BJP is trailing Congress - “they would
also have done the same thing but they got scared”. “If the Election
Commission doesn’t listen, I will go to court, do ‘andolan’
(agitation),” she added.

Accusing the BJP of rigging even the
recently completed civic elections in Maharashtra, she said “Complaints
of faulty EVMs had come through there as well”. While the BJP had not
won an outright victory in the Mumbai civic elections, under the
aggressive leadership of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, it had closed
the gap with four-time winner Shiv Sena, coming to the position of a
close second.


Maha Civic Polls Show EVMs May Be ‘Easily Vulnerable Machines’
A storm of complaints across Maharashtra raise serious doubts about how fool-proof EVMs really are.

Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi) and Bahuth Jiyadha Psychopath chief are all CHOR GURU & CHANDAL SHISYA.

Ms Mayawati’s BSP won 80% seats in the recently concluded UP Panchayat
elections. Now after the dreaded DEMONetisation of Murderer of
democratic institutions (Modi), BSP would have won all the seats to
comeback in the state and to implement Sarvajan Hitay Saravjan Sukhay
i.e., for welfare, happiness and peace for all societies.But only in 20
constituencies the EVMs were replaced in UP Assembly election.

She has got full support of Sarvajan Samaj including SC/STs/OBCs/Minorities and the Upper castes.

Because Modi distorted the EVM in 2014 Lok Sabha elections he gobbled the Master Key.

Since Mayawati gave the best governance as CM of UP, she became
eligible to be the next PM. This was not tolerated by the congress. So they tampered the EVMs in favour of SP in 2012.

Now the whole world is aware of the fact that the EVMs could be tampered , distorted and rigged.

Sharad Yadav, stirred a controversy of electoral vote. “Ballot paper ke
bare mein samjhane ki zarurat hai…i.e., there must be an awakening on
the use of Ballot paper instead of EVMs until they are entire replaced.


“We have reached a stage where people are demanding hundred per cent
deployment of paper audit trail machine. Our plan is that by 2019, the
whole country will be covered by paper audit trail machines. The budget
for this has been committed now,” Zaidi said while addressing an
international seminar today.

“The Commission, with certain
additional resources, can undertake the exercise of (holding)
simultaneous elections in future. But there are two pre-conditions.
“One, there should be an amendment in the Constitution through a process
of political consensus and we will need some additional resources in
terms of EVMs (electronic voting machines), etc,” Zaidi said.


2019 general elections to have paper-trail EVMs

Instead of waiting till 2019 the CEC must conduct elections with paper ballots system.

It has been proved any doubt that the EVMs could be tampered.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections Ms Mayawati’s BSP lost all the seats in
UP because of these EVMs. But after some months BSP won with thumping
majority with paper ballot system.

the Ex CJI sathasivam had committed a grave error of judgement by
ordering that the EVMs will be replaced in a phased manner as suggested
by the ex CEC Sampath because of the cost of Rs 1600 crores involved in
the entire replacement of the EVMs. Only in 8 out of 543 seats were
replaced in 2014 Lok Sabha elections which helped the Murderer of
democratic institutions (Modi) to gobble the Master Key.

After that all state elections are using the very same EVMs that helped the BJP or Congress and their allies getting selected.

In UP elections only in 20 constituencies the EVMs are being replaced.

The CJI and CEC must order for paper ballot system till entire EVMs
were replaced. And also order for dissolving the Central and state
governments selected by these EVMs and go for fresh elections with paper ballot system.

The next general elections are due in 2019.

The paper audit trail machine or Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail
(VVPAT) was first introduced by the Commission in 2013 in order to
enhance transparency in the polls process and increase electorate’s
confidence that their vote goes without error to their desired

Once the vote is polled, the VVPAT linked EVM immediately takes a
printout and it is preserved for later use to tally in case there is a
dispute in the final result.

Zaidi, who was speaking on the topic
‘Leveraging Technology for Transparent and Credible Elections’,
stressed that secrecy of voters will be zealously preserved.

