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November 2017
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2451 Sat 25 Nov 2017 LESSON Navaneetham Chandrasekharan 50 mins · and wishes a warm welcome to Behenji Ms. Kumari Maha Mayawati Ji to the grand workers conference of South India on 26-11-2017 at Central College Cricket Pavilion, Bangalore. Office Bearers right from State to the Booth level from Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry will attend. More than 25000 will participate.
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2451 Sat 25 Nov 2017 LESSON
wishes a warm welcome to Behenji Ms. Kumari Maha Mayawati Ji to the
grand workers conference of South India on 26-11-2017 at Central College
Cricket Pavilion, Bangalore. Office Bearers right from State to the
Booth level from Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry will
attend. More than 25000 will participate.

Ms. Mayawati Ji
(BSP National President, MP (Rajya Sabha & former Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh)


Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry States


On November 26, 2017 at 12.00 Noon

Venue: Central Cricket Pavilion Ground, Gandhinagar, BANGALORE

Chief Guest : Behen Kumari Mayawatiji

National President of BSP, FormerMP (Rajya Sabha) and Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh


Dr. Ashok Siddharthji

National Geneal Secretary, MP (Rajya Sabha) and in charge Karnataka

Sri. Ambeth Rajan

National Treasurer and Former MP (Rajya Sabha)

Sri. Marasandra Muniappa

co-ordinator & incharge of Karnataka

Sri. Gopinath

Co-ordinator of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Pucucherry States

Sri. Ramji Gautham

Co-ordinator, Kerala and Pudhcherry States

Sri. N Mahesh, State President, Karnataka

Sri. K.Armstrong, State President, Tamilnadu

Sri. Murthy, President, Puducherry Uniion Territory

Sri. J.Sudhakaran, State Preident Kerala

SARVAJAN HIHAYAA SARVAJAN SUKHAAYA…/electronic-voting-machine-tampering-…
Ballot Paper is the only solution for Electronic Voting Machine Tampering Accusations In UP Local Body Polls

Lucknow: Allegations of Electronic Voting Machines favouring the BJP
have once again surfaced in Uttar Pradesh — this time in the local body
elections in Meerut and Kanpur.

cellphone video circulating on Twitter, reportedly shot by a local
journalist, shows a voter describing in detail how he is trying to vote
for the Bahujan Samaj Party but the buttons lighting up on the EVM are
for the BJP. Another button, however, can be seen lit at the same time -
that of the NOTA option. The voter then says this is a case of fraud,
favouring the BJP, currently in power in the state.

In Kanpur,
allegations of malfunctioning EVMs came from two polling booths. In both
cases, voters and some candidates alleged no matter which button was
being pressed, the machine was registering the vote in favour of the

Murderer of democratic insitituions (Modi) Magic - Voter
chooses BSP but EVM loves Modi’s BJP (Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopaths)
so records it in BJP’s favour. Ballot Papers needed to ensure a fair

Former chief minister Mayawati had alleged largescale tampering of Electronic Voting Machines.

After the best governance of Uttar Pradesh as Chief Minister Mayawati
became eligible to be the Prime Minister. This was not tolerated by the
chitpavan brahmins of the stealth shadowy discriminatory hindutva cult
RSS (Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks) of Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopaths) so they
stared tampering the fraud EVMs negating the Universal Adult Franchise.

In the last Panchayat elections conducted with Ballot Papers, the BSP
won in a thumping majority. Therefore the EC again started fraud EVMs to
defeat BSP.

The Election Commission had handed over the software
and its source code manufacturing to foreign countries. The source code
is not even shared with the EC. Under such situation how can the EC go
on challenging the people opposed to the fraud EVMs?

The ex CJI
Sathasivam had committed a grave error of judgement by ordering that
the EVMs could be replaced in a phased manner after it was proved that
they could be tampered. but the CJI did not order conducting elections
with Ballot Papers as followed by 80 democracies of the world. The
Murderers of democratic institutions are comfortable with these fraud
EVMs and the on slot is continuing.

The present CJI must dissolve
the Centraland all state governments selected by these fraud EVMs and
go for fresh polls to save democracy and Universal Adult Franchise as
enshrined in our marvelous modern constitution.

of Electronic Voting Machines favouring the BJP have once again
surfaced in Uttar Pradesh — this time in the local body elections in
Meerut and Kanpur.

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2450 Fri 24 Nov 2017 LESSON Inline image 2 Ms. Mayawati Ji (BSP National President, MP (Rajya Sabha & former Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh) BAHUJAN SAMAJ PARTY Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry States BSP WORKERS’ CONFERENCE OF SOUTH INDIA On November 26, 2017 at 12.00 Noon Venue: Central Cricket Pavilion Ground, Gandhinagar, BANGALORE Chief Guest : Behen Kumari Mayawatiji
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2450 Fri 24 Nov 2017 LESSON

Inline image 2

Ms. Mayawati Ji
(BSP National President, MP (Rajya Sabha & former Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh)


Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry States


On November 26, 2017 at 12.00 Noon

Venue: Central Cricket Pavilion Ground, Gandhinagar, BANGALORE

Chief Guest : Behen Kumari Mayawatiji

National President of BSP, FormerMP (Rajya Sabha) and Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh


Dr. Ashok Siddharthji

National Geneal Secretary, MP (Rajya Sabha) and in charge Karnataka

Sri. Ambeth Rajan

National Treasurer and Former MP (Rajya Sabha)

Sri. Marasandra Muniappa

co-ordinator & incharge of Karnataka

Sri. Gopinath

Co-ordinator of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Pucucherry States

Sri. Ramji Gautham

Co-ordinator, Kerala and Pudhcherry States

Sri. N Mahesh, State President, Karnataka

Sri. K.Armstrong, State President, Tamilnadu

Sri. Murthy, President, Puducherry Uniion Territory

Sri. J.Sudhakaran, State Preident Kerala


Inline image 1Inline image 2Inline image 3Inline image 4Inline image 5Inline image 6Inline image 7Inline image 11Inline image 12Inline image 13Inline image 14Inline image 15

from Historic address by the national President of BSP and Great Leader
of the Social Transformation Movement Hon. Behen Kumari Maha Mayawaji
JI on the auspicious occasion of 126 birth anniversary of the Architect
of the Indian Constitution, Bharat Ratna Bodhisatva most revered Baba
Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on April 14 in a massive rally at grand Dr.
Ambedkar memorial in the background of rabidly casteist mindset and
policies of the BJP (Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopaths)
antagonistic particularly against the Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes
(SC/STs), backward communities, religious minorities and the poor,
worker and farmers etc., of the sarvasamaj (all section of the society).

BJP (Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopath) and Avathar of  BJS (Brashtachar
Jiyadha Sangh)  working with a mindset antagonistic to particularly
SC/STs, backwards, Muslims and the poor, workers anfdd rmers etc., of the sarvasamaj (all sections of the society}.

with this kind despicable casteist mindset, always dominated the
politics of the country, persistently causing severe harm to the
equalitarian and humanitarian movement of most revered (parampujya) Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Despite his being the architect of the marvel modern Constitution of
our country, they never allowed him to get elected to the Lok Sabha and
kept on getting him defeated in elections.

BJP/RSS (Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks) also mounted an all-out opposition all
over the country to the grant of reservation in education and
government jobs to the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) under the
recomendation of Mandal Commission, and even now they are not filling up
the government quota of reservation in services etc., and have almost
rendered this constitutional provision inactive and ineffective,
depriving the SC/STs and OBCs.

At the same time, under their government in centre and various states,
casteist discrimination of every kind and inhuman atrocities and
excesses of every kind are also continuing without any break against the
people of these deprived classes.

