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September 2019
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Constitution of India (Full Text) -Ashoka the Great - Rise of the Mauryan Empire Documentary
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Constitution of India (Full Text)
#Documentary #India #Ashoka

Ashoka the Great - Rise of the Mauryan Empire Documentary

Published on Apr 18, 2019

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The Third Century BC was a notoriously violent time, filled with titanic
clashes and amazing personalities. Alexander’s conquests gave way to a
period of constant warfare amongst his Seleucid, Ptolemaic and Antigonid
successors, while the rising Roman juggernaut began a series of
conquests to unite the Italian Peninsula, and fought its Carthaginian
Rival, paving the way for future dominance. India during this period was
also experiencing revolutionary change, which culminated in the rise of
the Mauryan Empire and the reign of Ashoka the Great.

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The video was made by our friend Oğuz Tunç while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis.

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#Documentary #India #Ashoka

Ms Mayawati Former Chief Minister of Uttar pardesh who became eligible
for Prime Minister because of her best good governance said that she
will bring back Ashokan Rule back. This was not liked by the intolerant,
violent, militant, number one terrorists of the world, ever shooting,
mob lynching, cunning, lunatic, mentally retarded, crooks from Bene
Israeli chitpavan brahmins who managed to gobble the Master Key through
their slaves, stooges, chamchas, chelas the murderer of democratic
institutions and master of diluting institutions (Modi) of Bevakoof
Jhoothe Psychopaths (BJP) by tampering the fraud EVMs. Ballot Papers
must be used to see that these chitpavan brahmins are forced to quit
Prabuddha Bharat for the welfare, happiness and peace of the world.

Actully Indian history is underrated,Nice video.


Ashoka is one of my favorite monarch in the history. greeting from China


m from Poland. And always learnt about Western and middle East kings
like Alexander the great or Cyrus and many more who only want brutality
and materialism….. but never ever heard such legacy of a king like
ASHOKA THE GREAT…..He is the most brightening king like a diamond
among all thousands of kings of all times on this planet.


Ironically his name Ashok means The one who will never mourn.


I am sri lanka.. sri lankan is buddhist country because of him.. 🙏❤

India was our teacher in both culture and religion during King Ashoka’s period. Love him from China

Meanwhile NCERT is busy writing a Garbage History Book.

Ashoka understood things before Alexander understood them on his death bed.

Ashoka for US President!!!

Nanda empire last emperor dhanananda little mistake of insulting chanakya changed entire history of India

And Bollywood produces only nonsense about sex and brutes when they have such a rich history.

Rare is a person who can wage war.
Even rare is the person who make an empire.
Rarest is the person who would confess his crimes and renounce war.
Ashok is the 235 in Uranium.

Indian flag 🇮🇳 contains Ashoka’s “Dharmachakra” in the middle.

one blame other religion, or over glorify one’s own religion, they are
instead doing harm to it’.
This is the best quote I’ve heard and it’s something that so resonates
in today’s world. It’s hard to believe such wisdom came from a king
thousands of years ago.

He set up the first veterinary hospital in the world.

Damn the only western history channel to cover India
Thanks man

feel lucky to be born in Bodh Gaya, where Buddha attained
enlightenment, and to have grown up in Patlipultra ( present-day Patna),
the capital of Ashoka the Great’s Empire

As a Sri Lankan, we still owe him for making this country civilized with Buddhism 2500 years ago.

perfect! Love from Odisha , Bhubaneswar which is past anciant Kalinga .

king who actually cared about his own people! This is very rare, even
today most of the democratically elected leaders don’t care about the
masses. You are great, Ashoka! You are!

Kings and Generals do Chola Empire and Vijayanagara Empire plz!!!

Many Hindus still worship Buddha in their temples in the state of Bihar.

great king “Dharamashoka” is a diamond in Sri Lankan Buddhist history
who sent his son and daughter to Sri Lanka for spreading words of
Buddha… We appreciate him for giving us the most peaceful philosophy
in the world, called Buddhism
Though any other empire does not exist today, it can be considered the
Ashoka Empire is still alive with the Buddhist countries like Sri Lanka,
Burma, Thailand and buddhist people of China since the great king
“Dharamashoka” change his strategy of invasion by sword to spreading
humanity and love.

Closing statement almost brought tears in my eyes… He will always be in our 💓.

always feel sick when I here about Indian history, being an Indian in
US I know the Indian history is so underrated, India has given the world
so much but the westerns (specially British) completely destroyed
India, and changed its history. India was the richest country in the
world for 13 centuries compared to 6 centuries of China but today in
western world India is not known as something compared to the Chinese
history. And I know this because I am a student myself.

I am an Indologist and i can say surely you have a super authentic narration. Keep it up team!

the tens of thousands of names of monarchs that crowd the columns of
history, their majesties and graciousnesses and serenities and royal
highnesses and the like, the name of Asoka shines, and shines, almost
alone, a star.

H. G. Wells..

May India carry forward the rich legacy of Ashoka the Great always in letter and spirit.

