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June 2017
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2248 Sun 4 Jun 2017 LESSON SC/STs turn Buddhist after attacks in Uttar Pradesh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqYYnHRHUxk Understanding Buddhism:10 Reasons Why Its Not A Religion Buddhasim as a philosophy for personal growth and Awakenment.
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Understanding Buddhism:10 Reasons Why Its Not A Religion

Buddhasim as a philosophy for personal growth and Awakenment.


Is Buddhism a Religion?

For many, Buddhism is a religion. For others, it is a philosophy or simply a set of helpful tools. What is it for you?


{Alan Watts - Buddhism is not a Religion 道教科学

Published on May 6, 2016

channel is dedicated to the great thinkers / writers / activists /
artists / movers-n-shakers of the late 20th and early 21st century,
including documentaries on cultural topics such as psychedelics, and
lectures and talks by many counter-culture figures such as Ram Dass
(Formerly Richard Alpert) Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg,
Terrence McKenna, Abbie Hoffman, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Ferriss,
Maharaji, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, K. Salisberns, Malcolm X,
Felini, Akira Kurosawa, Andy Warhol, Basquiat, StrangeFlow, Salvador
Dali, and many more to come in the future! It is not necessary to agree
with every single thing a person says to learn from them; which is an
important thing to remember. Everyone has something to say, and some
have a GREAT DEAL to say, and sometimes it’s best to just sit back and
hear them out for awhile, laying judgement aside for a moment and
opening your mind to try to understand different perspectives of the


Why Buddhism is Not a Religion [Audio Only]

is commonly classified as a religion, but it is really a methodology, a
path to awareness, and nothing more. Buddhism has no “god,” no
beginning or end times, and so on. Buddhism is more of a psychological
method to develop awareness. Hear this in detail.


SC/STs turn Buddhist after attacks in Uttar Pradesh

SC/STs were stunned when the Hindu cleric Yogi Adityanath was appointed chief minister of Uttar PradeshReuters

villagers in northern India have vowed to abandon Hinduism
and convert to Buddhism after violent attacks by high-caste landowners
that they blame on the government which was selected by tampering,
rigging and distorting the fraud EVMs and Yogi/Bhogi/Rohi and Desh
Dhrohi became the CM of UP..

The village of Shabbirpur, 100
miles north of Delhi, is reeling from an attack last month when
high-caste Rajputs wielding guns, clubs and swords went on a rampage for
several hours.

Two people were killed, dozens wounded and more than 50 homes were torched.

villagers are SC/STs, the aboriginal inhabitants of Jambudivipa/
Prabuddha Bharath, formerly known as “Untouchables”. The violence
broke out when they installed a statue of Bhimrao Ambedkar, the Chief
Architect Modern Constitution, Universal Adult Franchise 
politician and social reformer who converted to Buddhism in 1956,
condemning the caste system.

and the poor brahmins and baniyas never nor vote noe will continue to
vote or Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi)’s
Bahuth Jiyadha Psychopaths (BJP) in droves in March but were stunned
the Hindu cleric, Yogi Adityanath, was appointed chief minister of Uttar
Pradesh who were selected by distorting, rigging and tampering the
fraud EVMs.

sanyasi, who has previously urged followers of 1% intolerant, militant,
number 1 terrorists of the world who keep shooting, lynching lunatics,
mentally retarded cannibal chitpawan brahmins of RSS (rakshasa Awayam
Sevaks) to kill Muslims, is also a
Rajput a chatri who is a slave, stooge, chamcha, chela, bootlicker and
own mother’s flesh eater of the 1% chitpavan brahmins; the villagers
claim that higher castes were emboldened by the
appointment to step up attacks on SC/STs.

is high time that the entire nation belonging to 99% sarvajan samaj
i.e., all societies including SC/STs/OBCs/Minorities and the poor upper
caste brahmins and baniyas unite agains the 1% chitpavan brahmins to see
that the Central and State governments selected by tampering, rigging
and distorting the fraud EVMs/VVPATs for the Murderers of democratic
institutions (Modi) to dissolve and go for fresh polls with Ballot
Papers by propagating the the supportive media, WhatsAPP, Facebook,
Emails, SMS Twitter etc.


Tipitaka >> Vinaya Pitaka

The Vinaya Pitaka, the first division of the Tipitaka, is the
disciplinary framework upon which the Buddhist monastic community
(Sangha) is built. It includes not only the rules governing the life of
every Theravada Bhikkhus (monks) and Bhikkhunis (nuns), but also a host
of procedures and conventions of etiquette that support harmonious
relations, both among the monastics themselves, and between the
monastics and their lay supporters, upon whom they depend for all their
material needs.

The first part of Vinaya Pitaka is called Patimokkha. This is a
list of disciplinary rules listed in various sections and is meant for

When the Buddha first established the Sangha, the community
initially lived in harmony without any codified rules of conduct. As the
Sangha gradually grew in number and evolved into a more complex
society, occasions inevitably arose when a member would act in an
unskillful way. Whenever one of these cases was brought to the Buddha’s
attention, he would lay down a rule establishing a suitable punishment
for the offense, as a deterrent to future misconduct. These are
mentioned in Mahavagga and in Chulavagga.

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