It is very necessary to be alert against casteist and political
conspiracies of the BJP government and its parallel organisation, the
RSS., and against any tactics of theirs like cajolery, inducement,
cohersion and divisive politics etc,. otherwise these people would again
make the SC/STs and other backwards helpless and enslaved : historic
address of Ms,Mayawati Ji in Lucknow on the occasion of the birth
anniversary of Baba saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on 14 April 2017

Main excerpts from the historic address of the National Preident of the BSP and Mahanayika (great leader) of the social transformation movement in India, Hon. Behen Kumari Mayawati Ji on the auspicious occasion of 126th
birth anniversary of the architect of the Indian Constitution, BharatRatna, Bodhiosatva most revered Baba saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on April 14, 2017 in a massive public meeting held at the grand Dr. Ambedkar Memorial, built in Lucknow by the BSP government, in the backdrop of a bad result secured by the party in terms of seats in Uttar Pradesh, despite its having obtained a good percentage of votes.In other words, higher than that of even then ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) at 22.02percentand in number about two crore (1,92,81,352 to be exact), because of the tampering done with the Electronic Voting Mchines (EVMs) by the BJP, as also in view of rabidly casteist mindset and policies of the BJP antagonistic to particularly the SC/STs, backwards an religious minorities and the poor, workers and farmers etc., of Sarvasamaj i.e., all sections of the society.

of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and well-wishers who have come from
various parts of Uttar Pradesh, as you people are aware today is the
Jayanti of the messaiah of particularly SC/STs, the Other Backward
Classes (OBCs) and other neglected classes of the country, most revered
(Paramlujya) Baba Saheb Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, and on this occasion, you
people have reached the Dr. Ambedkar Smarak Sthal in Lucknow to offer
him floral tributesfor which I express my gratitude to you from the core of my heart.

about observance of his jayanti, you people are aware that ever since
the BSP has been constituted in 1984 its government has been formed four
times in Uttar Pradesh and since then in pusuit of votes of his
followers not only in Uttar Pradesh, but all over the country, all the
opposing parties and their governments have started hi jayanti and
organising government and non-government programmes of various types on
this occasion. But after doing so, all these opposing parties by
following their casteist mindset exploit his followers at every level
throughout the year and this process is still continuing.

Not only
this, rather as long as Baba Saheb Dr, Ambedkar was alive their
forefathers created obstacles of various kinds on his way so that Baba
Saheb was not able to make the people of these SC/STs/OBCs and other
neglected classes self-relient. Keeping the current political situation
in view, I consider it necessary to place some special instances before

in this regard, you people are aware that during the British rule, the
people of the SC/STs/OBCs/ who earlier under varna system of Hinduism
known by the names Shudras (OBCs) and extream Shudras ((SC/STs), these
people were doubly enslaved. On one side to the British and on the other
to caste and creed and the consideration of high and low born under
thevarna systemof Hinduism because of which people in a large number
from these shudras and extreme  shudras, in other words from those
currently called the SC/STs/OBCs, left Hindu religion and embraced other
religions, i.e., they in large number converted and became Sikhs,
Muslims, Christians, parsis and Buddhists etc., and among those
believing in these religions 90 percent areconverted people, and the BSP
has, regarded them as part of the “Bahujans”. And the conition of those
who did not get converted remained very bad under the Hindu religion.
They did not have right to education, business and ownership of land
over which Baba Saheb used to be highly concerned.

In such a
bad condition, Baba Saheb Dr, Bhimrao Ambedkar uring British rule
prepared himself by getting educated with the help of princely states
opposed to varna system an waged a battle for their rights.

insistence of Baba Saheb, the British constituted an enquiry committee
for identification of shudras and extrem shudras in the country of which
Baba Saheb himself was a member. This enquiry committee compiled a list
of extreme shudras which is known as SC/STs, while shudra were
instigated not to get included i that list. They became fake high caste
people and were left out of that list. After further enquiry in their
respect, another list was prepared for them on the basis of which they
later got reservation and other legal rights under the Indian

But Baba
Saheb in the interest of those shudras, in other words, of OBC (fake
high-caste) classes, made provision underthe Article 340 of the Indian
Constitution so that they can later on get the benefit of reservation
and they can also progress in the future.

And then
on independence of the country, governments of casteist parties were
formed in Centre and the states and under the same Article 340 of the
Indian Constitution first the Kaka Kalelkar commission and later Mandal
commission was constituted. But the government did not implement their
recommendations. In the year 1989, a coalition government was formed
under the leadership of Mr. V.P.singh of the janata Dal an then the BSP
had three MPs of whom I was the member of the Lok Sabha from Bijnore
(areerved seat at that time). Then the BSP supported this government on
two special conditions of conferring Bharat Ratna to Baba Saheb
Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar and giving reservation in education and jobs by
implementing the Mandal Commission recommendation.

But the
BJP did not like all this at all an it withdrew support from VP Singh
government and the BJP agitated all over the country against the OBC
reservation and adopted an agressive stance an thus betrayed the OBCs as
a whole.And now in 2017, the BJP has again betrayed the OBCs and at the
bidding of the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) made “Yogi” rather
than someone from the OBCs the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

in this regard, the BJP also betrayed the Brahmins  from the high caste
society and ignored the local Kshatriyas in respect of making the Chief
Minister. The Brahmin society was told that keeping in view the election
a person from backward class was being made the state president  by
removing Brahmin from the post, but after the election only a person
from Brahmin society would be made th chief minister, but this was not

At the same time, the RSS and the BJP also carrie a lot of false propaganda against
the BSP, which is still continuing. Here, i this regard, I wish to tell
the SC/STs, bckwards and the people of high caste society by way of
advise that the manner which the people of the Muslim society used to
have full trust in my policy an work style during all the four terms of
my governance in the state, exactly in the same way the people of these
classes should have trust in me, in other words, they should not at all
get misled by the false and mischevious propaganda of the BJP & Co.
that it was because of more tickets given to Muslims in the election by
the BSP that the people of these classes out of fear that formation of
BSP government may lead to Uttar Pradesh becoming like Pakistan panicked
and voted much less for the BSP.

But the
people of these classes must not at all be misled by this conspiracy of
the BJP nor should they allow their relation with Muslims aligned with
the BSP to deteriorate. But still,in this regard, I certainly wish to
say to this to the people of these classes that when when a BSP
government was formed four times under my leadership in Uttar Pradesh
and particularly in 2007 when the BSP formedits government on its own
strength there were Muslim MLAs in a largenumber, but uring that period
also I did not allow Uttar Pradesh to become like Pakistan.

As a
mater of fact, they should learn a lesson in this regard from the
Muslims aligned with the BSP and in this regardI wish to remind them in
this context that in the beginning when my government was formed thrice
with the cooperation of the BJP, then the Muslim MLAs of the BSP by
placing their full trust in me had not at all opposed the formation of
the government in alliance with the BJP and by honestly reposing their
faith with mein all these three governments formed with the cooperation
of the BJP.

the SC/STs,backwards andthe people of the high caste society aligned
with the BSP. Here should have trust in me, and today I wish to assure
them again that on formation of a BSP government in future too, I can
never allow Uttar Pradesh to become like Pakistan.

these people must not at all be misled by this false propaganda of the
BJP because the BJP people are carrying out this false propaganda under a
conspiracy to hide their dishonesty with regard to the Electronic
Voting Machines (EVMs). Keeping particularly this in view, the people of
these classes must not at all jeoparadise the feeling of brotherhood
with the Muslims.

only this, rather the BJP people by joining hands with gullible people
from party are getting this false notion stressed by them that ‘Behenji”
should herself after the organisational work in each assembly
constituency for
then alone the party can now be strengthened. All this is a very big
conspiracy of theirs so that I am not able to give my time outside Uttar
Pradesh to other parts of the country, an a s a consequence my party
remains confines to Uttar Pradesh. It is very necessary to caution you
against this.

I once again wish to tell you people that for whatever little that the
SC/STs and the people of the other backward classes are getting today in
the entire country, Baba Saheb had to wage a very tough struggle at
every step. In this regard, you people are aware that when the British
agreed to grant independence to India, they asked India to frame its own

that time when casteist parties and Hindu organisations did not allow
Baba Saheb to get elected to the Constituent Assembly from Mahashtra,
then the SC/STs of Bengal with the cooperation of the Muslim League got
him elected to the Constituent Assembly of India from the Khukana and
Jaysore set tere as on this seat SC/STs had larger population among the

under a conspiracy, the Khulna andJaysore seat of Bengal from which
Baba Saheb was elected because of its being SC/STs majority area was
forcibly included in Pakistan instead of keeping that with India.
Although it was in violation of the condition stipulated, despite
knowing all this, this area of Bengal was handed over to Pakistan. But
Baba Saheb in the interest of his own people resigned from the
Constituent Assembly of Pakistan.

resigning, Baba Saheb went to England and spoke there about the
injustice done to him. The British then asked India to get back that
area or else to get Baba Saheb elected to the Constituent Assembly of
India. Then he was elected to the Constituent Assembly of India in July
1947. Thus whatever legal rights the SC/STs/OBCs to have are a
contribution of Baba Saheb alone.

the same time, a little bit of security that the people of religious
minorities enjoy in this country is solely contribution of Baba Saheb
Dr. Ambedkar. But it is also very necessary to understand how the
casteist forces and parties behaved with Baba Saheb after the British
left and the India Constitution came to force.

