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March 2018
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2548 Fri 2 Mar 2018 LESSON As directed by our National leader Bahen Mayawatiji an important and Emergency meeting is called at BSP Karnataka Head Office on 3-3-2018 at 10:30 am. All leaders and caders are requested to attend.
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2548 Fri 2 Mar 2018 LESSON

directed by our National leader Bahen Mayawatiji an important and
Emergency meeting is called at BSP Karnataka Head Office on 3-3-2018 at
10:30 am. All leaders and caders are requested to attend.

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2547 Thu 1 Mar 2018 LESSON-4-3-2018 Dammapada Inter Religion path to peace seminar
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2547 Thu 1 Mar 2018 LESSON
Dhammapada Festival in memory of Most Venerable Acharia Buddharakkhita Bhanteji’s 97th Birthday
01-3-2018 to 04-03-2018
Maha Bodhi Society
14 Kalidasa Road, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru - 560009
Tel 080-22250684
Program Highlights
Puja, Meditation and Discourses
Launching of new Mahabodhi Branch Bodhgaya
Inter religious Seminar on Dhammapada - The Path of Peace and Happiness
Workshop on ‘Stress Management during discharging Police Duties
Chanting of Sacred Dhammapada
Release of 8 new publications (English, Kannada, Tamil)
Hospital Dana Services

Detailed News


Dear Venerables/Upasikas/Upasakas.

We hearty welcome you to attend the programs on the occasion of 97th Birth Anniversary of Most Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita Bada Bhanteji celebrated as DHAMMAPADA FESTIVAL from 1 to 4 March 2018 at Maha Bodhi Society, Bengaluru.


• March 1st Thursday- Full Moon Day at Maha Bodhi Society, Gandhinagar Bengaluru, 10 am onwards Puja, discourses, Sanghadana, Dhammapada chanting, Special Bodhi puja in the evening etc…

• March 2nd Friday- Hospital Dana Service and Stress Management workshop at Police Training Academy, Channapatna.

• March 3rd Saturday– At Mahabodhi Dhammaduta Vihara, Narasipura, Bengaluru. 9 am to 5pm Puja, discourses and meditation. Bus available.

• March 4th Sunday- at Maha Bodhi Society Gandhinagar, Bengaluru 10 am onwards Puja, Sanghadana, Inter Religious Seminar on DHAMMAPADA.

Kindly contribute and participate.

For more info: 9731635108 (Mr. Vajira) / 9844755448 (Mr. Kiran)

Please share it with your friends and family. Thank you

Jainism – A Path of Peace

Basket of Tolerance “Great Tradition” Series
Jainism – A Path of Peace

Lets Pray for Peace and Harmony for all the humankind

The Best way to observe such auspicious Mahavir Jayanti occasion is to strive for peace and strengthening the bonds of brotherhood

for the believers of Jainism but also for his followers in the country and all around the world. Lord Mahavir was one of the few philosophers who took the help of science to explain various attributes of life as well as nature. His five-fold principle for life which advocated non-violence, non-stealing, the virtue of celibacy, truth and non-possession attracted a lot of attention and impressed many. This fivefold theory of ‘Ahimsa’, ‘Asteya’, ‘Brahmacharya’, ‘Satya’ and ‘Aparigraha’ is one of the main reasons behind Lord Mahavir’s popularity and the widespread reach of his teachings.

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be with you


Astronomy: The Science Of The Stars
An evaluation of a video in which Jim al-Khalili presents both modern and historical astronomy, discussing Nasir al-Din Tusi and Muhammad Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, in addition to modern radio telescopes’ discoveries.


Islam: The material on Islam is within the bounds of what Muslims have historically understood as acceptable.

Science: Although al-Khalili’s Bedouin collaborator is more enthusiastic than scientifically accurate, otherwise the presentation is consistent with a consensus of contemporary scientists.

History: Al-Khalili does an excellent job of presenting scientific advancements as steps along a continuum of knowledge. He presents it as a sort of collaboration across time. Al-Maʿmūn’s personal role in gathering and pushing groups of scholars to perform tasks may be overstated, however.

Islam, according to the Quran, teaches love and compassion for every human being, no matter their religion, says author Adnan Oktar whose television show is watched by millions in Turkey and the Arab world. He believes the problem for the majority of Muslims is that some groups are following traditions and superstitions invented centuries after the Quran was first sent and the Prophet lived, and these have gotten more radical over time.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Oktar published a book, Islam Denounces Terrorism. He argues that violent and intolerant beliefs about Islam go against the teachings of the Quran. Here, he presents six quotes that support his claim.

Peace is the Cornerstone

The word “Islam” is derived from the word meaning “peace” in Arabic. Islam is a religion revealed to mankind with the intention of presenting a peaceful life where the infinite compassion and mercy of God manifests on earth. God calls all people to live by the moral values He sets so that compassion, mercy, peace and love can be experienced all over the world.

“O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of satan. He is an outright enemy to you.” (Holy Quran: 2, 208)

In the verse above, Islam intrinsically calls for peace and fosters a life in absolute sincerity and honesty before God. Therefore it is vitally important for an individual to believe in God with his own will and aspiration, and observe God’s commands and advice through personal conscientious contentment.

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No One Should be Forced to Believe in Islam

“There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned.” (Holy Quran: 2/ 256)

As stated in the verse, no one can be compelled to live by Islamic morals. Conveying the existence of God and the morals of the Qur’an to other people is a duty for believers, but they call people to the path of God with kindness and love and they never force them. It is only God Who guides people to the right way. This is related in the following verse:
“You cannot guide those you would like to but God guides those He wills. He has best knowledge of the guided.” (Holy Quran/28: 56)

Freedom of Thought and Religion are Paramount

The Quran provides an environment where people can fully enjoy freedom of thought and freedom of religion and allows people to live by the faith and values they believe in. According to Islam, everyone has the right to live freely by his beliefs, whatever they may be. Anyone who wants to support a church, a synagogue or a mosque must be free to do so. In this sense, freedom of religion, or freedom of belief, is one of the basic tenets of Islam. There is always freedom of religion wherever the moral values of the Qur’an prevail.

That is why Muslims also treat Jews and Christians, described in the Qur’an as “the People of the Book,” with great justice, love and compassion. God says in the Qur’an:

“God does not forbid you from being good to those who have not fought you in the religion or driven you from your homes, or from being just towards them. God loves those who are just.” (Surat al-Mumtahana, 8)

Compete With Each Other in Doing Good

MMuslims who share these basic values believe in the need to act together with Christians and Jews. They therefore strive to eliminate prejudices stemming from provocations by unbelievers and fanatics. Jews, Christians and Muslims should strive together to spread moral virtues across the world.

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God explicitly states that the existence of people from different faiths and opinions is something that we have to acknowledge and welcome heartily, for this is how He created and predestined humankind in this world:

“We have appointed a law and a practice for every one of you. Had God willed, He would have made you a single community, but He wanted to test you regarding what has come to you. So compete with each other in doing good. Every one of you will return to God and He will inform you regarding the things about which you differed.” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 48)

In acknowledgment of this fact, Muslims have an inner love and compassion for people of all faiths, races and nations, for they consider them as the manifestations of God in this world and treat them with an heartfelt respect and love. This is the very basis of communities administered by Islamic morality.

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The values of the Qur’an hold a Muslim responsible for treating all people, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, kindly and justly, protecting the needy and the innocent and “preventing the dissemination of mischief”. Mischief comprises all forms of anarchy and terror that remove security, comfort and peace.

“God does not love corruption”. (Surat al-Baqara, 205)

Photo credit (top): Ali Mansuri (CC license)

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