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November 2021
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𝓛𝓔𝓢𝓢𝓞𝓝 4151 sun 14 Nov 2021 Do Good Purify Mind - Path to Eternal Bliss
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𝓛𝓔𝓢𝓢𝓞𝓝 4151 sun  14 Nov 2021

Do Good Purify Mind - Path to Eternal Bliss

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SN 35.20 (S iv 13)

Abhinanda Sutta

— Delight —

bhikkhus, who does not delight in (visible) forms, sounds,odors,
tastes, bodily, mental phenomena, does not delight in
unsatisfactoriness. Of one who does not delight in unsatisfactoriness, I
say: ‘he is liberated from unsatisfactoriness’.
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Verse 22. Freedom Is Difficult

The wise then, recognizing this
as the distinction of heedfulness,
pleased with the spheres of Nobles Ones,
in heedfulness rejoice.

Explanation: Those who are truly wise are especially aware
of the need for sanity. They take delight in sanity. They take pleasure
in the pursuit of sanity because it is the region of the supernormal.

Verse 23. Freedom Is Difficult

They meditate persistently,
constantly they firmly strive,
the steadfast to Nibbana reach,
the Unexcelled Secure from bonds.

Explanation: Those wise individuals
who steadfastly practice meditation, reach a level of understanding that
enables them to experience Nibbana. Those wise individuals who unceasingly
continue in their meditation, firmly and steadfastly, experience Nibbana,
which is the supreme release from all bonds.

Verse 24. Glory Of The Mindful Increase

Assiduous and mindful,
pure kamma making, considerate,
restrained, by Dhamma heedful living,
for one such spread renown.

Explanation: If a person is persevering, attention focused
within, if his physical and spiritual actions are unblemished, if
he is restrained and if he is living in accordance with the Teaching
and is sane, his glory will grow.

Verse 25. Island Against Floods

By energy and heedfulness,
by taming and by self-control,
the one who’s wise should make as isle
no flood can overwhelm.

Explanation: The whole world is full of defilements. The sensualities
of life are a vast and forceful flood. But the wise person builds
steadfastly for himself an Island that cannot be washed away by those
vast floods. The Island is built of steadfastness, mindfulness, restraint
and discipline. Once steadily established on that island, the flood
cannot overwhelm the wise.

Verse 26. Treasured Mindfulness

The one who’s wise guards heedfulness
kin to the greatest wealth.

Explanation: The wise cherish mindfulness as a great treasure.To obtain worldly
acquisitions, people need wealth. In the same way, to obtain high spiritual
acquisitions we need some wealth, and that wealth is mindfulness.

Verse 27. Meditation Leads To Bliss

The heedful and contemplative
attains abundant bliss.

Explanation:The mindful person is
tranquil in mind. He will attain the great bliss.

Verse 28. The Sorrowless View The World

When one who’s wise does drive away
heedlessness by heedfulness,
having ascended wisdom’s tower
steadfast, one surveys the fools,
griefless, views the grieving folk,
as mountaineer does those below.

Explanation: The wise person is always mindful. Through this
alertness he discards the ways of the slothful. The wise person ascends
the tower of wisdom. Once he has attained that height he is capable
of surveying the sorrowing masses with sorrowless eyes. Detached and
dispassionate he sees these masses like a person atop a mountain peak,
surveying the ground below.

Verse 29. The Mindful One Is Way Ahead Of Others

Among the heedless, heedful,
among the sleepy, wide awake.
As the swift horse outruns a hack
so one of good wisdom wins.

Explanation: The extremely wise individual of deep wisdom
is always alert and mindful. He is therefore like a wide-awake individual
among those who are deep in sleep. That wise person, who possesses
supreme insight overtakes in spirituality all those ordinary masses,
just as a fast horse overtakes a weak one.

Verse 30. Mindfulness Made Him Chief Of Gods

Heedfulness is always praised,
heedlessness is ever blamed.
By heedfulness did Magha go
to lordship of the gods.

Explanation: The brahmin youth Magha, through his mindfulness,
was born as the Chief of Gods. Therefore mindfulness is always praised,
and sloth and unmindfulness are always condemned.

Verse 31. The Heedful Advance

The bhikkhu liking heedfulness,
seeing fear in heedlessness,
advances as a conflagration
burning fetters great and small.

Explanation: The monk, as the seeker after the truth, is frightened
of mindlessness because he knows that if one is unmindful, one is
caught up in the unending suffering of samsara. Therefore, he forges
ahead diligently, and mindfully burning away those bonds that fetter
people to worldliness.

Verse 32. The Heedful Advances To Nibbana

The bhikkhu liking heedfulness,
seeing fear in heedlessness,
never will he fall away,
near is he to Nibbana.

Explanation: The monk as the seeker after
the truth, see fear in lack of mindfulness. He will certainly not fall
back from any spiritual heights he has already reached. He is invariably
in the proximity of Nibbana.

Buddha Vacana

— The words of the Buddha —
Dying Hungry And Thirsty GIF - Dying Hungry And Thirsty GIFs
Hunger is the greatest ill, the greatest  suffering - conditionedness, said Awakened One
knowing this reality at it is:
Ultimate Happiness supreme that is the end of suffering.

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