this regard, you people are aware that after the British quit, Baba
Saheb became the first Law Minister of Independent India and when he
said this while pioleting the “Hindu Code Bill” in Parliament as the Law
Minister that if you wish to protect the Hindu system, Hindu culture
and the Hindu society, then Hindu Shankarachariyas must not be adverse
to removing whatever shortcomings that are in these. This bill aimed at
improving only such areas as were not proper. There was nothing more in
that bill. But soon after that bill, this was opposed in Parliament so
strongly that Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar had to resign from his ministerial
post in September 1951. But despite his having resigned, the then
speaker of the house in contravention of the convention did not allow
him to speak. Then he had to come out of the House and express his
viewsin the media.

only this, rather when Lok Sabha elections were held in accordance with
the provisions in the Indian Constitution,then Baba Saheb contested
from a Mumbai Lok Sabha set through his Scheduled Caste Federation
(S.C.F.). But all the pro-hindutva, casteist and capitalist forces
covertly joined hands and did not allow him to wi the election and by
fielding Mr.Kajrolkar against him gothim forcibly defeated.

this, Baba saheb Ambedkar conteted the Lok Sabha by-election from
Bhandara in Mahashtra. There too he was faced with conspiracy. But still
Baba Saheb is not bow down to these pro-hindutva and casteist forces
and continued waging struggle till the end of his life to make
particularly the SC/STs,backwards and people of other neglected classes

did not work for these classes alone, but also worked for the poor
people from the high caste and religious minority society, who were
victims of the capitalistic order and are so even now. Baba Saheb also
worked in their interests. Therefore, my party is taking the sarvasamaj
(all sections of society) along with it. However, then on December 6,
1956 he died. I am a follower and devotee of such a great and
self-respecting personality.

like in the cse of Baba Saheb Dr.Ambedkar, the BJP andall other
casteist forces covertly joined hands in the Lok Sabha general elections
of 2014 and tried their best to undermine my morale and also to finish
off the movement of Baba Saheb, which is not a secret to you.

in this regard, you people are aware that the BJP by first tampering
with E.V,Ms, in the Lok Sabha general elections in 2014 got its first
majority government formed in the Centre. But our eyes with regard to
the bungling in the EVMs were opened only recently during the assembly
general elections in Uttar Pradesh in which they have by acting
dishonestly and tampering with the Electronic Voting Machines formed
their governments in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarkhand.

bungling done by them in assembly general elections held in Uttar
Pradesh, it is the belief of the people that the BJP has tampered with
the Electronic Voting Machines in about 250 out of 403 assembly seats in
the state which that party had regarded as lost seats and in remaining
seats in which that party had been regarded as favourite, it did not
tamper with the Electronic Voting Machines.

over this, now the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) like in the year 2003
has started misusing the government machinary of the Centre and now of
Uttar Pradesh too against the BSP and against me and my brothers and
sisters and my other close relations. Under this, the Uttar Pradesh
also, the people of the present BJP government have started speaking
about alleged scams in the sale of sugar mills and in the building
memorials etc., during the time of my government by deliberately linking
these to my name and are highlighting these in the media as if I have
myself indulged in big scams in these cases where as as per my
information, the sugar cane department linked with sugar mills was never
under me during the period of my government, in other words, this
portfolio was with Mr. Naseemuddin Siddiqui. Besides, the decision to
sell the sugar mills was taken only in a cabinet meeting.

no ministry linked to construction memorials was under my charge and
the decisions about their construction and also been taken in the
cabinet. But, still, under their pretext and a conspiracy, I am
deliberately being targeted so that I stop speaking about tampering with
the voting machines by them. If that is so, it would be a  big mistake
by them.

this regard, I would like to tell the topmost leadership of the BJP
here that if the BJP by misusing the government machinery in the Centre
and Uttar Prdesh tried to forcibly harass me at every step, I am, in
order to save my country and democracy, never going to retrace my steps.

other words, my party will continue raising its voice against the
tampering with the voting machines as long as it does not get a proper
justice in this case.

only this, rather if the ant-BJP parties wish to come with us in the
struggle being waged by the BSP against the BJP and the tampering with
the voting machines in order to save democracy in the country, we would
have no reservation about joining hands with them.

even otherwise when your votes in an election are not going to be
registered in favour the party of your choice because of the bungling in
the voting machines, how  can you, in other words, the people of the
BSP, by following the thinking of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar take the
master key of political power into your own hands ?

in such a situation, in the interest of our party and its movement, we
would have to follow the dictum of neutralising poison with poison, and
it is very necessary to prevent bungling in the voting machines in
elections in the future.

at the same time, you would have to move forward by being cautious
against a theatrical show of honesty by the BJP and in this regard you
people are, however, aware that leaders of the BJP every now and then
at every stepproject themselves particularly in the media as if they are
alone honest and beyond reproach in the country and in their eyes
leaders of all the remaining opposing parties are dishonest and corrupt,
whereas in this context, I have on several occasions asked the top
leaders of BJP that if these people are really honest and beyond
reproach, why are they jittery about making a discloser about their
assets during the ten months before demonitisation and these after till
now,in other words, why are they not able to make disclosure of their
personal assets and those of the party in the media ?

why are these people nervous about disclosing in the media the names of
those people who under the present BJP government have laundered their
black money ? This also deserves special attention.

now in order to hide all these shortcomings of theirs, these BJP people
have forcibly started getting their adversaries implicated in cases of
corruption, and under this they now keep on deliberately presenting
assets of the BSP and my younger brother in media as sensational news as
if there is huge accumulation of illegal assets with my party an my

is despite the fact that I have several times told top most leaders of
the BJP that if people of BJP and its Central Government are really
honest and beyond reproach and at the same time if these people do not
believe in working out of a sense of political and casteist animosity,
then they should compile a list of about 100 big political leaders in
the country, who have been continuosly active in politics for the past
about 30-35 years and who have also been MPs, legislators, ministers,
chief ministers and prime ministers etc., also, and they should then say
how much assets they and their relatives and friends had when they came
into politics and how much they have at present ? And then the BJP must
also disclose the entire details in this regarding the media.

despite of my repeated assertions in this regard, the BJP and the
people of its Central Government are not yet able to muster the
courageto do all this because the BJP would itself get badly implicated
in this case.

in respect of their adversaries, particularly in respect of of the BSP
and my close relatives, these people every now and then certainly do
something to ensure it that I like their other adversaries stop speaking
about wrong policies, work style and misdeeds of theirs.

In other words, of the BJP, which can neverbe possible at my level
and because of this particular reason I along with my brothers and
sisters and my other close relatives have had to face a lot of torment
for the past several years.

In this regard, the people of BJP& company by misusing their
government machinery have through the income tax department, Enforcement
Department, CBI and courts kept on harassing my younger brother Anand
Kumar since the year 2014 and every now and then keep on tarnishing his
image in the media.

But still this has been a good thing in the interest of my party and
its movement that he has not yet lost his courage and has been
combating their conspiracy so far. He said even if the people of the BJP
fortheir political benefit get him falsely implicated and send him to
jail for life,he is not to be sold out. he would continue to be with me
at every hour of my life. Impressed by his sentiments, I have on my own
and by acceding to the entreaty of the party taken a decision to give an
important responsibility in the party organisation with certain
condition to this younger brother of mine, Anand Kumar, whose family
since the time of illness of Manyawar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji has been living
totally selflessly with me for my service and help, and today I declare
him to be a national vice-president of the party.

But by holding the post, he would always continue to work selflessly
in the party and would never become an MP, MLA, minister and chief
minister etc., nor would he place any economic burden on the party for
supporting his family. And at the same time, he would continue looking
after his business as in the past so that he is not dependent on anyone
else in economic matters.

By complying with this very condition, he can later on bring in
politicsany other missionary members of his family, and I have set this
condition by taking inspiration from Manyawar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji so that
nobody is able to level an allegation of encouraging nepotism against

Along with this, I would today certainly like to place before you
people this thing about me, which I have been hearing ad nauseam, that
you people often say about my speeches that Behenji should make he r
speech rather than read it out as it would have greater impact on the
people. I am in agreement with your sentiments to a larger extent and
appreciate it from the core of my heart.

But in this case, you must also appreciate the problem I have with
my throat about which despite facing a lot of suffering I have never
disappointed you.

In this context, I today wish to tell you people that I underwent a
major throat surgery in the year 1996. There are two glands in throat,
which are very helpful in maintaining the entire physical system in a
proper shape and particularly in respect of speaking. Bur in 1996,
becuse of certain deficiencies oneofthe two glands had turne totally bad
and had to be removed by an opertion as otherwise the other gland would
also hve turned bad. Now ony one gland is left in my throat and
according to medical advice, it is not proper to put much pressure on it
by speaking in high pitch,shouting or by giving a speech with alot of
force etc. You people are also aware that I cannot ever verbally deliver
my speech without speaking in a high pitch and putting pressure on my
throat and this has been a old habit of mine.