No society can prosper if it aims at making things easier-instead it should aim at making people stronger.
- Asoka the great

lives until today in every Indians soul! so much so that India’s
national symbol has been adopted from the court of Ashoka after
Independence from the British in 1947.

am from Kalinga(Now ODISHA) , near just to jaugarh . Where warriors
created a wall to protect themselves from Great Ashoka’s army . But
unfortunately they died , & Ashoka conquered all of them.

Ashoka chakra in middle of Indian tricolour flag 🇮🇳

No king was like him and hv never born..The greatest ever king born in this earth Ashoka.🙏

south there was one more king, Chola. I always sees in the war and
invasion maps, no Kings from North dynasty touched down South. I think
its Tamil kingdom??

Nehru made Ashoka chakra as Indian emblem, but this illiterate modi supporters still blame nehru.

Very intriguing video, on an area of the ancient world that doesn’t get enough attention.

YouTube recommended this to me on Buddha Purnima. What a coincidence.

His scrolls were found in Japan once.. they build a temple there

is frankly incredible. I remember reading when I was  teenager a
translation of one of Ashoka’s rock edicts. The one where he talks about
the conquest of Kalinga and I was shocked!! Here was a King and
conqueror who in a public monument openly saying “I was a super
douchebag!”, “I committed horrible crimes”, “I regret making conquests”,
“I regret the acts associated with such things”!! Such statements,
especially in public, are very, very rare by politicians and conquerors.
Generally what we get are celebrations of conquest and the violence
associated with it.Well I was completely aghast, and was more so when I
found out Ashoka’s background of violence and usurpation. Sadly there
are many conquerors like Alexander the Great in human history but very
few figures like Ashoka.

the tens of thousands of names of monarchs that crowd the columns of
history, their majesties and graciousnesses and serenities and royal
highnesses and the like, the name of Ashoka shines, and shines, almost
alone, a star.”
- H. G. Wells


I live in the old kalinga state…this is the story I have been listening from my childhood.


The Mauryan Empire at it’s peak covered more than 5.500.000km2.


Much respect to King Ashoka. May your name never be forgotten! 🙏

Thank you, king Ashoka for helping to spread Buddhism to Vietnam!


1830 AD nobody in India or world knew about Ashoka. Thanks to James
princep and other British orientalists that we came know about his

That is India the birthplace & mother of world civilizations & wisdom.

Thank you for this wonderful documentary. War will not give anything except blood and pain.

this video made me cryyyyy…………………..…………
ASHOKA is only king i know with such mind set……..he is just soo dope……..
to me,,,,he is one of the best kings in the world or maybe he is the only one like himself………………
thank you KINGS AND GENERALS for making this amazing and so informative video……………….


4 months ago

The artwork is fantastic! Well done! And thank you for focusing on an often overlooked part of world history.

What an extraordinary emperor - Indeed Ashoka THE GREAT!


An ancient Empire that was religiously tolerant?!? Damn that’s rare

India was more tolerant in the ancient times than the present times,..

defeated Selucus // Selucus gave him his hand and daughter // He return
the favour to his father-in-law by gifting Selucus Elephant //


India got independence in 1947 ,it recognised that for whatever
gruesome periods it has gone through , ultimately we were all ashoka’s
descendants.And therefore our national symbol /emblem is the four sided
lion pillar and our flag has the ashoka chakra…Ashoka has a tremendous
influence in our society even today.Even today the district collectors
in bihar are called samahartas .

informative video. That quote from Ashoka, “The finest conquest is the
conquest of right, and not might” really summarized what he had
achieved in the latter half of his life.


It’s good to see that there are a lot of channels that show Indian history love. Keep up the awesome work.


was Ashoka under which India became Vishwaguru(World’s leader) at one
time .His military power was exceptional ,Never lost any battle in his
life .I’m from the same place which was called “Magadh” during that time
and now it is called “Bihar” .Proud to be born in the land of great
King Ashoka .

Few things you need to know ,If he didn’t kill his brother ,they would
have killed him .


This was byfar the best chapter in class 7th History that was taught to us..


am from India and quite amazed that there are a lot of Indian people
who have wrong facts about India (and Indian flag). So read this and
verify from the internet if you have any doubt.

Modern Indian administration is built on a similar pattern of Ashoka’s
Administration :

1. The Ashoka Chakra is a depiction of the Dharma Chakra; a wheel
represented with 24 spokes.
2. The most visible use of the Ashoka Chakra today is at the center of
the Flag of India (adopted on 22 July 1947)
3. The first 12 spokes represent 12 stages of suffering. Next 12 spokes
represent no cause no effect taught by the buddha.
4. Decentralization of power from the center to the village level. The
“gram pradhan ” of modern India is the same post called “Rajjuk ” in
Ashoka’s period.
5. There was also the “district magistrate” at Ashoka’s time they were
called ” samaharta” and even today in Bihar district magistrate are
called samaharta.
6. The National Emblem of India is an adaptation of the Buddhist Lion
Capital of Ashoka at Sarnath, near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. This
emblem is also printed on Indian currency notes.


