[Then what was the “jumla” as explained by the party President Amit Shah???

[10:54 PM, 5/29/2018] Chandrashekar:
Then what was the “jumla” as explained by the party President Amit Shah???

Anyway, this is what Murderer of democratic institution (Modi) had said
before gobbling the Master Key by tampering the fraud EVMs: “ye jo chor
lutero ke paisa videshi bankon me jama hain na…, itne bhi hum rupaye le
aaye na to bhi hindustaan ke ek ek garib aadmi ko mufat me 15–20 lakh
rupaye yu nh imil jayenge, itne rupaye hain.”
[10:55 PM, 5/29/2018] Chandrashekar:…/bjp-will-bring-back-black-money-…
And, this is what the then Brashtachar Jiyadha Psychopaths (BJP)
President, Rajnath Singh, slave, stooge, chamcha, chela, bootlicker,
agent of just 0.1% intolerant, cunning,crooked, number one terrorists of
the world, violent, militant, ever shooting, lynching, lunatic,
mentally retarded paradesi foriegners of bene Israeli chitpavan brahmins
RSS (Rowdy rakshasa Swayam Sevaks) who is own mother’s flesh eater
claimed: if his party came to power at the Centre, it would bring back
black money stashed in foreign banks within a period of 100 days.

And, Amit Shah, as the BJP President, would subsequently clarify that
the promise of depositing Rs. 15 lakh in (every) bank account was only a
rhetoric. He did very well concede that the promise had, in fact, been
made, but just as a rhetoric.
(Watch: <>.)

<<”Modi never said that Rs. 15 lakh will be deposited into the
accounts of citizens. It was never in the BJP’s election manifesto,” Mr
Sable said.
“The opposition is creating misunderstanding and
confusion in the minds of citizens by spreading disinformation about the
Rs. 15 lakh,” Mr Sable added.
He was speaking in Pimpri in Pune on Saturday.>>]

Now Modi, Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah snd Sable concede that the following
promise had, in fact, been made, but just as a rhetoric.
Modi Asks What He Did To Deserve Insults. This Man’s Fantastic 22-Point Reply Is Going Viral

A Facebook post ‘answering’ Modi’s question has gone viral on social media.

Recently, Modi asked ‘what he had done to deserve the insults’ thrown at him by the Congress.

In a Facebook post, Devdan Chaudhuri ‘answered’ the PM’s questions in a 22-point reply. Here is the text in full:

Here is a brief list to answer your question Mister Prime Minister:

1. For destroying India’s economy via Demonetisation and not taking responsibility for the damage it has done.

2. For destroying the traditional plural culture of our ancient land
via organised polarisation - not just religious, but also regional,
linguistic and cultural.

3. For destroying the profound teachings of Hinduism/ Sanatan Dharma by placing Savarkar’s fascist Hindutva as Hinduism.

4. For continuing the charade of fake nationalism when your deeds and policies are only harming India.

5. For being a government - not of India - but of Hindutva forces,
crony corporations and foreign vested interests - especially the Zionist
global banking cartel.

6. For false promises and falsehoods which are being spread through multiple channels everyday.

7. For violating the principles of the Indian Constitution by
introducing theocratic militant nationalism and anti-privacy/
anti-freedom Aadhaar.

8. For destroying the pillars of Democracy
by de-fanging media and institutions - which are critical to offer any
semblance of truth and justice.

9. For not listening to people and the diversity of voices - but to impose dictates via coercion and intimidation.

10. For being anti-intellectual and actively promoting the hatred of the learned and the educated.

11. For doing all the tricks in the book to curb dissent and freedom of expression.

12. For sinking all the human development indexes since 2014.

13. For waging a fake ‘morality play ‘of anti-corruption crusade when
the real policies of the government point to the opposite direction.

14. For hiding from unscripted questions which the people want to ask you - no single press conference since you came to power.

15. For focussing on PR, publicity, events and propaganda, but not the real issues of the nation.

16. For ruining India’s traditional ‘non-aligned’ foreign policy.

17. For instigating the ego - hate and greed - through your theatrical ‘carrot and stick’ speeches.

18. For surrounding yourself with sycophants who have no talent for governance.

19. For being obsessive about grandiose ideas/ misplaced priorities and failing to deliver.

20. For misunderstanding the meaning of ‘development’ by neglecting social justice.

21. For being pro-super-rich and putting the poor and the Middle class
under the technocratic Neoliberal Economic policies which have hollowed
out the West.

22. For raging a war against India via the toxic
brew of Hindutva and Neoliberalism, and destroying the people’s faith
and trust upon the government.

And you ask, what I have done to deserve this?

[8:28 AM, 5/29/2018] Chandrashekar: He is the Murderer of democratic
institutions (Modi) since he gobbled the Master Key by tampering the
Fraud EVMs as its software and the source code is kept secret and not
made public of this democratic country.
He is not recognised as PM by the democratic world.
He bluffed that he will deposit Rs 15 Lakhs in the bank account of all
citizens of this country but not as a single rupee has been deposited.
He bluffed that 2 crore jobs to the jobless will be created.
Apart from all the above 22 facts.
The central government must be dissolved and go for fresh polls with
Ballot Papers to save Universal Adult Franchise, Equality, Fraternity
and Liberty as enshrined in our Marvelous Modern Constitution.