And whenever, I, ignoring the advice of doctor, deliver my speech
forcefully without reading it out, it has a very bad effect on my throat
and my voice gets very badly affected for about 10to 12days and then I
have to take allopathic medicines for getting my throat all right, which
can later on cause a lot of side effects.

Keeping this in view, nowI under compulsion to protect the remaining
one gland in my throat and avoid taking allopathic medicines have to
mostly speak by reading from text as per the doctor’s advice.

Here, I also wish to make it clear that whatever I say by reading
out in any of my programmes are my own views as in the case I do not
have to exert myself as much as I would otherwise have to do while not
readingout from a written text. For protecting my throat, I have to face
all these difficulties. Therefore, in this matter, you people should
cooperate with me in the interest of the party and its movement and
should not want your leader’s throat to turn bad by getting misled by my

Along with these few special things, I now consider it necessary to
draw you attention towards hollow policies and empty work style of the
present BJP government of Uttar Pradesh.

In this regard, you people are, however, aware that ever since the
BJP government has been formed in Uttar Pradesh, it has mostly been
functioning with a sense of casteist, religious and poiitical animosity
at every level.

In this respect, you people know that this party soon after coming
to power shut down most abattoirs in the state without even giving a few
days notice to those running them because of which Muslims and
particularly people from the weaker section of the Hindu society engaged
in this trade were rendered jobless in  a large number. Unhappy over
this, they have had to move Hon.Court for justice whereas in this
respect no such forcible action has ever been seen in any other state of
the country.

At the same time, for getting shut the liquor shops opened in
residential areas, women all over the state have been making request to
the state government with which my party is also fully in agreement.

But it is matter of regret that in this respect the BJP government
by following its capitalistic mindset has kept totally silent for the
sake of economic gains because it is well known that the residential
areas where liquor shops were opened mostly SC/STs backwards and poor
people from the high caste society live whom this government wants  to
destroy through those liquor shops, which is a matter of great worry.

You people are also aware that under present BJP government also,
fees in private schools of the state are realised in an arbitrary
manner, but in orderto reach benefit to their owners, this government
has not yet been able to take any concretestep in this regaard. From
this also, it becomes clear that this government is not well-wisher of
the poorand the middle class people, rather it acts in the interests of
the wealthy and super rich  people.

And, during the elections, especially the Prime Minister  Mr
narendra Modi had made a promise that soon after forming of the BJP
government all the loans of farmers would be waived. But now it is being
said that loans of only up to Rs. one lakh wouldbe waived.  If ll this i
not a betrail of farmers, what elese is it ? Farmers have been staging
dharna-demonstration at Jantar Mantar of Delhi for the past many days,
while on the other hand theyn have written off crores ofrupees oftheir
chosen big cappitalists.

Not only this, rather no particular improvement is seen by us as
taking place in the law and order situation of the state, in other
words, like under thepreceding government, criminal incidents are taking
place in a large number every now and then an at every level and this
respect Banaras and Gorakhpur hav also been not spared.

And now in order to divert the attention of the public from all
these shortcomings of theirs, this government keeps on getting news
items about inquiry into acts of the previous government highlighted
through the media every now nd then. My party is not against inquiry
being done in scams of any department, but inquiy should not be done in a
spitrit of  casteist, religious and political animosity.

Now in brief, it is my contention that by making rules and laws in a
wholesale manner and reviewing various departments and by giving wide
publicity to thi through themedia alone no good is now going to be done
to the public of the state, rather for this, it is very necessary to
take follow up action on all this, while we do not see as happening at
the ground level.

At the same time, on the issue of ‘triple talaq’ the current
situation, my party wishes to say it that from the news reports
appearing every now and then in this respect, it does not appear to us
that the main people of the Muslim Personal Law Board are serious about
getting justice to Muslim Women over the issue the triple talaq in the
country. In such a situation, my party wants that the Hon.Supreme Court
by keeping the Centre and state governments governments aloof from this
case should give such a decision in accordance with the Indian
Constitution for Muslim women of our country in the case of triple talaq
as would ensure that no injustice is done to them in the future.

In addition, I now wish to point out
here that whenever there is birth and death anniversaries of our sants,
gurus and great men then you people from all over the state come in a
large number to the places and memorials built in their honour to offer
your floral tributes at their statues installed there an with a
enthusiasm also have a look at these places.

what deserves special attention here is that when you people used to
come for seeing these places during the time of the BSP governments then
these places used to shine as clean glass, but soon after the change of
power, first for the past 5-6 years under the SP government and now
under the BJP government also the upkeep of these places has mostly been
given up, in other words, upkeep of these places is now done by
government only for the name sake.

In this respect, the current situation is that vandals have even
removed stones from these places in different parts and at some places
stones have come off for want of care. Condition of cleanliness in these
places is very bad and trees and plants are in a very bad shape and in
this respect the condition of the “Manyawar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Smarak
Sthal” is bad because during the period of my last government work on
this place had been completed
before the election, but because of my party returning to power, proper
checking was not done in this place, and I have also been told that
water leaks badly from the dome in the main complex during the rainy
season. In such a bad condition, the dome may collapse any time and a
mishap may occur there.

in such a situation, I am today forming a committee comprising five
persons, Mr. Ramachal Rajbhar, Mr.Lalji Verma, Mr. Nasimuddin Siddiqui,
Mr. satish Chandra Misra and Mr.Ashok Kumar Siddharth, who will first of
all go to these places and see all these shortcomings and then prepare a
written report. After this, this committee of five persons will seek an
appointment with the Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath and give him a
letter in this regard and then this committee would give its copies and
detailed necessary information to the media in this regard.

far as the question of getting these memorials examined on the basis o
reports coming from the media is concerned, the government can certainly
get these memorials examined, I am in its favour, but its inquiry
should not be conducted in a spirit of political animosity, rather it
should be fully honest and meaningful.

Besides, these very five persons will from time to time meet only
the chief minister and give letters on extremely serious issues
connected with public interests and will also certainly speak to the
media about these. But this committee will not meet chief minister for
work of any particular person.

Here, I wish to tell senior office-bearers of the BSP organisation
at the district, assembly constituency and zone levels that all these
responsible people of the party organisation over serious problems of
their repective area as also over atrocity and excess being committed on
any party worker will not at all meet MP, MLA and Minister etc., of the
BJP and any other opposing party from the concerned area, rather will
get their complaints lodged by meeting government officials of the
concerned area and try their best to get their problems solved.

With these necessary observations, I no express may gratitude for
this that in protest against tampering with voting machines by the BJP
especially in the recent held election in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarkhand
and for saving democracy in the country you have staged strong
dharna-demonstration on April 11 and madeit a success, but this movement
has been in the meanwhile deferredtilldecision of Hon. Supreme Court
comes and future strategy would be chalked out only after the decision
of the court comes in the concerned case, information about which would
be given to all the people at an apporpriate time.

Therefore, now you people, after going from here, have to apply
yourselves with all your energy to the work of strengthening the party
in your respective areas as also to further expanding the massbase of
the party , and for this, you will have to unite the people, who are
victims of casteist, pro-hindutva and capitalstic order in the state, by
developing mutual brotherhood among them. But you have to start this
work from the 1st of next month, May, for now is time for admission of
children and harvesting is also going on. Now in the end, I conclude
here by offering my glowing tribute to Baba sahedDr, Bhimrao mbedkar.

Jai Bhim - Jai Bharat

BSP Zindabad,

Behen Mayawati JI Zindabad
Baba Saheb Amar Rahein
Amar Rahein-Amar Rahein

Jaga Chand (@JagaChand) | Twitter

Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi)
-doesnt-know-bsp-is-a-movement … “We alone can challenge and defeat
the casteist, communal and pro-capitalist BJP! Get ready!” Behanji’s
clarion call to BSP workers to liberate the country from the clutches of
fascist rule.

alone can challenge and defeat the casteist, communal and
pro-capitalist BJP (Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopaths (Private) Limited!

Mayawati’s clarion call to the Sarvajan Samaj i.e., Cadres of all
societies in general and BSP Cadres in particular to liberate the
country from the clutches of fascist rule.…/modi_is_literally_hitler_and_bjp_…/

“We alone can challenge and defeat the casteist, communal and
pro-capitalist BJP (Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopaths (Private) Limited!

