Aishwarya Rai – A victim of Brahmin Conspiracy

Aishwarya Rai is of the Bunt / Shetty
caste of Karnataka and she belongs to the caste of V.T. Rajashekar the
editor of Dalit Voice who is the greatest intellectual of India after
Babasaheb. Dalit Voice is a magazine that inspired us to start Dalit
Nation. The editor has worked with the great V.T. Rajashekar earlier and
we have been inspired by him. Apart from Babasaheb and Kancha Ilaiah,
VTR is our greatest inspiration. We have had several talks with VTR when
he visited Oxford University in England. We have also had lengthy and
stimulating discussions with VTR at his residence at palace lower
orchards in Bangalore.

 Bunts are a backward caste and VTR has
written about it. Bunts are  shudras. The oppressed people who have come
from the feet of God. Aishwaraya proved to the world that she is the
smartest and beautiful when she won the Miss World title. Brahmins the
most cruel race in the world could never digest it. When Aishwarya Rai
joined movies the brahmin and Bania toilet papers like Times of India,
Hindu and Indian Express were seething with jealousy. They made claims
that she does not know any acting. They always sided with their
jatwallah actress like the maharistrian brahmins Madhuri Dixit and
Sonali Bendre.

The wily upper caste people in Bollywood
tried to set up Aishwarya Rai with the upper caste wallahs. But our
Shudra sister Aishwarya never relented. It was during this time when she
was harassed by these papans that Salman Khan rescued her. Salman Khan
being a muslim wanted to get married to Aishwarya Rai and save her from
the oppressive Hindu caste system. A system which has crushed and
oppressed our men and especially women. But the upper caste wallahs
started spreading all kinds of rumors about Salman Khan. They called him
a cocaine addict. These brahmins can go to any length. They will tell
what suits their need. Finally they implicated Salman Khan in a fake
accident case. They split these two people so that Aishwarya can stay in
the evil Hindu caste system. This is what all these upper caste people
have been doing to Dalits so that they can never escape from their

After this incident they did not leave
Aishwarya alone. They hatched a conspiracy in UP and got the manuwadi
Amar Singh to get Aishwarya married to Abhishek Bachan, a half upper
caste sikh and brahmin. They even made Aishwarya marry a banana plant
before this marriage. How these evil people oppress us there is no end.
Aishwarya now no longer identifies with her Dalit brethren. She has been
swallowed up by this upper caste conspiracy.


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The eleven Brahmins and eleven million fools

George Bernard Shaw once mentioned
that “Cricket is a game where eleven fools play and eleven hundred fools
watch”. We at Dalitnation have changed Mr. G.B.Shaw’s words a little
bit to reflect the modern Indian reality.  We say “Cricket is a Game
where eleven brahmins and upper castes play and eleven million sarvajan
and bahujan fools watch and eleven hundred fools in the upper caste
media comment and analyse this stupid Game.”

One look at the teams will clear up all
your doubts. How the pappati pot bellied Brahmins have injected the
caste system. Look at the list of Brahmin Indian cricketers: Sunil
Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, Anil Kumble, Javagal Srinath, Sachin Tendulkar,
Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Vinoo Mankad, Ajit Wadekar,
G.R.Vishwanath, EAS Prassana, Ishant Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Chethan
Sharma, Manoj Prabhakar, B Chandrashekar, K Srikanth, L
Sivaramakrishnan, Dilip Doshi, Sunil Joshi, Rohit Sharma, Venkatesh
Prasad, Ashok Malhotra,  VVS Laxman, Murli Karthik, Sreeshashant, 
Dileep Sardesai, Sanjay Manjrekar,ML Jaisimha, Sudhakar Rao, TA Shekar
and many many more. The 4% brahmins in India have on an average more
than 70% representation in the cricket teams. The rest are occupied by 
other upper caste fellows like the jat Kapil dev, Yuvaraj Singh, Mongia,
Rajputs Ajay Jadeja, Chethan Chauhan, Upper caste khatri sikhs Sidhu, B
S Bedi, Harbhajan Singh. Out of fear of the muslims the sacred
threadwallahs reserve some places for muslims like Azzarudin, Irfan
Pathan, Pataudi, Kirmani, Munaf Patel. The indian cricket dressing room
is virtually a Brahmin Agraharam. Even the recent under 19 team is full
of Brahmins with surnames like Kauls and Sharmas.  Based on the analysis
we have found six Brahmins in this team of eleven and the rest are
upper caste and one muslim.

We dalits can be rest assured that in the
next few decades our youths will spend their productive time watching
and worshipping the pot bellied Brahmins and upper caste players bat and
bowl. Our Dalit people will buy the products endorsed by these fair
complexioned Brahmins. They will brush their teeth with the toothpastes
these Brahmins endorse i.e if they have the money to buy toothpaste.