India’s history is rich and fascinating. Great to see high quality videos about it!


I am born and brought up in same city from where Ashoka ruled.. May the glory return one day… We would work hard for it


India has such rich history. May you Prosper and never forget your history.


The True Great - indeed. History if full of misinformation and irrelevant info. They never tell you the real and important info.

Buddha was born is Nepal

empire was equal to the size of alexander’s empire and some historians
state that it was even larger. Maurya empire made ancient bharat( india)
a political entity with size of 5 million square kilometre with
powerful administration in country and capital at patliputra india
economic share in the world during mauryan age was between 35 to 40%
and indian science and techonology due to hindu vedic religion and
buddhism was very advanced. Ashoka also propagated dharma which is the
main concept of buddhism, hinduism and jainism and modern day sikhism.
Ashoka encouraged natinal program to make infrastucture of agriculture
and industrial output to boost economy and under his rule science and
techonology flourished which was greater than greeks and other european
empires. Ashoka protected forest and planted trees along side of roads
and founded many wildlife reserves and national parks to protect wild
animals and also ashoka banned slaughter of many animals for meat and
skin and also for royal kitchen as hinduism and buddhism forbid killing
of animals especially cows in hinduism. Ashoka was like a mafia emperor
who had a strong connections throughout india and as well as in the
world he kept eye on every activity going on india,
Even after he gave up war there was no invasion in india during his
reign as well as after his death. Ashoka was great ruler who had a
vision to serve his country since his childhood has he was too taught by
great chanakya who once taught his grandfather chandragupta maurya, but
due to internal family conflict and death of ashoka’s mother and father
as well as his teacher,
chanakya shooked ashoka’s heart as it was belived that chankya and
ashoka’s mother was murdered by his own family members brothers who
wanted to capture throne this all lead ashoka to become cruel and
savage and after that he vowed to kill all his brothers and cruel family
members thats why ashoka is also considered as cruel ruler but atlast
he became kind hearted again he won over a large areas of asia and
europe through his dharma propagation which includes china middle east
southeast asia central asia japan and europe u can imagine how large was
that area which was equal to mongol empire but difference was that
ashoka got all this through his culture and kind hearted vision where as
mongol got all of this through deatruction.


Finally happy to get a deep reasearcher about King Ashoka… Thanku to entire team.. ❤💗.. Love from Nepal

notch accurate video about history of Great King Dharma Ashoka. too bad
poor Indians again mislead by Hindus and same they were happy when
Muslim emperors devastating Buddhists culture at north of the country
after the Mauryan dynasty, but Dharma will come back to India with the
next Lord Buddha call Maithree. Thanks to great king Dharma Ashoka
myself and our land Sri Lanka became Buddhists.

Namo Buddhaya/Namo Dhammaya/Namo Sangaya!


am a sri lankan and we always thankfull for emperor ashoka for his
doings,# to our country.we mentionrd him even up to today with great
pleasure.thank u for doing this video.

One word -Beautiful.

The first time the emperor of humanity showed himself to humanity.


There is no doubt about it that ancient India is very underrated as this channel


One of my favorite king.


Yeah well the world is about to greatly change in the next few years so be prepared.


Ironically his name means ‘the one who never mourns’


I love these stories you tell of such amazing people throughout History.Please keep on making them.Thank you!


The art is quite beautiful.


I am a huge kings and generals fan from India. As soon as I saw this in my notification, I jumped in excitement!



Indians should be very proud of their ancestry.There history is just outstanding


Afghanistan was buddhistic too. Should have been added on the map…


Youtube needs to add ‘love’ in addition to liking videos. Thanks for
telling me so much I had no idea about, re: Asoka. Sounds like earned
his title very justly. Asoka, the Great.

Wow, you made a thorough video after doing a lots of researchs. I am impressed very impressed. Thank You.


you can make a series on Indian history. We have a huge history of
kings. You can also make videos on Shivaji maharaj, Maharana partap,
King Chola, King Ranjeet singh, King Surajmal singh and many more whom
names I forgot now.


God bless India!! Respect from Poland


It is clearly showing that Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jammu and kashmir belong to India.


Your Channel is 9999 times better than Indian Bollywood crap. Great video.


When I actually think about it Ashoka was a great man


make video on chandra gupta maurya( grandfather of ashoka)…and his
teacher chanakya….chandragupta is the one should be called the great


There was a time when we Indians had thousands of war elephants and now can’t even save those magnificent beasts from poachers


Its false porus won alexander had a shameless fall ….pls correct the history its just a myth u read there


Thank you for making a documentary about Ashoka !
Love from India ❤🇮🇳


and so the journey of the west beguns !


would always be among the greatest king India has ever seen. His sense
of justice and virtues are what a true king should have.


Maurya And Ashoka Maurya are The Greatest Indian Emperors in History.
India has Proud History and Culture. Love India From Australia 🇦🇺


Do people here realize that what’s written about Kings are also scripted and politically tailored?