Maha Mayawati’s clarion call to the Sarvajan Samaj i.e., Cadres of all
societies in general and BSP Cadres in particular to liberate the
country from the clutches of fascist rule.
Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi) is literally Hitler and BJP (Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopaths) is fascist

“Veggie Madhya Pradesh CM bans eggs in anganwadis, to be
felicitated”. Turns out some non-BJP states too don’t provide eggs in
midday meals
BJP ruled “BMC has banned sale of meat for four
days during the Jain festival of Paryushan”. Turns out it happens every
year since 1994 after a resolution by Congress govt in 1994. The ban
duration was increased to 4 days in 2011, again by a Congress-NCP govt.
Compulsory national anthem in Maharashtra movie theaters introduced by Congress-NCP govt
Prohibition in Gujarat - it was the Congress govt which enacted The Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949.
Cow slaughter is banned in 23 States, most of them non-BJP
“Ministry of Home Affairs cancels FCRA licences of 8,975
associations”, but in 2012, a total 4138 NGOs had their FCRA license
cancelled because of similar violations
“Criticising government can be sedition in Maharashtra now“, however the guidelines were actually prepared by Cong-NCP govt

but hey, Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi) is literally Hitler and BJP is the majority appeasing,
fascist party. And if it turns out that it was done by Congress, goal
posts are shifted

From “Fascist rule is here again; Thums Up! Thums Up!” to “Arey,
it’s not about BJP (Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopaths) or the Congress”

1. [”Veggie Madhya Pradesh CM bans eggs in anganwadis, to be……/cong-leaders-a…/1/639138.html
BJP, RSS of turning India into neo-fascist
Hitting out at RSS and BJP, some Congress
leaders today accused them of turning India into a “neo-fascist” state
and questioned whether they will give up their idea of a Hindu Rashtra
if they believe in the Constitution.

Speaking during a national seminar
Contribution of Dr Ambedkar, was a
neo-fascist state targeting Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi).

Hailing of Ambedkar by RSS (Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks)/ BJP (Brashatachar
Jiyadhs Psychopaths) Private Limited outfits of the saffron
organisations were always opposed to the
ideology of the Chief architect Constitution

Today we are a neo-fascist Indian state. Fascism
developed after Second World War is known as neo-fascism.

He noted BJP is the “only party” talking about Ambedkar without subscribing to his ideology.

also noted the ruling party saying that purchasing Ambedkars house in
London is not “sufficient”, but there is a need to follow his ideology.

Ambedkar believed in “removing contradictions” from the country. how
RSS/BJP believing in inequalities will not be able to do justice to the
Ambedkar’s ideology.

Those who claim they believe in Constitution,
cannot say they will give up the idea of a stealth, shadowy, discriminatory hinutva cult rashtra.

Ambedkars ideology is the “only hope” for people in the
current political context and said the same shall remain “relevant”
until there are inequalities in the country.

Cong leaders accuse BJP, RSS of turning India into neo-fascist…/cong-leaders-a…/1/639138.html
BJP, RSS of turning India into neo-fascist
Hitting out at RSS and BJP, some Congress
leaders today accused them of turning India into a “neo-fascist” state
and questioned whether they will give up their idea of a Hindu Rashtra
if they believe in the Constitution.

Speaking during a national seminar
Contribution of Dr Ambedkar, was a
neo-fascist state targeting Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi).

Hailing of Ambedkar by RSS (Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks)/ BJP (Brashatachar
Jiyadhs Psychopaths) Private Limited outfits of the saffron
organisations were always opposed to the
ideology of the Chief architect Constitution

Today we are a neo-fascist Indian state. Fascism
developed after Second World War is known as neo-fascism.

He noted BJP is the “only party” talking about Ambedkar without subscribing to his ideology.

also noted the ruling party saying that purchasing Ambedkars house in
London is not “sufficient”, but there is a need to follow his ideology.

Ambedkar believed in “removing contradictions” from the country. how
RSS/BJP believing in inequalities will not be able to do justice to the
Ambedkar’s ideology.

Those who claim they believe in Constitution,
cannot say they will give up the idea of a stealth, shadowy, discriminatory hinutva cult rashtra.

Ambedkars ideology is the “only hope” for people in the
current political context and said the same shall remain “relevant”
until there are inequalities in the country.…/fascism-populism-pres…/510668/

The votes are in, the people have spoken, and the result is ugly.
Merriam-Webster has warned that fascism could become 2016’s
most-searched term on its online dictionary—presumably with even more
searches than bigly.
Fascism was No. 3 last year, between socialism and racism, which is just where fascism began in the 1920s.

Ideological formation and the creation of a party with
quasi-military cadres. Talk of national humiliation, lost vigor, and the
failures of liberalism and democracy.
Entry of the party into national politics. Intimidation of rivals,
and planned acts of “redemptive violence” against suspect minorities and
radical rivals.
Arrival in government, often in alliance with conservatives.
Exercise of power, in concert with institutions and business. The
regime expands its control at home: restricting the press and democratic
processes, corporatizing business, and collectivizing the people.
Abroad, it asserts itself militarily.
Radicalization or entropy: Some fascists go down in a Götterdämmerung, but most die of boredom.

Fascism is in the running to be Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year. But it’s not the right word for the current moment.…/G%C3%B6tterd%C3%A4mmerung
Definition of Götterdämmerung

: a collapse (as of a society or regime) marked by catastrophic
violence and disorder; broadly : downfall the Götterdämmerung of

a collapse (as of a society or regime) marked by catastrophic violence and disorder; broadly : downfall… See the full definition



Popularity: Bottom 40% of words
Examples: downfall in a Sentence
Definition of downfall

1a : a sudden fall (as from power)b : a fall (as of snow or rain) especially when sudden or heavy

2 : something that causes a downfall (as of a person) gambling was his downfall

play \-ˌfȯ-lən\ adjective

Examples of downfall in a Sentence

Their downfall was the result of several bad decisions.

Bad decision-making was their downfall.

sudden fall (as from power); a fall (as of snow or rain) especially
when sudden or heavy; something that causes a downfall (as of a person)…
See the full definition…/the_left_has_changed_the_definiti…/

left has changed the definition of “fascist/fascism” post 2009 to now
include “right wing” in all dictionaries, etc. Proof again why almost

See more…


Authoritarian Governments


World History



What are the differences between authoritarianism, totalitarianism, and fascism?

4 Answers

Cecilieaux Bois de Murier
Cecilieaux Bois de Murier, studied political science, journalist in Washington
Updated Aug 21

and Fascism are forms of authoritarianism, which is governance by an
authority without the option of questioning whatever the authority
orders. The distinctions between the three are mostly a matter of
political theory; applying these labels is usually done very loosely
and, in my opinion, badly.

An authoritarian
government is any ruling political unit in which the person or group in
power tells everyone else what to do, more or less without recourse.
Monarchies without parliament and in which the monarch actually rules,
as well as military governments and dictatorships of the left and the
right can all be correctly identified as authoritarian. Most workplaces
are authoritarian, too; the boss tells you what to do, or else.
Similarly, most families have an authoritarian streak, as do schools.
The basic idea is that what is done is not put to a vote: someone in
authority commands, others obey. Authoritarian governments, as you might
imagine, can cover a very wide range of power regimes.

rule is called this because the power of those who govern extends to
every aspect of life and society; in other words, total rule. They tell
you what to say, what to think, where to live, what to study, where to
work, etc. Obviously, because of the difficulty of controlling large
populations minutely, no pure form of totalitarian government has ever
existed. However, Soviet Communism, German Nazism and Italian Fascism
attempted to be totalitarian, but for very different reasons.

of which brings us to Fascism, which is the historical movement of
Benito Mussolini, who ruled Italy as a dictator from 1929 to 1943. The
word “fascism” comes from the Latin fasces, a bundle of rods tied
around an ax; the members of the movement conceived of themselves as a
tightly wound bundle of people who figuratively chopped down whatever
stood in the way of their ideas. These ideas included the revival of
Italy’s glory as the center of the Roman Empire. It was a nationalist
and ultra-conservative movement similar and allied to German Nazism and
Spanish Falangism, yet distinctly Italian.

Fascism came to power first, its name became a shorthand for any
right-wing authoritarian regime and for the supporters of such rule. The
concept has also been twisted completely out of shape by rhetorical
abuse. For example, Reaganism and Thatcherism (USA and UK in the 1980s),
although ideologically in harmony with many fascist ideas, have been
called fascist even though they operated in a political environment in
which at least a pretense of democratic representation was maintained.

18.3k Views · 35 Upvotes

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tolerate this state of affairs? Will the EU defend democracy in …
What is the difference between fascism and neo-authoritarianism?