Why papati Brahmins took to cricket. The
upcoming and budding Dalit Intellectual Siriyavan Anand has analyzed
this so well. We hope brother S Anand continues to write on engrossing
Dalit issues and we wish him all the best. Brahmins who never bothered
to play any games and who spent all their lives memorizing the stupid
Vedic texts found the leisurely game of cricket most suitable to their
lazy temperament. Cricket is one of the most laziest games fit for
people who have a lot of time to spare and not physically taxing. In
cricket unlike in other sports there is less contact between players.
This appeals to the Brahmin practice of untouchability.  No wonder young
Brahmin boys are sent to coaching camps by their parents to get into
the cricket team.  The Brahmin selectors, the players and Brahmin
commentators form a mutual admiration society.

Now where are the Dalits represented in
the cricket team. We  had only few dalit cricketers in all these years
Balwanth Paloo ( the cricketer who Inspired Babasaheb), Eknath Solkar
and Vinod Kambli. Nobody remembers Balwanth Paloo. Why should the
pappati remember them. They only remember the twice born dwijas. The
Maharastrian dalit Solkar was made to Field close to the batsman and he
had to take so many blows. No brahmin wanted to Field there. Vinod
Kambli created a world record with the Brahmin Tendulkar. But where is
tendulkar now and Kambli is completely forgotten. He was dropped from
the team just because he was a Dalit, so that the Brahmin Tendulkar can
be made into a hero. The Brahmins do not even have sportsman and team
spirit. Look at the way they think about their own records and scores.
How could Gavaskar and tendulkar score so many centuries while the team
did not win many matches. For the Brahmins the country comes secondary,
it is the caste and personal desires which come first. Brahmins whose
physiques are not so great are made into macho heros by the media.
Ambedkar mentions about how genetically inferior these Brahmins are with
respect to their physiques. But our strong Dalit-bhaujans don’t even
have a place in the national team. It is a shame.

In more physically vigorous sports like
Hockey and Football the Brahmins don’t qualify so we don’t find the
papans there. They would collapse due to exhaustion if they played these
games. They need Dalits and Bahujans to play these games. But these
dalits don’t get any money for playing hockey and football. The Hockey
and football federations have no money. All the money from the upper
caste Business sponsors are given to this filthy casteist game of

The dalits are made to feel inferior
every time they watch a cricket match. There are movies like Lagaan
which insults Dalits. Siriyavan Anand writes in detail about these
filthy casteist movie. The hero Aamir Khan who is the upper caste Bhuvan
is the de facto leader of the team. The untouchable Kachra finds his
place in the team because he is handicapped. Why should the dalits be
portrayed as physically handicapped. The Brahmin director Ashutoish
Gowarikar wants to portray that Dalits are a physically inferior race.
We dalits should be watchful of these Brahmin vultures. Bhuvan the hero
is patronising with Kachra. We Dalits need no patrons we should demand
that our rights should be fulfilled.  Kachra’s talent comes only because
of his handicap. In the end they even make the upper caste Bhuvan to
score the winning six.

Our warning to our Dalit brothers is
beware of cricket. Stop watching this upper caste game. We dalits should
focus on physically demanding games like Hockey and Football. Once
again the editorial team of Dalit Nation would like to commend the
budding intellectual Siriyavan Anand and we hope that one day he will
become as great as Babasaheb, V.T. Rajashekar and Kancha Ilaiah.


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List of Brahmins those are succesfull

Spiritual Persons/Saints


  • Aryabhata – Mathematician, Astronomer  (Identity theft by Brahmins for racial promotion will be exposed in this blog soon)
  • Charaka – Medicine (Identity theft by Brahmins for racial promotion will be exposed in this blog soon)
  • Sushruta – Medicine (Identity theft by Brahmins for racial promotion will be exposed in this blog soon)
  • Jogesh Pati– Theoretical Physicist
  • Varahamihira – Mathematician, Astrologer, Astronomer (Identity theft by Brahmins for racial promotion will be exposed in this blog soon)
  • Brahmagupta – Mathematician, Astronomer (Identity theft by Brahmins for racial promotion will be exposed in this blog soon)
  • Ramanujan – Mathematical Genius
  • C.V.Raman – Physicist
  • Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar – Physicist
  • Yellapragada Subbarao – BioChemist
  • M S Swaminathan (Agriculture Scientist)

Freedom Fighters

Nobel Prize









Media and entertainment

Ajay Devgun, Bollywood Actor Arjun Rampal Manoj bajpai Raj kumar Manoj joshi Sanjay dutt Piyush mishra Mahesh bhatt Mahika Sharma Manoj kumar Vishal Bhardwaj Sharmila tagore Prakash jha Sudhir mishra Rani mukhrjee Anupam kher

Defence forces

Film stars




Recipients of the Civilian awards

Recipients of the Gallantry awards





Crossword Writer




Pre Independence (British Raj)

Peshwas (Appointed as ministers by Maratha Kings)
Indian national congress

Governor General

Speaker (Lok Sabha)

MPs and MLAs

Chief Ministers

Members of Parliament/Legislative Assembly

Presidents of India

Prime Ministers of India

Note = * – Prime Ministers who were murdered.

Chief Election Commissioner of India

See also

Source: Wikipredia.

Name of the Chankya eliminated from the
list its because it has been detected he is not belongs to Brahmins race
but Brahmins wants  to bag his credits making him as Brahmin to promote
their race.

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