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December 2007
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[Fourth jhana]

“And furthermore, with the abandoning of pleasure and stress — as with the earlier disappearance of elation and distress — he enters and remains in the fourth jhana: purity of equanimity and mindfulness, neither-pleasure-nor-pain. He sits, permeating the body with a pure, bright awareness, so that there is nothing of his entire body unpervaded by pure, bright awareness.

Just as if a man were sitting wrapped from head to foot with a white cloth so that there would be no part of his body to which the white cloth did not extend; even so, the monk sits, permeating his body with a pure, bright awareness. There is nothing of his entire body unpervaded by pure, bright awareness.”

A silhouette of Buddha at Ayutthaya, Thailand.








Tushar says

They  also  have  life

They  have to have freedom. like tigers, they are used for their skin

And other  cat family. cows , goats and pigs are used for their meat            


Thatha’s Comment:

Dear Tushar

At an age of nine years you have done wonderful projects. Please keep it up. I have put your projects in

Keep visiting this site daily .

Do not forget to do the morning exercises I have taught you. Do cycling exercise daily.

Eat less   

Sleep less

Talk less

Moderate dress  

Daily play the following Budddha’s  Chanting to ward off sickness  for the benefit of the entire family


The above videos are wonderful Buddhist videos

 Buddhism video clips updated regularly from thousands of sources 

A skit about Buddhism

The Jhanas (Meditative Absorptions)

The Jhanas are eight altered states of consciousness which can arise during periods of strong concentration. The Jhanas are naturally occurring states of mind, but learning how to enter them at will and how to stay in them takes practice. Their principle use in Buddhist meditation is to generate ever increasing levels of concentration so that later when the meditative mind is turned to a practice that tends towards wisdom, it can do that practice with far less distraction.

Below are links to several places on the ‘net where the Jhanas are discussed. Some of these pages are mine; some are at other sites I’ve found.