Gregory Norton
Gregory Norton, studied at Stanford Graduate School of Business
Answered Jun 16, 2016

The Wikipedia definition of authoritarianism is good “Authoritarianism is a form of government
characterized by strong central power and limited political freedoms”
Authoritarianism could be Individualistic or Collectivist, depending on
what range of non-political freedoms exist. Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew
was authoritarian but Individualistic, there was a great deal of
individual and economic freedom.

is state-centric, Collectivist form of authoritarianism in which the
state acknowledges no limits to its authority and seeks to regulate all
aspects of public and private life including religious, artistic,
political, and economic activity. All individuals exist to serve the
state. As Mussolini (one of the originators of the idea) put it, “All
within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

is more slippery. One part of it is a state-business partnership for
mutual benefit, with the state acting as senior and controlling partner.
A fascist regime is as totalitarian as it can be, given the culture and
legal traditions of the society. It may or may not be militaristic, and
may or may not be internationally aggressive. It may or may not assert
ethnic, national, or racial superiority. Some European political
observers considered the second Wilson administration to be fascist. In
popular usage, “fascist” means little more than “bad” and prone to

6.3k Views · 4 Upvotes

Nathaniel Downes
Nathaniel Downes, A political writer with a focus on Soviet democratic models.
Answered Oct 21, 2016

term Authoritarianism was coined in 1859 as the establishment of order
through a central, elected, authority. Under an Authoritarian model,
uniform elections (not saying if they were fair elections, mind you)
must be held, and by holding them, all those who vote then agree to
abide by the decisions of the elected Authority. The Authority itself
had no power to implement these decisions, and passed them down to lower
bodies to handle the direct implementation.

was coined by the Italian fascists in 1926, “totalitario”, and was a
rejection of Authoritarianism. Under Totalitarianist systems, there was
no pretext of elections or rule by mandate, and only the elite had any
say over the system. Instead of submitting to an authority,
Totalitarians had “total representation of the nation and total guidance
of national goals” through dictates. Unlike Authoritatian systems,
which had a decision making body, and left implementation to smaller
groups, Totalitarian models used a single body to handle both decisions
and implementation.

On the surface it is easy
to claim that Fascism used Totalitarianism and Communism used
Authoritarianism, but in the real world we find that is not always the
case. The root difference was in both how each system claimed their
mandate, and how each system implemented decisions.


Cem (Icy) Onur
Cem (Icy) Onur, brain jockey
Answered Mar 31, 2014
Very, very simplified:

State rules and decides on everything, but some social and economic
institutions exist that are not under governmental control.

Totalitarianism is an extreme version of authoritarianism. Nothing exists but the government.

brings ultra-nationalism to the mix; with a hint of racism. All fascist
governments are authoritarian, but not all authoritarian governments
are fascists. This part would get a bit muddy depending on whose
definition you stick to. I like Umberto Eco’s definition as I can
picture Hitler’s doctrines with them easily.

Definitions of fascism
8.3k Views · 9 Upvotes
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How is fascism and communism different and the same?
What is the difference between Hinduism and Nazism or Fascism?

PERFECT HUMAN BEING BRAIN is creation of millions of gods.

A Buddhist Monk explained Pancasila i.e., five precepts thus:

I do not want to be killed by other living beings, so I will not kill any living beings.

I do not want others to steal my things, so I will refrain from stealing.

I do not want others to lie to me, so I will refrain from telling lies.

I do not want my wife/husband to be taken by others, so I will refrain from sexual misconduct.

I will refrain from taking intoxicant drinks, Because I may violate all the above precepts.

I told this to an intelligent man, he asked me to repeat the same and
started noting them in his diary and at the end he put my name. Then I
told him that these are the teachings of the Buddha. But he said that it
was told to him by me, so he put my name.

(1 of 5): Totalitarianism and Fascism are forms of authoritarianism,
which is governance by an authority without the option of questioning
whatever the…
Dear brothers and sisters, Jaibheem to all.
the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and
Religious Minorities, are able to secure our rights guaranteed under the
Constitution of India due to the incessant struggle and matchless
sacrifice of Babasaheb Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar. But the caste-prejudiced
governments did not implement these rights to the benefit of our people.
As the result, despite the provisions of Constitution, our
socio-economic condition remained worst as before. Hence, Babasaheb
advocated us to form the government on our own by getting united under
one political platform and one leadership. In this direction, he
contemplated to launch the Republican Party of India during his
life-time. But he, perhaps, did not know that he would die so early even
before he could bring his plans into action. He could not complete the
task which was later on completed by Manyawar Kanshi Ram Saheb.

We need to become ruling class if we want to form a casteless society – Saheb Kanshi Ram