For e-postal ballot, Zaidi said a “safe technology” has been developed and it is being “validated and tested currently….”

Zaidi said the EC has always marched along with technology despite
challenges coming its way like “controversies and opposition raised by
political parties and activists” while introducing EVMs as replacement
of the paper ballot system.

He said despite these results, the
EVMs “continued to be attacked by activists in various media and
judicial fora on account of alleged lack of transparency”.

“According to these activists, a voter does not get any physical
evidence whether his voting has gone to the intended candidate.

This in turn has led to introduction of paper audit trail machines after an order of Supreme Court in 2013,” he said.

The CEC said VVPAT machines hence acted to resolve the queries and clarifications sought by people in this regard.

He added that “not a single” dispute has been reported from the country
vis-a-vis VVPAT usage in polls and the EC has deployed more than 20,000
such paper audit trail machines till now.

While moving forward in this direction, the CEC said the most important thing to be kept in mind was the security of the data.

When the BJP was in opposition even the RSS favoured Paper Ballots but
after it came to power they prefer EVMs and gave tickets to RSS cadres
in support of its hindutva rashtra.

Bahuth Jiyadha Psychopaths
continue to harass the voters because they are not bothered about their
votes as long as the EVMs are there to select them.

And also the
Congress, SP, BJP and all their allies are vultures of a feather that
flock together feeding on the bodies of Sarvajan Samaj voters.

BJP is using Religion for votes without any action being taken. RSS a
non political party says reservation should be removed which is against
our Modern Constitution. Again no action is being taken. EVMs were
tampered in favour of Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi)

Online International  E- Campaign -Seminar, Symposium and Debate on the following is the need of the hour:

Justice Karnan issues non-bailable warrants against 7 SC judges, including CJI

Please join with your views to be published in






publish your views in facebook, WhatsApp and Tweet, E-file in Supreme
Courts of all Democracies, UNO, International Human Rights Commission.

Do not rest
till all the fraud EVMs are banned and all governments selected by
these EVMs are dissolved and go for fresh polls with Ballot Papers.

Do not recognise any leader selected by these fraud EVMs.

See that
the Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi) who is the enemy of
Universal Adult Franchise for tampering, distorting and rigging the EVMs
to win elections  is punished with punitive punishment such as the
entire budget of our country to leaders such as Ms Mayawati the leader
of the 99% sarvajan samaj i.e.,  all societies to enable to distribute
the wealth of the country equally among them. Minimum of Rs 15 Lakhs in all their bank accounts.

The CEC and
the presstitute must be equally punished for murdering democracy in
favour of just 1% intolerant, violent, militant, lunatic, mentally
retarded No.1 terrorist cannibal chitpawan brahmin psychopaths Rakshasa
Swayam Sevaks (RSS) for their stealth, shadowy, discriminatory hindutva
cult and for practicing untouchabilty against Scheduled Caste leader Ms
Mayawati preventing her to acquire the Master Key by tampering the EVMs.
All along they were finding fault with SC/STs/OBCs/Minorities telling
the world that they are not clean, no merit, not good performers and so
on thinking that they are the only clean, meritorious performers and
intelligent people on this earth.Actually they are cunning crooks.  They
use the service of use and throw curry leaves chamchas, chelas, slaves,
stooges, boot lickers and own mothers flesh eaters against people those
who dont toe their lines blackmailing by misusing the Income Tax
department, CBI etc., selectively. Now
they started suspecting the sanity of SC/STs and other 99% sarvajan
samaj.They must be booked under Atrocities Act.

Non-bailble arrest warrant must be issued to Murderers of democratic institutions (Modi) and remotely controlling RSS chief.

Despite the fact that there are clear proof that the EVMs could be tampered, rigged and distorted , the Murderers of democratic institutions (Modi), their remotely controlling RSS, CJI , CEC and the media pretend to be asleep and keep on inventing the wheel.

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