About Bahujan Samaj Party

Bahujan Samaj Party
(BSP) or Majority People’s Party is one of the only five prominent national
political parties of India, which is the largest democracy of the world.
Brief Introduction :
The ideology of the
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is “Social Transformation and Economic Emancipation”
of the “Bahujan Samaj “, which comprises of the Scheduled Castes (SCs), the
Scheduled Tribes (STs), the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and Religious
Minorities such as Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Buddhists and account
for over 85 per cent of the country’s total population.
The people belonging to
all these classes have been the victims of the “Manuwadi” system in the country
for thousands of years, under which they have been vanquished, trampled upon
and forced to languish in all spheres of life. In other words, these people
were deprived even of all those human rights, which had been secured for the
upper caste Hindus under the age-old “Manuwadi Social System”. 
Among the great persons
(Mahapurush) belonging to “Bahujan Samaj”, who fought courageously and with
commitment against the brutal and oppressive Manuwadi system, for providing a
level playing field to the downtrodden to help move forward in their lives with
“self-respect” and at par with the upper castes Hindus, especially Baba Saheb
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s socio-political campaign later proved to be very
effective in this direction.
Though the contributions
of leaders of the downtrodden communities like Mahatma Jyotiba Phule,
Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj, Narayana Guru and Periyar E. V. Ramaswami have
been immense in the fight against the obnoxious Manuwadi system, but the
struggle of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, who was born in Scheduled Caste
community, and that of Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji later proved to be greatly
effective and pregnant with far-reaching consequences.
Besides waging a
spirited campaign against the Manuwadi Social System, Dr. Ambedkar instilled
consciousness among not only the Dalits, but also among those belonging to
other backward groups, which continue to be victimised and trampled under this
oppressive and unjust Manuvadi Social System.
By virtue of his pivotal
role in the framing of the Indian Constitution, these groups were given a
number of rights in the Constitution on a legal basis to lead a life of dignity
and self-respect. But he was fully conscious of the fact that these exploited
sections of the society would not be able to get the full legal rights as long
as the governments would remain dominated by the Manuwadi persons and parties.
That’s why Dr. Ambedkar,
during his lifetime, had counseled the “Bahujan Samaj” that if they wanted to
fully enjoy the benefits of their legal rights, as enshrined in the
Constitution, they would have to bond together all the Bahujan groups on the
basis of unity and fraternity, bring them on a strong political platform and
capture the “Master Key” of political power. This was to be the modus operandi
for the formation of Bahujan Governments at the Centre and in States. Only such
governments could enforce all the constitutional and legal rights of the
“Bahujan Samaj” and provide opportunities to its People to move forward in all
spheres of life besides enabling them to lead a life of “self-respect”.
Keeping in view this
observation and advice of Dr. Ambedkar, respected Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji
founded the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), with the help of his associates, on
April 14, 1984. For many years while he enjoyed good health, he prepared the
“Bahujan Samaj” to secure the “master key” of political power, which opens all
the avenues for social and economic development.
However, being a
diabetic and host of other serious ailments, his health did not permit him to
lead an active political life for too long. On December 15, 2001, Manyawar
Kanshi Ram Ji, while addressing a mammoth rally of the BSP at the Lakshman Mela
Ground in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh on the banks of the river Gomti, declared
Kumari (Miss) Mayawati Ji, then the lone Vice-President of the Party, as his
only political heir and successor.
Moreover, on September
15, 2003, Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji’s health suffered a serious setback, and the
entire responsibility of the Party fell on the shoulders of Bahan (Sister)
Kumari Mayawati Ji. Later, on September 18, 2003, the Party, through a
consensus and in keeping with its Constitution, made her its National
Being the National
President of a National Party, Kumari Mayawati Ji in her address sought to
assure that “I would like to make aware people of the country that my Party,
the BSP, is committed to not only improving the socio-economic conditions of
people belonging to the “Bahujan Samaj” but also of the poor among the upper
caste Hindus, small and medium farmers, traders and people engaged in other
But people of the
Manuwadi mindset, even if they are in different fields of life, are acting
under a conspiracy to project the image of the BSP as if it is confined to
championing the cause of Dalits alone and is opposed to the upper castes Hindus
and other sections of the society. Also, the BSP has nothing to do with the
issues of national interest. However, on the basis of facts, I can say with
firmness and conviction that all such talks are a bunch of lies, baseless and
devoid of facts and are nothing else more than a slanderous campaign of the
status quoits Manuwadi forces. The policies, objectives and ideology of the BSP
are crystal clear and attuned to the welfare of the entire country and its vast
On the basis of its
ideology, the BSP wants to sound the death-knell of the “Manuwadi Social
System” based on the ‘Varna’ (which is an inequality social system) and
striving hard and honestly for the establishment of an egalitarian and
“Humanistic Social System” in which everyone enjoys JUSTICE (social, economic
and political) and EQUALITY (of status and of opportunity) as enshrined in the
PREAMBLE of the Constitution.
Further, our Party
Constitution very clearly states that “the chief aim and objective of the Party
shall be to work as a revolutionary social and economic movement of change with
a view to realise, in practical terms, the supreme principles of universal
justice, liberty, equality and fraternity enunciated in the Constitution of
Such a social system is
wholly in the overall interest of the Country and all sections of the society
too. If, in this missionary work of “Social Transformation”, people of the
upper castes (Hindus) shed their Manuwadi mindset and join hands with the
Bahujan Samaj, our Party, with all due respect and affection would embrace
them. Such people will be given suitable positions in the Party organisation in
accordance with their ability, dedication and efficiency, and there would be no
distinction between them and those belonging to the Bahujan Samaj. Also they
will be fielded as Party candidates in the parliamentary and assembly
elections, and if our government is formed, they will also be given ministerial
These are not hollow
talks because the BSP in the past, during the three successive governments, had
implemented all such promises. In Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Mayawati government was
formed four times, and on each occasion, upper castes people were inducted in
the Council of Ministers. Even an upper caste person was appointed to an
all-important post of Advocate General. They were given the Party ticket for
Lok Sabha and Assembly elections and also nominated to the Parliament’s Upper
Chamber i.e. Rajya Sabha and state Legislative Councils.
In addition, upper caste
people have been given high posts in the Party organisation. For example, Mr.
Satish Chandra Mishra was nominated to the Rajya Sabha and also was made
national general secretary of the Party. In similar fashion, other castes of
the Upper Castes (Hindus) were promoted.
Thus, keeping in view
all these facts, it would be injudicious and fallacious to hold that the BSP
works for the welfare of a particular group or section. Yes, the Party does
give priority to those sections, which have been ignored and scorned all along
by the Manuwadi governments in all spheres of life. In addition, the BSP has
always contributed positively to all issues pertaining to the welfare of the
Country. The BSP has always taken an unequivocal stand on issues of the
Country’s welfare and never compromised on the issues related to the interest
of the country whenever the need arose.
Aims and Objectives
The chief aim and
objective of the party shall be to work as a revolutionary social and economic
movement of change with a view to realise, in practical terms, the supreme
principles of universal justice, liberty, equality and fraternity enunciated in
the Constitution of India, to be followed by State in governance, and in
particular summed up in the following extract from the Preamble of the
having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SECULAR
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
Justice, social, economic and political;
 of thought, expression,
belief, faith and worship;
 of status and
opportunity; and promote among them all
 assuring the dignity of
the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;”
The Party shall regard
its ideology as a movement for ending exploitation of the weaker sections and
suppression of the deprived through social and economic change in keeping with
the above stated chief aim, and its political activity and participation in
governance as an instrument of furthering such a movement and bringing in such
a change.
This being the chief aim
of the Party, the strategy of the Party in public affairs will be governed by
the following general principles:
1. That all citizens of
India being equal before law are entitled to be treated as equal in true sense
and in all matters and all walks of life, and where equality does not exist it
has to be fostered and where equality is denied it has to be upheld and fought
2. That the full, free,
uninhibited and unimpeded development of each individual is a basic human right
and State is an instrument for promoting and realising such development;
3. That the rights of
all citizens of India as enshrined in the Constitution of India and subject to
such restrictions as are set out in the Constitution, have to be upheld at all
costs and under all circumstances;
4. That the provisions
of the Constitution requiring the State at Center and in States to promote with
special care and protect the socio-economic interests of the weaker sections of
the society denied to them for centuries, have to upheld and given practical
shape in public affairs as a matter of prime most priority.
5. That economic
disparities and the wide gaps between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ must not
be allowed to override the political principle of “one man, one vote, one vote,
one value” adopted by our republic.
6. That unless political
empowerment is secured for the economically deprived masses they will not be
able to free themselves from the shackles of economic and social dependence and
In particular and
without prejudice to the generality of the aims stated above the Party will
work specially towards the following objectives:
1. The Scheduled Castes,
the Scheduled Tribes, the other Backward Castes, and the minorities, are the
most oppressed and exploited people in India. Keeping in mind their large
numbers, such a set of people in India is known as the Bahujan Samaj. The Party
shall organise these masses.
2. The party shall work
for these down trodden masses to
 to remove their
 to fight against their
oppression and exploitation;
 to improve their status
in society and public life;
 to improve their living
conditions in day to day life;
2. The social structure
of India is based on inequalities created by caste system and the movement of
the Party shall be geared towards changing the social system and rebuild it on
the basis of equality and human values. All those who join the party with the
commitment to co-operate in this movement of social change shall be ingratiated
into the fold of the Party.
Towards the furtherance
of the above noted aims and objectives the organisational units of Party as
designated in this constitution, shall be empowered to:-
1. purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire, and maintain, moveable or
immovable property for the Party and invest and deal with monies of Party in
such a manner as may from time to time be determined;
2. raise money with or
without security for carrying out any of the aims and objectives of the Party;
3. to do all other
lawful things and acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any
of the aforesaid aims and objectives,
Provided that none of
these activities will be undertaken without the express approval of the
National President.

आओ चलें उन्नति एवं सत्य की ओर!

आओ चलें उन्नति एवं सत्य की ओर!

Routes: When Manyawar Kanshi Ram Saheb decided to revive the
Ambedkarite movement, the movement was almost extinct. People had almost
forgotten about the movement. Kanshi Ram Saheb made a deep study as to
the conditions which caused the failure of Ambedkarite movement. He saw
that most of the followers of Babasaheb were out of the movement.  He
started probing the reasons which led to the discontinuation of the
movement followed by the death of Babasaheb Ambedkar. He, after a
thorough study, understood that the failure of Ambedkarite movement was
caused due to the lack of ‘non-political routes’ among the Bahujan Samaj
and hence, he decided to strengthen the non-political routes to create
the ‘non-purchasable leadership’. He realized that only that society
with strong non-political routes would produce the ‘non-purchasable’
missionary leaders. Thus he decided to prepare the non-political routes
of the society by preparing the educated employees and youths. Before
launching the Bahujan Samaj Party, he started the BAMCEF and DS-4 to
prepare the educated employees and youth from among the SC/ST/OBCs and
Religious Minorities. He devoted the best part of his life to strengthen
the non-political routes of Bahujan Samaj.
of Cadre Camps: Maha Mayawati Ji  joined the Ambedkarite movement when
Kanshi Ram Saheb was organizing the employees under the banner of
BAMCEF. Seeing my dedication to the movement and capabilities, he
started encouraging her. But the senior members could not tolerate it.
They began opposing Saheb arguing, “How can you project a most junior
person ignoring seniors like us? If you continue to project her too
much, we will leave the organization”. Kanshi Ramji replied them sternly
saying, “If you are thinking to leave tomorrow, it is better for you to
leave today itself. Why postpone it?” All these old members, who are
mostly from Maharashtra and Punjab, left the movement even before Saheb
launched BSP. They went out of BAMCEF and formed their own BAMCEF
outfit. They had even got it registered. Today there are several outfits
of BAMCEF and nobody knows how many outfits are there. Our people have
not gone with them. These seniors went alone and remained alone, but the
people and workers have remained with the movement. Nobody got
disturbed over their exit. Do you know why the workers and people did
not follow those old members?
were the honest people who were solidly prepared by Manyawar Kanshi Ram
Saheb through cadre camps. Cadrization is the only way to prepare
missionary workers and society. Saheb, with his team of missionary
cadres, was able to create new leadership. He went on to start DS-4 and
finally BSP on April 14, 1984. The workers and society remained with the
movement only because they were prepared through the means of
cadrization. Saheb had rejuvenated the Ambedkarite movement only by
conducting cadres.
to Elders: Maha Mayawti Ji  have been telling you to build the party
organization by preparing the workers through cadre camps. But you are
more interested in conducting public rallies, meetings and programs. You
are yet to understand the fact that workers cannot be created by
conducting public programs. There are many things which cannot be told
in the public meetings. Workers cannot be prepared ideologically in
public meetings. We can sustain the movement only by preparing the young
generation through cadre camps. I am seeing an unhealthy development
with old members of our party. They are interchanging their posts among
themselves to prevent the entry of others and new blood into the
movement. This kind of attitude of old workers will lead to stagnation.
This is not good from the viewpoint of party’s progress. She  strictly
warn you to change this unhealthy habit. If you do not prepare the
younger generation, our movement will end gradually. We must have a
minimum of 50% young and educated members in every level of party’s
organization. If you, the old leaders, do not accommodate the younger
generation into the party, she will have to take strict action against
dreamt by Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar, Manyawar Kanshi Ram Saheb launched
the political party, namely, Bahujan Samaj Party on April 14, 1984.  We,
by following the footsteps of our ancestors and guidance of Manyawar
Kanshi Ram Saheb, are able to form our own government for four times in
Uttar Pradesh in the past. As the result, we are able to improve the
socio-economic condition of our people in Uttar Pradesh. We are able to
secure the constitutional rights of our people. We are also able to
build memorials, statues and parks in the honor of our ancestors. But we
could not succeed to form our government in other states. As the
result, atrocities against our people are continuing unabatedly.
Exploitation of the poor has not been ended.
of EVMs by BJP :  Our failure to form our own government in other
states has helped the BJP to defeat us in Uttar Pradesh. They found that
BSP is strong only in UP and not in other states and hence they thought
that if they could finish us in UP, BSP will die a natural death in all
other states. That is how they focused their entire strength to defeat
us in UP. However, they could not win through fair means. They had to
resort to fraudulent way of tampering the electronic voting machines
(EVMs) to defeat us.
and company had used the EVMs in 2014 itself to win the General
Election. We thought that it was the mandate against the scams-ridden
and scandals-tainted rule of Congress. But the election results of the
five states held in March 2017 have exposed the EVM scandal of BJP. They
could not win in Punjab, Uttarkhand, Goa and Manipur. In Goa and
Manipur, Congress party got lead over the BJP. But BJP leaders have
managed the other MLAs form their governments. In Uttarkhand, it was the
internal quarrel of the Congress that gave a lead to the BJP. In
Punjab, the anti-incumbency factor of Akali Dal gave the victory to
Congress. BJP, being the partner of Akali Dal, lost the election. In all
the above four states, they did not tamper with the EVMs and the
results were on the expected lines. But in Uttar Pradesh, nobody
expected that BJP would get such a huge margin of victory. The senior
bureaucrats of UP, who are usually the first to know the results in
advance, were making preparations to welcome the BSP Government. They
were utterly surprised when the results were announced. I, seeing the
trend of results late in the morning, went to the press and exposed the
EVM fraud. Later on, we also launched nation-wide struggle against the
fraud of EVMs and legal battle to get the VVPAT incorporated with EVMs.
Thus, we are confronting the BJP at every step.
Mischief in Saharanpur: It is to be understood that we are the only one
who are challenging the RSS agenda of BJP rulers during the past three
years. Be it the death of Rohit Vemula in Hyderabad University, attack
against SC/STs in Una of Gujarat, Vyapam scandal of Madya Pradesh or
lynching of Muslims in Dadri, I vehemently opposed and exposed them in
the Rajya Sabha.  Hence, the BJP leaders had been hatching plans to
choke our voice. They are planning to isolate BSP from other communities
and limit us only to Dalits. That is why they managed to create clashes
between SC/STs and the Jat community in Saharanpur. They are also able
to use a SC/ST organization in their conspiracy. I have clearly
understood the game-plan of BJP behind the Saharanpur clashes. I decided
to expose them in the Parliament. When I gave the notice to speak on
the Saharanpur issue in the Rajya Sabha on July 18, 2017, they were
afraid that their mischief would get exposed and hence they did not
allow me to speak. Even the ministers also joined the chorus to prevent
my speech. I went to the Parliament to give voice to the aspirations of
people and find redresses to their woes. The issue of Sabbirpur in
Saharanpur is a very serious one in which a Dalit was killed, several
others were injured and their houses were burnt. If I am not allowed to
do justice to my aggrieved people and not able to protect them, why
should I remain in the Parliament? BJP people may try to silence me. But
I, being Babasaheb’s daughter and Kanshi Ram Saheb’s disciple, cannot
be silenced by anyone. I decided to resign my Rajya Sabha membership as
Babasaheb Ambedkar did in 1951. I, after quitting the Rajya Sabha seat,
have also decided to tour the whole country to prepare our people and
strengthen our movement in every state. We must put an end to all kinds
of exploitations by forming our government.- said Maha Mayawati Ji.
Faith in the Success of our Movement: The BJP has become strong not
because of its own strength, but because of the failure of other
parties. Presently, you may be thinking that we can succeed if we join
the UPA / Congress and other parties. These parties are in such pitiable
conditions that they cannot be of any use to us. We must achieve the
success on our own strength without depending on any other party. In
fact, only we can challenge and defeat the casteist, communal and
pro-capitalist BJP. Other than BSP, no other party has got the
determination and morality to challenge BJP. Do not lose your faith in
the success of our movement. Do not lose your heart in the face of odd
situations. Our ancestors had faced much more tough situations, but they
did not lose heart. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Manyawar Kanshi Ramji were
neither disappointed nor did they get discouraged when they faced severe
challenges and setbacks. Look at me. Have you ever seen me
disheartened, sad and disappointed? Every tough situation has made me
tougher and made me to move ahead with greater determination. When I
took over the charge of party’s president post, I had faced toughest
time of my life. Our old leaders such as Phulsingh Barayya and Davuram
Ratnakar betrayed the movement by playing in the hands of other parties.
But I was not disappointed. I carried ahead the movement all alone. I
always enjoyed my work. You must also do your work with great joy. Do
not think that success brings us joy. On the other hand it is the joy
that brings us success. We must carry our struggles with great
celebration and bliss. The present situation may look very critical and
depressing. But we can convert this situation to our advantage by our
determination and hard work.
Action Plan:
    •    Starting from September 18, 2017, Maha Mayawati Ji  will be having programs in Uttar Pradesh on every month of 18.
 •   She will also  be visiting other states of the country at least
once in a year to address the party workers. All these states have been
grouped in nine zones. These programs are not for the public. They are
only for the party workers of all levels – starting from state to booth
level. In these programs, she will be personally verifying the progress
of formation of committees. These programs are to be conducted in the
name of ‘Grand Conference of Workers’ (Karyakarthan ka Vishal
    •    The nine zones with states inherent and the dates of Behanji’s programs are as follows:
    •    Bhopal Zone (Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgad) – Dec. 12, 2017.
    •    Jaipur Zone (Rajastan, Gujarat) – Nov. 30, 2017.
    •    Nagpur Zone (Maharashtra, Telangana, AP, Orissa) – Dec. 10, 2017.
    •    Bangalore Zone (Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Puducherry) – Nov. 26, 2017.
    •    Patna Zone (Bihar, West Bengal, Jarkhand) – Jan. 30, 2018.
    •    Delhi Zone – Jan. 28, 2018.
    •    Chandigad Zone(Chandigad, Punjab, Haryana) – Feb. 25, 2018.
    •    Kangada Zone (Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh) – Feb. 27, 2018.
    •    Nova Zone – Uttarkhand -  March 4, 2018.

    •    The above programs will continue every year on the above dates without any change.
    •    You have to mobilize funds for the above programs and also for the elections on your own.
 •    Now that we are increasing the pace of our movement in a greater
speed, we must mobilize more funds to achieve greater success. Ours is a
self-respect movement. Self-respect movement can succeed only with
self-help. We are not taking funds from business houses and corporate
companies. Collecting money through membership is one source for us. Now
we must restart the collection of funds on my birthday every year as we
were doing earlier. With these two sources, we can manage our party
activities. Office-bearers of every state  declared their respective
contribution. Tamilnadu and Karnataka office-bearers declared to
contribute Rs. 25 lakh each. Kerala leaders declared Rs. 10 lakhs and
Puducherry leaders declared Rs. 2 lakhs. These funds must be collected
before Dec. 31 and deposited at the Central Office in the first week of
Jan. 2018. No receipt books to be printed. If it is printed, the
responsible persons will be expelled from the party. Funds must be
collected through registers in the name of Jankalyan Diwas. Similarly,
you must also deposit the membership money with the Central Office as
and when you enroll the members.
    •    Collection of funds on the
eve of my birthday must continue in future, whether I am alive or not.
It must become a tradition for the Bahujan Samaj to collect money for
running the movement.
With these words, I conclude my speech. Jaibheem, Jaibharath”.

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